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  1. His verses to Shakespeare and his prose commentaries on him too, are models of what self-respecting admiration should be, generous in its praise of excellence, candid in its statement of defects.

  2. Sayana's commentaries were influenced by and dedicated to Madhava, who is best known as the author of the Sarvadarsana Samgraha (Compendium of Speculations).

  3. It is to be hoped that the European public will be soon enabled to judge of the value and authenticity of the Commentaries of the Cæsar of the East.

  4. We see in his Scripture commentaries the pressure of three forces of unequal strength, but each of them of marked presence, the tradition of the church, the teachings of the great school, and the needs of his own times.

  5. St. Thomas Aquinas had written commentaries on them, and on Plato; and thus, as well as by his essay on aqueducts and that on hydraulic machines, had proved how inseparable is the alliance between sound theology and true science.

  6. It would be saying little to say that Origen's homilies and commentaries (for we need not distinguish them here) marked an era in the exposition of Scripture.

  7. On Grostête's death in 1253 he bequeathed his library, rich in marginal commentaries and annotations, to the Friars for whom he had worked before he became Bishop and Chancellor.

  8. The Abbey of Laubes was especially rich in biblical commentaries and other works of criticism, which were all destroyed afterwards in a fire, except a Vulgate of the eighth century that happened to be required for use at the Council of Trent.

  9. He provided the ordinary texts and commentaries for the students, and was extremely anxious that they should be instructed in Greek and in the languages of the East.

  10. Commentaries on the Present Laws of England.

  11. Commentaries on the Conflict of Laws, Foreign and Domestic.

  12. His speech in that body is one of the most comprehensive and luminous commentaries on the Constitution that have come down to us from that period.

  13. Professor Lightfoot appears to have suspended the publication of his commentaries on the epistles of St. Paul, and to have taken up the apostolic fathers.

  14. In writing commentaries on certain passages of Scripture, Lord Bacon tells a courtier, who has committed some offence, how to get back into the graces of his prince or king.

  15. He knew that commentaries would be written on his words with swords, to be read by the light of fagots.

  16. His interpretations are mostly correct, and always elegantly expressed; displaying an union of Greek and Latin literature which renders his Commentaries equally useful to the students of both languages.

  17. And these appear frequently to have been the foundation of the valuable, though rather prolix, commentaries we find in the old editions.

  18. But it was not till about the middle of the sixteenth century that botany, through the commentaries of Matthioli on Dioscorides, began to assume a distinct form, and to be studied as a separate branch.

  19. The commentaries of Budæus are written in a very rambling and desultory manner, passing from one subject to another as a casual word may suggest the transition.

  20. The first contribution that England made to ancient literature in this line was the “View of Certain Military Matters, or Commentaries concerning Roman Warfare,” by Sir Henry Saville, in 1598.

  21. And it is said that he thought nothing requisite for the Institutes but short clear notes, which his thorough admirers afterwards contrasted with the celebrated but rather verbose commentaries of Vinnius.

  22. His opinion was founded on an analysis of fifteen words of the secret language of the Incas preserved in the Royal Commentaries of Garcilasso de la Vega.

  23. French rabbi, whose commentaries on the Bible and the Talmud are marked by wonderful lucidity.

  24. Others wrote diffuse hair-splitting commentaries and novellae (hiddushim) on various tractates of the Talmud, including those which had long lost all legal significance.

  25. At the conclusion of the lecture he arranged a scientific argumentation (hilluk), proceeding in the following way: Various contradictions in the Talmud and the commentaries were pointed out, and solutions were proposed.

  26. I gladly copy into these pages some of its important passages, as among the ablest commentaries ever offered upon the constitution.

  27. Other commentaries are by (1) Rabbi Jacob ben Shimshon, found in the Machzor Vitry (see Taylor, Introd.

  28. There is no Gemara (Talmudic commentary) on the Abot, which undoubtedly accounts for the numerous commentaries on it (21).

  29. Kabalistic Commentaries contain the meaning of the Rose Symbol, 821-l.

  30. Rose, as a symbol, explained in Kabalistic Commentaries on the Canticles, 821-l.

  31. The Seven grand monuments called the Wonders of the World, were the magnificent Commentaries on the Seven lines that composed the Pyramids, and on the Seven mystic gates of Thebes.

  32. The mystical meanings of the Rose as a Symbol are to be looked for in the Kabalistic Commentaries on the Canticles.

  33. Commentaries and studies have been multiplied upon the Divine Comedy, the work of DANTE, and yet no one, so far as we know, has pointed out its especial character.

  34. His orations were most highly prized by the ancients, who wrote innumerable commentaries on them, but most of these criticisms are lost.

  35. We claim a superiority to them, because we are more recondite and critical; but the decline of Roman literature can be dated to times when commentaries became the fashion.

  36. In connection with Women's rights in England and in the United States I have either consulted the statutes or studied the commentaries of jurists, like Messrs.

  37. Commentaries on the Laws of England: by Sir William Blackstone.

  38. Leuenni, whereof Leland in his commentaries doth write as here insueth.

  39. Also Calameus in his commentaries De Biturigibus, confirmeth no lesse, adding that he was found 1556.

  40. Leland sought not the course of this water aboue Newport pond, and therefore in his commentaries vpon the song of the swan, he writeth thereof after this maner insuing.

  41. Leland in his commentaries of England lib.

  42. He was for eleven years chairman of the scholars engaged on the revision of the New Testament translation, and published commentaries on the Old and the New Testaments, as well as sermons, addresses, and lectures.

  43. Yes, "it is all one," for our books and papers are mostly commentaries on the Bible, and the Declaration.

  44. Judge Story, in his Commentaries on the Constitution, speaks of it as "a solemn obligation to the due execution of the trusts reposed in them, and to support the Constitution.

  45. Yes, "it is all one," for our books and papers are mostly commentaries on the Bible, and the Declaration.

  46. But, as was said at the beginning, the Grace Abounding is the best of all our commentaries on The Pilgrim's Progress.

  47. The German version of the Bible had been an incalculable blessing to the masses; and the commentaries written by the Reformers and their immediate successors gave promise of a wide-spread Scriptural knowledge.

  48. He was born in Palestine of Jewish parents, and wrote five books of memoirs or commentaries no longer extant.

  49. Commentaries on the Affairs of the Christians before the time of Constantino the Great.

  50. This council, which consisted of five hundred members, compiled three commentaries on the Buddhist faith.

  51. Each of the two leading commentaries on Hindu law, the Mitacshara and the Dayabhaga, opens with a very long discussion as to when and how a son becomes entitled to be called an owner of the family property.

  52. The very important points of difference between the two commentaries will be stated hereafter.

  53. Neither in the Dayabhaga nor in the Mitacshara is this question discussed directly, but each of these commentaries discloses the answer which its author would give to this question.

  54. But the Indian courts are very sparing in accepting modern commentaries as authoritative, though nevertheless they carefully record their own interpretations of the law, and these are always treated as authoritative.

  55. These commentaries supplied in part materials for the Tibetan or northern canon, drawn up at a subsequent period.

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