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Example sentences for "circuitous"

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circonstances; circuit; circuite; circuited; circuiting; circuitously; circuits; circuitu; circular; circularity
  1. We narrowly escaped being stopped on more occasions than one, and were often compelled to take circuitous routes to avoid the points where forces were assembling.

  2. All labor seemed lost that was to produce profit by a circuitous process.

  3. We could, however, reach our destination by taking a much more circuitous path.

  4. Tippoo had taken up a strong position on the direct road and, in order to avoid him, Lord Cornwallis took a more circuitous route, and Tippoo was obliged to fall back.

  5. A despatch that reached them, by a circuitous route, explained why Tippoo had suffered them to advance so far unmolested.

  6. We marched rapidly on the 24th by the circuitous route I have mentioned, leaving a regiment to protect the steamboats.

  7. An Arab party, hearing of our approach, took a circuitous route among the mountains to avoid coming in contact with us.

  8. It would be such a saving of time and fatigue for us to go due west rather than south, and then west, but I feel great hesitation as to setting out on the circuitous route.

  9. On the other hand, the gentlemen sent to enquire after his health had reached his lodging by a more circuitous road; and thus there had been time for him to return to what proved his death-bed, long before they reached his chamber.

  10. At that moment, according to arrangement, the friendly Oneida, who had taken a circuitous route, approached the camp from another direction, with a belt.

  11. In a few minutes we were sweeping along the slopes of the Neversink Valley, and ascending, by a circuitous route, to the lofty passes among the shawangunk Mountains.

  12. This movement required a circuitous march of several miles.

  13. In some half hour afterwards Mary escaped by another door and, taking a circuitous path through the garden, she passed behind the sentinel and sped towards the mill, intent upon keeping her appointment with the friends of Butler.

  14. The route they had chosen for this purpose consisted of such circuitous and unfrequented paths as were least likely to be infested by the scouts of the enemy, or by questioners who might be too curious regarding the object of their journey.

  15. We thought ourselves fortunate to make this steep circuitous ascent in a coach; but once within the enceinte of the castle we were on a level and felt as if we were walking through the streets of a little village.

  16. I therefore started back, choosing my course without any reference to the circuitous route by which I had come, and loading heavily and firing at intervals.

  17. No one is threatening it," Jack murmured, his eyes arrested by a long line of cavalry in undress, leading their horses up a circuitous and hitherto concealed road to the plateau.

  18. When, after a circuitous walk of half an hour, he reached the cabin of Blake, the colored agent of Mrs. Gannat, he found a note from his patroness warning him that the prison authorities had become alert.

  19. After an exceedingly circuitous route of six hundred miles, running far down into Tennessee, it turns north-westerly again, and empties its waters into the Ohio, about sixty miles above the entrance of that river into the Mississippi.

  20. Though it was less than a hundred miles across these ridges in a direct line, the circuitous route which it was necessary to take greatly lengthened the distance.

  21. For example, the distance of the moon from the earth was determined by a very circuitous process.

  22. We shall, therefore, without scruple, speak of adjectives as names, whether in their own right, or as representative of the more circuitous forms of expression above exemplified.

  23. To give any real meaning to the dictum de omni, we must consider it not as an axiom, but as a definition; we must look upon it as intended to explain, in a circuitous and paraphrastic manner, the meaning of the word class.

  24. They had taken a circuitous route, for Astoria is only eighteen hundred miles, in a direct line, from St. Louis.

  25. As evening fell the five horses were brought round, and the party started by a long and circuitous route, by which, after riding for nearly forty miles, they reached Boston at two o'clock next morning.

  26. Peter and the Seneca were then to work round by a circuitous route to the boat, where they were to be joined by the main body, and to draw off until another opportunity offered for repeating the attempt.

  27. They withdrew into the wood again and made a circuitous deviation till they came down upon the river, two miles above Ticonderoga.

  28. The River Cooum winds its way through the Tamil metropolis by a very circuitous route, and the land for some distance along the banks has been reserved for parks.

  29. The distance from the shore to the mouth of the crater is seven miles, but the circuitous course of the stream is double the direct distance.

  30. Knowing the topography of the country, I took a circuitous route to an old mill; Cobb's, I believe, and from there I sought the McDonough road.

  31. By a circuitous route, which I can now scarcely recall, in the course of time I reached Augusta, the beautiful.

  32. By this circuitous route from Latooka we avoided all difficult passes, as the ground on the west side of the chain of mountains ascended rapidly but regularly to Obbo.

  33. We were to march by a long and circuitous route to avoid the rocky passes that would be dangerous in the present spirit of the country, especially as the traders possessed large herds that must accompany the party.

  34. Nevertheless, I was determined to verify it, although by this circuitous route I might lose the boats from Gondokoro and become a prisoner in Central Africa, ill, and without quinine, for another year.

  35. A great part of this country was low and marshy, and had been for this reason avoided by the public road, which took a circuitous course around it.

  36. To attack us in front they had to advance right in the face of our fire, while to reach our rear they had to take a circuitous route of several miles around the base of the mountain.

  37. Scenting danger at once, the hunters returned by a circuitous route to the hacienda, and warned its occupants.

  38. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "circuitous" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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