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  1. The relation between the muscle plates and the course of development of the chest is illustrated by the fact that an arrest of development of important muscles often coexists with deformities of the chest.

  2. In either sex arrested development of the face, middle ear, and palate often coexists with these supernumerary breasts.

  3. In lakes of the latter character, in northern sections, it coexists with large-mouth bass in many instances.

  4. In waters where it coexists with the small-mouth bass there is no difference in their excellence as food-fish.

  5. It is somewhat more gregarious, and is more of a rover than the mascalonge; otherwise its habits are very similar, and it coexists with that fish in many waters, especially in the region of the Great Lakes.

  6. I know this fish only from the streams of Montana, where it coexists with the red-throat trout and grayling.

  7. At this point the grayling is abundant to-day, as I know from personal observation, and coexists with the red-throat trout almost to the exclusion of all other species.

  8. It is a good pan-fish for the table, and is well thought of in the Mississippi Valley, though held in lighter esteem in the St. Lawrence basin, where it coexists with larger and better fishes.

  9. As a matter of fact, actual wife-capture usually, perhaps always, coexists with regular forms of marriage.

  10. Sometimes the symbolical purchase coexists for a time with real purchase: ibid.

  11. It is found that when one of the features of society is in a particular state, a state of many other features, more or less precisely determinate, always or usually coexists with it.

  12. We have no previous certainty that the property must have something which constantly coexists with it; must have an invariable coexistent, in the same manner as an event must have an invariable antecedent.

  13. If, for example, A exists always, and therefore coexists with everything, no number of instances of its coexistence with B would prove a connexion; as in our example of the fixed stars.

  14. Syphilis sometimes coexists in the adult certainly, and it may be questioned whether hereditary taint may not be an important factor in determining tuberculosis in a region so frequently ravaged by syphilis.

  15. Although an intense jaundice {1086} coexists with the obstruction, no portion of the bile escapes into the ducts.

  16. In this condition the effusion of blood coexists with chronic inflammatory changes in the interstitial connective tissue.

  17. Coincident with the development | Coexists with the ossification of of the shaft of the bone.

  18. Hypertrophy of the wall, especially of the muscular coat, coexists with dilatation, and is most common in the upper part of the rectum and sigmoid flexure.

  19. The slow pulse which coexists with elevated temperature is a point of much diagnostic value.

  20. Digitalis, aconite, or veratrum viride may also be given in appropriate doses if with a high temperature there coexists great frequency of the pulse.

  21. In the latter case it usually coexists with petechiƦ or a hemorrhage from some other part of the body, as, for instance, epistaxis or hematuria.

  22. Ulrichs explained the matter by saying that in sexual inverts a male body coexists with a female soul: anima muliebris in corpore virile inclusa.

  23. These authors conclude that it is today impossible to look upon inversion as the equivalent or the symptom of a psychopathic state, though we have to recognize that it frequently coexists with morbid emotional states.

  24. The second is the principle of negative syllogisms, and is to this effect: that a thing which coexists with another thing, with which other a third thing does not coexist, is not coexistent with that third thing.

  25. And the axiom might be thus worded: Two types of sensation each of which coexists with a third type, coexist with another; or Two powers each of which coexists with a third power coexist with one another.

  26. Just as light coexists with the Sun and with fire, and shadow coexists with a body.

  27. He coexists with Himself only on condition that the thing, which exists in Himself, is identical with Him.

  28. Now as in Him the thing that coexists is identical with Him, and as in Him also that which desires, and that which is desirable play the part of hypostasis and subject, here once more appears the identity of desire and "being.

  29. He does not cross the barriers of time into the vast forever of Life, but he coexists with God and the universe.

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