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correlate; correlated; correlates; correlating; correlation; correlative; correlatives; corren; correr; correspond
  1. Before you can even make a mistake in drawing your conclusion from the correlations established by your statistics you must ascertain the correlations.

  2. Correlative changes of this kind are seen in all my new forms, and they lend support to the view that in the gradual development of highly adapted structures, analogous correlations may have played a large part.

  3. Correlations must play a large part in such special evolutions: when one part is modified, so will be other parts.

  4. I can well recall in one of his previous communications the fascinating correlations drawn between structural changes and the character of the psychological signs.

  5. It does not appear that Wernicke[9] has considered renal correlations systematically.

  6. This careful working out of correlations one would say is a good method of scientific research and must lead to something.

  7. Southard should interest himself, as his paper leads one to judge he does, in such problems as Shand's somewhat abstract work, and should seek correlations with legal characterology like that of Roscoe Pound.

  8. It only remains to ask if these correlations might have originated in any other way, and if the answer to this is in the negative, the case may be looked upon as having a fair measure of evidence in its favor.

  9. The hypothesis of superimposition may therefore be regarded as having advanced beyond the stage of mere suggestion and as having gained some degree of confirmation from the correlations that it detects and explains.

  10. In the case of the latter two tests, although the initial correlations are fairly high, there is nevertheless considerable increase as the trials proceed.

  11. With practice, then, the average correlations of all tests become positive, and the coefficients become greater the longer the practice is continued.

  12. What correlations are found among various traits of character, as these are estimated by associates?

  13. Table 23 gives, for each test, at each point, the average correlation with all the other tests, and also the grand average correlations of all tests.

  14. These various judgments having been made as conscientiously as possible, correlations were determined between interests at different times, interests and abilities, etc.

  15. Even the preliminary trials in these tests show fairly high correlations with the final orders.

  16. Positive correlations ranging in several instances as high as .

  17. But the conclusion seems to call for the qualification that "general ability" shall have reference to final capacity rather than to momentary performance, if the correlations are to be high.

  18. But even the nature of these correlations is as yet largely unknown.

  19. The first is that these correlations are not between the judgments of single individuals.

  20. The fact that the correlations are not perfect raises numerous problems, the solution of which is now being attempted.

  21. It is also interesting to observe that high correlations exist between some of the traits as judged merely on the basis of photographs.

  22. Some of these correlations are very curious.

  23. But their connection with consciousness is very close, both through immediate memory, and through the correlations which turn sensations into perceptions.

  24. But all such expectations are liable to be erroneous, since they are based upon correlations which are usual but not invariable.

  25. Roughly speaking, "real" things would be those that can cause sensations, those that have correlations of the sort that constitute physical objects.

  26. The sensations which strike us as public are those where the correlated sensations are very similar and the correlations are very easy to discover.

  27. In all other cases, though we know (more or less hypothetically) some of the correlations and abstract properties of the appearance of the star, we do not know the appearance itself.

  28. But even the most private sensations have correlations with things that others can observe.

  29. The same occurs when the accused is shown the various possibilities that lie before him--the movement of the examination, the correlations and consequences.

  30. Table 4 shows a peculiar feature in the fact that the correlations of Section A between tree growth and the rainfall of Jerusalem are decidedly higher than those between the rainfall in the two regions.

  31. And this implies that a percipient at any other position in the space continuum can deduce from the known system of correlations just what the series of shapes and colors will be from another position.

  32. This effect was not known until 1904; consequently the correlations in the earlier studies of arithmetic are all too low.

  33. Unless the individuals concerned are very elaborately tested on several days, the correlations obtained are "attenuated" toward 0 by the "accidental" errors in the original measurements.

  34. In general, all correlations between an individual's divergence from the common type or average of his age for one arithmetical function, and his divergences from the average for any other arithmetical function, are positive.

  35. Make original correlations for all the events on this page.

  36. Ofttimes "extremes" are in different planes of thought, so occasionally three intermediates are necessary to cement them; two are often required; but after considerable practice in making correlations one usually suffices.

  37. Make original correlations for this Extract.

  38. In a short time you will infallibly remember every Correlation you make; at last, the memory will become so strong, that you will no longer have to make Correlations at all.

  39. How many correlations have you made so far?

  40. The medical student would doubtless first objectively identify these nerves in dissection, and then use correlations to help him remember those which his natural memory could not carry.

  41. Do not look for Analytic Date-words in the following cases until you have first memorised my Correlations or your own.

  42. The teacher must correlate these heads or topics of his discourse together, and so memorise his correlations that he can recall the series in the exact order.

  43. In this case the transition is particularly interesting, not only on account of its suddenness, but also because the correlations contemplated happen to be exactly the same in the two cases--viz.

  44. In monstrosities, the correlations between quite distinct parts are very curious; and many instances are given in Isidore Geoffroy St. Hilaire's great work on this subject.

  45. Changes of structure at an early age will generally affect parts subsequently developed; and there are very many other correlations of growth, the nature of which we are utterly unable to understand.

  46. Instances of these correlations are not indeed so numerous in the animal kingdom as they are in the vegetable.

  47. As the analysis of the glacial history progresses, these correlations will eventually be established or disproved, and should they be established it is possible that similar correlations may be made between events far more remote.

  48. He must necessarily deduce therefrom an ordinal distinction, even on the one ground of the correlations and modifications of structure implied in the erect position.

  49. It is unfortunate that weekly figures from railways do not exist in such number, or for roads of sufficient importance, to justify correlations of the weekly figures with clearings.

  50. The fact that correlations and connections of unusual kinds occur adds to the difficulty of inferring things from sense and of expressing physics in terms of sense-data.

  51. The definition of a "thing" is effected by means of continuity and of correlations which have a certain differential independence of other "things.

  52. Any set of antecedents from which the event can theoretically be inferred by means of correlations might be called a cause of the event.

  53. We know a great number of such correlations in nutrition; they are especially seen in those changes of animals and plants which give rise to an absence of pigment (noticed previously)--in albinoes.

  54. Another remarkable example of important correlations is the following, given by Darwin.

  55. Among these correlations in the formation of different organs, those are specially remarkable which exist between the sexual organs and other parts of the body.

  56. The infinitely complicated correlations which exist between the organisms of every district, and which must be looked upon as the real conditions of the struggle for life, are mostly unknown to us, and are very difficult to discover.

  57. The correlations which thus exist between different parts of the organism are most remarkable, but their real cause is unknown to us.

  58. These most important and influential correlations between the sexual organs and the other parts of the body, especially the brain, are found equally in both sexes.

  59. We can with certainty maintain that there exist a great number of such correlations in every plant and in every animal, only we are not always able to point out and survey their concatenation as in the last instance.

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