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Example sentences for "cogitative"

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cogitatio; cogitation; cogitatione; cogitationes; cogitations; cogito; cognac; cognate; cognates; cognation
  1. How can it be the cogitative principle in man, that is, that principle which convinces man he is not merely matter?

  2. When you last wrote," repeated John, in a cogitative tone.

  3. It thus appears clear that Aristotle restricts the Nous or noetic function in man to the matters of sense and experience, physical or mental, and that he considers the phantasm to be an essential accompaniment of the cogitative act.

  4. How absurd, therefore, must it be to raise the supposed evidence of such cogitative operations into evidences of the existence of a creating Mind!

  5. Now, if thinking and matter may be separated, the eternal existence of matter will not follow from the eternal existence of a cogitative Being, and they suppose it to no purpose.

  6. Two Sorts of Beings, cogitative and incogitative.

  7. The Attributes of the Eternal Cogitative Being.

  8. And to that it is very obvious to reason, that it must necessarily be a cogitative being.

  9. Others give the name of passive intellect to the cogitative power, which is called the "particular reason.

  10. The cogitative and memorative powers in man owe their excellence not to that which is proper to the sensitive part; but to a certain affinity and proximity to the universal reason, which, so to speak, overflows into them.

  11. For the sensitive appetite is naturally moved, not only by the estimative power in other animals, and in man by the cogitative power which the universal reason guides, but also by the imagination and sense.

  12. To think" is not taken here for the act of the cogitative power, but for an act of the intellect, as explained above.

  13. Now to think is an act of the cogitative power, which belongs to the sensitive faculty, as stated in the First Part (Q.

  14. One of the Austrian Columns was just entering Panten when the Fight began: in Panten that Column has stood cogitative ever since; well to left of Loudon and his struggles; but does not, till the eleventh hour, resolve to push through.

  15. This latter is endowed with a cogitative and imaginative faculty, but is not permanent in its existence, because of the two intervening natures between it and the pure light of God.

  16. The latter in turn hands it over to the cogitative power of the rational soul, from the reflection of which results the spiritual reality of the object, which is its knowledge.

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