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Example sentences for "correlative"

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correlated; correlates; correlating; correlation; correlations; correlatives; corren; correr; correspond; corresponde
  1. But where languages have failed to give correlative names, there the relation is not always so easily taken notice of.

  2. Among surrounding objects there are some which frequently undergo displacements susceptible of being thus corrected by a correlative movement of our own body; these are the solid bodies.

  3. Correlative movement' therefore constitutes the sole connection between two phenomena which otherwise we never should have dreamt of likening.

  4. These imaginary beings will therefore like ourselves be led to classify the phenomena they witness and to distinguish among them the 'changes of position' susceptible of correction by a correlative voluntary movement.

  5. It is simply because they can both be corrected by the same correlative movement of our body.

  6. In later times, on the introduction of the chancery branch of law, the term common law began to be used in a third sense, as the correlative of chancery law.

  7. And the Lord Chief Justice seemed to have assented to that general proposition, as authority for the correlative proposition, that "women, when sole, had a right to vote.

  8. The functions of men and women in the State as citizens are correlative and opposite.

  9. What advantage is gained in this case by calling these supposed additions moral affections, and their correlative stimulants moral causes?

  10. In the second, "adorning the heavens" is the correlative of "forming the crooked serpent.

  11. Nor is the correlative of neither, sometimes of other negatives.

  12. Both so and as are used as adverbs of degree correlative with the conjunction "as": unless there is a negative in the clause as is generally used; with a negative so is preferable to as.

  13. As a rule the word after the first correlative should be the same part of speech as the word after the second correlative.

  14. They will have it, that the characteristic principle of Protestantism lies precisely in the acknowledgment that the true essence of the Church can find its correlative expression in none of the existing churches.

  15. The correlative of not, when it stands in the first member of a sentence, is nor or neither.

  16. And moreover a seshin may not be defined as what is correlative to an action proceeding with a view to--i.

  17. The fact is that the contradiction involved in one thing being connected with two places is removed by the difference of the correlative moments of time.

  18. By this correlative action of both hearts, the pulmonary and systemic circulations take place synchronously; and the phenomena resulting in both reciprocate and balance each other.

  19. In this great function the liver is an organ correlative or compensative to the lungs, whose office is similar.

  20. The truth that man is the offspring of God implies the correlative truth of a common divine Fatherhood.

  21. Since attributes and substance are correlative terms, it is impossible to hold that the substance of God is in Christ, so long as he does not possess divine attributes.

  22. The possibility of sin is the correlative of the free initiative God has vacated on man's behalf.

  23. Just as even Herbert Spencer himself has remarked, that the idea of relativity involves the correlative idea of an absolute; even so, in thought, responsibility involves its correlative belief, a recompence!

  24. The correlative mental changes were explained in the British Journal of Psychology in an article which supplies the basis of the second chapter of this book.

  25. With many species to avoid being eaten and to mate are the reasons for some secondary characters, such as protective armour or coloration, fleetness with its correlative structures, nuptial plumage, and so forth.

  26. These beliefs with their correlative ceremonies have a further resemblance to play in the indirectness of their utility.

  27. He says: "Contemplating pure force, we are irresistibly compelled by the relativity of our thought to vaguely conceive some unknown force as the correlative of the known force.

  28. The bucolic and erotic delicacy in written poetry is correlative with that softness in statuary, music and the kindred arts, and even in manners and institutions, which distinguished the epoch to which I now refer.

  29. The frequent recurrence of the poetical power, it is obvious to suppose, may produce in the mind a habit of order and harmony correlative with its own nature and its effects upon other minds.

  30. It is with warm-blooded birds and mammals that the phenomena of infancy and the correlative parental care really begin.

  31. Pasteur regards fermentation in the following light: The chemical action of fermentation is essentially a phenomenon correlative with a vital action, beginning and ending with it.

  32. Some of the most curious facts are to be found in connection with an observation, the correlative and inverse of the foregoing, on the ordinary aerobian bacteria.

  33. Fermentation is correlative first to the development of the globules, and then to the continued life of those globules once formed.

  34. Among the more startling, if not decidedly brilliant, vital theories which have been advanced within the last few years, is that which makes life an "undiscovered correlative of force.

  35. The two are correlative terms; so that his definition of the one must necessarily be the definition of the other, either as an identical or partial judgment.

  36. Footnote 264: Similar correlative names in Hellenic mythology are Pro-metheus and Epi-metheus.

  37. Similarly, animal growth is correlative in all its stages.

  38. The exalted action and the poetic expression are as essentially correlative in the epic, as are the natural incident and the prosaic expression in the novel.

  39. This dependence is in itself, no doubt, a fact; but it ceases to be so for us when we contemplate it in forgetfulness of that spring of potential freedom which underlies it, and of the law of duty correlative to freedom.

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