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  1. Then she set the flask top upon the stove, and once more listened for the man's footsteps very eagerly.

  2. He was aware of the blunder when he had spoken, but Maud Barrington appeared to be looking at the flask thoughtfully.

  3. He opened a packet, and laid it with a little silver flask upon her knee.

  4. An icy gust swept in when he opened the door, and it was only by a strenuous effort he closed it again, while when he came back panting with the top of the flask a little color crept into Maud Barrington's face.

  5. Fluid (in vacuo) in a Flask which had been Sealed during Ebullition.

  6. This being ascertained, the flask was, after a few minutes, replaced in the bath.

  7. The clear fluid was then inoculated with some living Bacteria, and the bulb of the flask was replaced in the warm bath.

  8. Fluid in contact with Ordinary Air and its Particles; Neck of Flask Sealed after the Fluid had become Cold.

  9. The neck of the flask was then again closed.

  10. In this condition the flask was allowed to remain in the water-bath, and the fluid continued quite unchanged in appearance for five days.

  11. Fluid in a Flask having a Neck two feet long, bent at right angles shortly above the bulb, and provided with a firm Plug of Cotton-Wool twelve inches in length.

  12. The flask being re-immersed in water-bath, the fluid continued quite clear for thirteen days.

  13. This latter flask was opened on the twelfth day, whilst its contents were still clear, and on microscopical examination of the fluid no living Bacteria were to be found.

  14. It subsequently continued in much the same state, and the flask was opened on the sixteenth day.

  15. Having previously shown[24] that living things could appear and multiply in such a flask as M.

  16. Before the flask was opened it was ascertained that the vacuum was well preserved.

  17. Besides that, my rifle lies in the boat, loaded, with a small bag of bullets, and a quarter-pound flask of rifle powder.

  18. From this storehouse the young man drew a wicker flask of whiskey, and handed it, with a tin cup of water, to the woman.

  19. She waved the cup aside, placed the flask to her lips, and drank the undiluted spirit.

  20. Well, give me a mule for myself, two mounted muleteers, and two spare animals; some provisions also, and a flask of brandy.

  21. One of them took out of his haversack a quantity of provisions and a flask of aguardiente; and Coronado handed them to Thurstane with a smile, hoping that he would surfeit himself and die.

  22. Anyway, the contents of the other flask I emptied into a bowl of water, and rubbed my limbs with it.

  23. But the more she hesitated the more confused she became, and in the end she told herself honestly that she had not the faintest clue to guide her in knowing which flask contained the Essence of Vitality and which the cure for rheumatism.

  24. Accept it, gracious Madame, and keep for me the other flask in safe hiding until my enemies have gone away.

  25. Next she took the golden flask from her pocket.

  26. And all through the stupidity of a baker's wife who was color-blind and could not distinguish a golden flask from a silver one!

  27. The contents of this flask came into the keeping of the Ancestor of the Chief of my Tribe--whom we call a Shiek--and has been handed down from father to son as an heirloom more priceless than diamonds.

  28. Let me see," she murmured; "this must be the flask which the Arab first drew from his pocket.

  29. The Chief of my Tribe, its last owner, carried the flask always hidden in his breast.

  30. The Shiek had no son, and the flask was really mine.

  31. He handed John another silver flask containing the wonderful liquid, which John accepted with much gratitude.

  32. Then the King handed a small silver flask to the child, and told Chick to pour the contents into John's mouth--just between the candy teeth.

  33. Why, a drop of the priceless liquid which this Golden Flask contains, if placed upon your tongue, would send new life coursing through your veins.

  34. But he said it was sure to cure me, so I may as well use all the flask contains.

  35. And then, choosing at haphazard, she hid the silver flask behind the mirror and put the gold one in her pocket.

  36. Amid much talk of the great age of gold, and some random expressions of hope that it might return again, fine old wine of Auxerre was sipped in small glasses from the precious flask as supper ended.

  37. Within the coffin lay an object of a fresh and brilliant clearness among the ashes of the dead--a flask of lively green glass, like a great emerald.

  38. This being returned to the flask by the condenser furnishes a liquid medium in which the reaction takes place more readily and completely than when it is not present.

  39. Large quantities of HCl are given off and the liquid in the flask assumes a brown color.

  40. Three gramms of sulphinide were boiled in a flask connected with an inverted condenser for about two days with an excess of Ba(OH){2}.

  41. It is best to cool the flask at first and afterwards heat gently on the water bath.

  42. Florence flask; an equivalent quantity of PCl{5} added; An inverted condenser was then attached and the flask shaken.

  43. There was formed in the flask a hard mineral-like mass which was insoluble in water and cold diluted HCl but dissolved in hot HCl with effervesence.

  44. I think we shall just have time for one finishing flask of Chambertin," said O'Leary, as he emptied the bottle into his glass.

