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Example sentences for "commensurate"

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  1. Now, in the case supposed, under a free corn trade the rise is commensurate to the previous injury sustained by the farmer; and much of the extra bonus reaped goes to a foreign interest.

  2. If, in the opposite direction, he fears a low price, it comforts him to know that this cannot arise for any length of time but through some commensurate excess in quantity.

  3. Our notions of things are never simply commensurate with the things themselves; they are aspects of them, more or less exact, and sometimes a mistake ab initio.

  4. This is the position of our minds towards our insularity; yet are the arguments producible for it (to use the common expression) in black and white commensurate with this overpowering certitude about it?

  5. The relics were of efficacy commensurate with the gifts of those who desired the Saint's blessing!

  6. Our attainments in these directions appear to be commensurate with our needs.

  7. Relatives should receive a lower degree of respect commensurate with the nearness and quality of the kinship.

  8. Moreover, broad plans commensurate with our national purpose and resources would bring conviction of our power to every soldier in the front line, to the nations associated with us in the war, and to the enemy.

  9. America, who stepped into the war just in time to take Russia's place, still remained impotent, unable to place in Europe numbers in any way commensurate with the situation.

  10. The reason and fancy, before they can be competent to appreciate such truths, must be trained in the study and worshipful meditation of subjects of commensurate mystery and sublimity.

  11. Then for an inconceivable period a length of time commensurate with the existence of Brahma, the Demiurgus the successive generations flourish and sink.

  12. They cannot moreover hope to wield at the present time in the councils of nations an influence commensurate with the stupendous claims advanced, or adequate to the greatness of the Cause proclaimed, by the Author of their Faith.

  13. The grandeur of their task is indeed commensurate with the mortal perils by which their generation is hemmed in.

  14. It should be thoroughly just, and the punishment, or rather the retribution, should be commensurate with the offense.

  15. In financial affairs it gives steady results commensurate with labour, success that is slow but sure, durance, hardships, privations.

  16. Perhaps the matter can be packed most succinctly into the statement that Mr. Cabell's hero has been subjected to such a process of growth as has made him commensurate in stature with the other two modern writers of Mr. Cabell's invention.

  17. From the spacious terrace expanded a landscape which aroused the envy of the richest laymen and which was only commensurate with a fraction of the pontifical possessions.

  18. By an innocent human being is meant a person who has not by any voluntary act of his own done harm commensurate with the loss of his own life.

  19. The only reason they have for the refusal to do what they call criminal abortion is that the disgrace or inconvenience of the woman is not commensurate with the destruction of a human life.

  20. As a rule the compensation for public service is relatively higher, and the official organizations are better provided with an authority which is commensurate with their responsibility than is the case in our own country.

  21. But is not the fact an alarming proof of the danger resulting from a government which does not possess regular powers commensurate to its objects?

  22. On a comparison of this extent with that of several countries in Europe, the practicability of rendering our system commensurate to it appears to be demonstrable.

  23. The provision for defense must in this, as in all other cases, be made commensurate to the danger of attack.

  24. Webster he respected greatly, and used to regret that his fortune was not commensurate with his tastes.

  25. A novel evincing so much intellectual labor, written in a style of such careful elaboration, and exhibiting so much skill in the development of the story, can scarcely fail of a success commensurate with its merits.

  26. If livings are to be purchased at all, they should bear a price commensurate with the dignity and responsibility of the sacred office.

  27. Its blessings were not commensurate with its evils; but the evils were less than those which previously existed.

  28. He found," says an eloquent and able Edinburgh reviewer, "the papacy dependent on the emperor; he sustained it by alliances almost commensurate with the Italian peninsula.

  29. As the rich man enjoys his life surrounded by ease and luxuries, so the poor man must, likewise, have a home and be provided with sustenance and comforts commensurate with his needs.

  30. Another personality is possible, one of true ideas coherent through conscious similarity, independent of sensation, as dealing with topics not commensurate with it.

  31. Hence it became necessary that, like the power to declare war, this power should be commensurate with the great scheme of the Government and with all its purposes.

  32. The right, being made commensurate simply with the purposes indispensable to the system, may be strictly confined to them.

  33. It is therefore suggested that a power commensurate with either resource be granted to the Executive, to be exercised according to his discretion and as circumstances may imperiously require.

  34. But his influence, at this time, was by no means commensurate with his power and reputation at a former day, and he appears to have wisely avoided a direct contest with the large body of very able men who supported the Constitution.

  35. The only conception that can explain the movement of the locomotive is that of a force commensurate with the movement observed.

  36. The only conception that can explain the movement of the peoples is that of some force commensurate with the whole movement of the peoples.

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