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Example sentences for "coexistent"

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  1. Such determinism is the associationistic conception of mind as an assemblage of distinct, coexistent elements of which the strongest exerts a preponderant influence on the others.

  2. And simultaneity presupposes spatial determination in the coexistent elements.

  3. Even those who would stop far short of my own position find it needful to resort to metaphors of their own to express the different streams of "awareness" which we all feel to be habitually coexistent within us.

  4. English lady who was also a teacher in that same school.

  5. Attached to the table was a simple electrical apparatus, the effect of which was to ring a bell whenever the current was broken by the tilting of the table.

  6. To those ancient and vague beliefs it will be our task in the next chapter to give a form as exact and stable as we can.

  7. I had not been thinking of my late sister, or in any manner reflecting on the past.

  8. Universe must have been coexistent with Deity because--, 684-u.

  9. God, the Soul of the Universe and coexistent with it, 709-u.

  10. Evil coexistent with the wisdom, goodness, omnipotence of Deity, 684-m.

  11. As yet there has been no satisfactory chemical analysis of this diffused pigment, which if not hæmatin must be regarded as its derivative, although a coexistent increase of the urobilin in the urine has been observed.

  12. This has been coexistent with trade and has become recognized as one of our modern arts.

  13. Space has not been created, but has emerged out of the Eternal; it is nothing new in the universe, nothing next to God and present with him, but coexistent with God.

  14. Matter is accordingly coexistent with the presence of God.

  15. There figure also the modern or bourgeois, and still further the proletarian future system of morality, so that the progressive European countries alone present three contemporaneous and coexistent actual theories of ethics.

  16. Let us leave the negation of the negation for a little and look at "the coexistent individual and social property.

  17. And as the mind frames to itself abstract ideas of qualities or modes, so does it, by the same precision, or mental separation, attain abstract ideas of the more compounded beings which include several coexistent qualities.

  18. Now, tangible(447) extension being made up of several distinct coexistent parts, we may hence gather another reason that may dispose us to imagine a likeness or analogy between the immediate objects of sight and touch.

  19. What you would say then is that the red and yellow are coexistent with the extension; is it not?

  20. This verb is employed in the coexistent past, placing the personal pronoun in genitive case, as: Did you think I was not here?

  21. The defective verbs of this dialect are employed but in coexistent past, putting the person in genitive case.

  22. It may affect any or all parts of the plant, and is generally coexistent with, if not actually dependent on, some other malformation.

  23. Frequently this irregular diminution in proportion is coexistent with an unusual degree of cleavage or laciniation of the margin, as in Acer platanoides laciniatum, Tilia asplenifolia, Alnus imperialis (hort.

  24. At all events it does not precede it; and when we are in doubt, between two coexistent phenomena, which is cause and which effect, we rightly deem the question solved if we can ascertain which of them preceded the other.

  25. Now, the foundation of the attribute may be a phenomenon of any degree of complexity, consisting of many different parts, either coexistent or in succession.

  26. The second is the principle of negative syllogisms, and is to this effect: that a thing which coexists with another thing, with which other a third thing does not coexist, is not coexistent with that third thing.

  27. The divine intellect therefore that produced the sensible universe caused it to be coexistent with himself.

  28. In fact, as a fuller light is thrown upon Egyptian history, there seems to have been a whole line of dynasties, evidently local, coexistent with the chief king at Thebes.

  29. Those who, with so much complacency, rest in the belief that the fall of the Roman empire was the natural result of its extension, forget that its greatest prosperity was coexistent with that very extension.

  30. Coexistent with this fatal decline in the rural population and agricultural industry, was the increase of direct taxation, which was so keenly felt and loudly complained of in all the later stages of the Roman history.

  31. In the variety of coexistent physical facts we find an accidental or arbitrary element in which we have to acquiesce, as we cannot conceive it to be excluded by any extension of our knowledge of physical causation.

  32. It is not enough that we should think that B has a cause; we must think of something in particular as the cause of B, and we must think of it either as coexistent with, or as identical with, A.

  33. Hence it may be said that the determination of the unobserved states coexistent with the observed states presupposes the thought of interaction.

  34. There is often debility of the lower limbs, and the disease is not unfrequently coexistent with hydrocephalus.

  35. The disease is often coexistent with calculus in the bladder.

  36. The Homoeomeric body was one in which a confluence of like particles had taken place so numerous and powerful, as to submerge all the coexistent particles of other sorts.

  37. Causality determines the order of the states of substances in the time series; reciprocity must be distinct from causality if it is to be capable of defining the order of their coexistent states in space.

  38. It prescribes an interpretation which the mind has no option save to apply in the consciousness of each and every event, of the coexistent no less than of the sequent.

  39. Two things, A and B, can be apprehended as coexistent only in so far as we can experience them in either order, i.

  40. The connected question how we can determine the ball and the cushion as objectively coexistent is the problem of the third Analogy.

  41. Whether it is possible to apprehend the coexistent without successive synthesis of its parts.

  42. Whether two changes are coexistent or are successive, each must be conceived as possessing an antecedent cause.

  43. That is to say, it will not answer the question which is asked when we are enquiring as to what events are coexistent with it.

  44. All our perceptions are in time, and in time are represented as either coexistent or successive.

  45. Kant is not enquiring whether coexistent bodies are related as causes and effects, though, as we have already observed, his language betrays considerable lack of clearness on this very point.

  46. In this case, the world must be an infinite given total of coexistent things.

  47. Besides, the proposition that different times cannot be coexistent could not be derived from a general conception.

  48. Whether I can be empirically conscious of the manifold as coexistent or as successive, depends upon circumstances, or empirical conditions.

  49. The Christian believes that Christ is coexistent with his father, Jehovah--that he has existed from the foundations of the world.

  50. Her worship was coexistent and coextensive with that of her divine brother and husband.

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