  45. May I offer you a cup of coffee," said Monsieur Derigny to me, as I came up, at the same time filling it out, and pushing over a little flask of Cogniac towards me.

  46. She signified that she wished her pastor to give her the communion, for which purpose he had brought with him his silver flask and chalice and paten.

  47. The minister had poured the wine from the flask into the chalice, and had broken the bread.

  48. Take a sip of wine," said Lygdus, handing him a flask of hide.

  49. Shuddering he drew the flask from his girdle, and hurled it into the center of the torrent.

  50. Intense thirst was soon added to the bodily fatigue with which Hans was now afflicted; glance after glance he cast on the flask of water which hung at his belt.

  51. And the dwarf shook them into the flask which Gluck held in his hand.

  52. And, as he was hanging the flask to his belt again, he saw a little dog lying on the rocks, gasping for breath--just as Hans had seen it on the day of his ascent.

  53. Another hour passed, and he again looked down to the flask at his side; it was half empty, but there was much more than three drops in it.

  54. And as Schwartz climbed the steep rock path, the thirst came upon him, as it had upon his brother, until he lifted his flask to his lips to drink.

  55. That is what I remarked when I found this in a flask in one of his pockets.

  56. I should well tip the watchman, and a drink out of my flask on top of the tip would make a friend of him for life.

  57. I should choose the warmest night in summer, and I should go provided with a packet of sandwiches and a flask of whisky.

  58. And I have a flask of whiskey; let me pour you a little to revive your heart.

  59. Afterwards, standing in the light of the car's lamps, he tilted a flask to his lips and drank deep.

  60. From a flask he poured some of the dark brown liquid into a cup, let it come just to a boil among the embers of the fire, and when it had cooled a little placed it to Marion's lips.

  61. A second time she put the whisky flask to his lips; and returned to the limp hands, rubbing them, slapping them until her own burned and ached.

  62. He handed a flask of whisky to Haig, who took it, smiling, and thrust it into a pocket of his coat.

  63. Forcing the mouth of it between Haig's lips, he let the scorching liquor trickle down the throat until the flask was half emptied.

  64. Too feeble to ask questions, she only smiled, and took obediently the remainder of the potion that Pete poured from his flask and heated in the tin-cup among the embers.

  65. The captain made no answer, but pointed to them over the fireplace, where they hung, with a flask of powder and a bag of bullets.

  66. Fleming went to the bookstall and bought a great bundle of papers and magazines, and Scott appeared at the door of the refreshment-room laden with sandwiches and a flask of sherry.

  67. Ulenspiegel, who was in Musekin's service, came up to the Count holding a pewter tankard in one hand and in the other a flask of red wine.

  68. The trooper did not cease to snore; Ulenspiegel passed again through the hole in the hedge and put the full flask between his legs, came back into Katheline's bean patch and waited behind the hedge with Nele.

  69. Upon a bank on the roadside there sat, between two clumps of thistles, a big man holding in one hand a knuckle bone of mutton, which he was gnawing, and in the other a flask whose juice he was draining.

  70. Lamme looked at the flask, and without ceasing to whine, groped in his satchel, pulled out another flask and a piece of sausage which he began to cut in slices and chew in melancholy fashion.

  71. Next came a contadino with a flask of red Chianti wine, a film of oil floating on top to keep it sweet.

  72. Then followed the dairyman with a supply of tiny leaf-shaped pats of freshly churned butter, a big flask of milk, and two small bottles of thick cream, with a twist of vine leaf in each by way of a cork.

  73. All that is necessary is to immerse the exhausted flask in boiling oxygen, and then to allow the second gas to enter from a gasometer by opening the stop-cock until the pressure is equalized.

  74. It is then weighed against a similar flask used as a counterpoise.

  75. The stop-cock being closed, the flask is now taken out of the liquid oxygen and left in the balance-room until its temperature is equalized.

  76. Here are my flask and bullet pouch," he said.

  77. Malcolm took from his belt a flask of brandy, took a long draught, and handed it to his companion, who followed his example.

  78. His left arm was, he found, entirely useless; it was indeed firmly frozen to the ground; but after some difficulty he succeeded in moving his right, and felt for the flask which had hung from his girdle.

  79. One of them carried a flask of wine and the other had six loaves of bread.

  80. Then Collen took a flask and filled it with holy water and fastened it at his waist, and at noon he went up the hill.

  81. But St. Collen only took the flask of holy water from his side and threw some of it upon Gwyn, the son of Nudd, and sprinkled some of it around, and in an instant there was no king there and there was no table.

  82. There was cold venison and good wheaten bread and one flask of red wine, if the platters were wooden and the cups of pewter, and it was no bad meal for one who was hungry with a forest hunger.

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