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criticizing; critick; criticks; critico; critics; critiques; crits; critter; critters; crittur
  1. Critique of Plato and the Academic Philosophers.

  2. Mme Moliere's first appearance on the stage was in 1663, as Elise in the Critique de l'ecole des femmes.

  3. Of great importance are his advocacy of "quantitative" reading of Latin verse and his Critique of Some Recent Subjunctive Theories in vol.

  4. Opuscules de critique historique (12 fascicules): the easiest and most consecutive way of following the controversy is by the aid of the "Bulletin Hagiographique" in Analecta Bollandiana.

  5. We have received also from London a very clever critique on "Janus," by F.

  6. The passage itself is partly transcribed with minute reference, so that it is beyond the courtesy of even a mild critique to exonerate Janus from the charge of deliberate dishonesty in this instance.

  7. In the Critique of Practical Reason it runs “Act so that the maxim of your will could on each occasion be valid as a universal legislative principle,” i.

  8. In the spring of this year (1808) appeared the memorable critique upon the "Hours of Idleness" in the Edinburgh Review.

  9. I think I could write a more sarcastic critique on myself than any yet published.

  10. His critique pleases me particularly, because it is of great length, and a proper quantum of censure is administered, just to give an agreeable relish to the praise.

  11. The very vigor of the Holbachian critique of myth impelled the Romantics to think more deeply and defend more carefully any new claim for myth.

  12. In Holbach's critique the point at which theology split off from mythology marks the moment of nature's alienation from itself and paves the way for man's alienation from nature.

  13. The Histoire critique de Jésus Christ ou Analyse raisonnée des Evangiles was published without name of place or date.

  14. Of Holbach's remaining works on religion two, Histoire critique de Jésus Christ and Tableau des Saints, date from 1770 when he began to publish his more philosophical works.

  15. His method, however, would not be followed by the critique of today.

  16. The great reputation achieved by this critique stirred the envy of Bayle's colleague, P.

  17. Lange in his History of Materialism rightly perceived, a critique of language which, together with Kant's Critique of the Pure Reason, forms the starting-point of modern philosophy.

  18. He did not consider, in his Critique of Pure Reason, that science became less and less objective, more and more symbolical, to the extent that it went from the physical to the vital, from the vital to the psychical.

  19. Nothing could be more contrary to the letter, and perhaps also to the spirit, of the Critique of Pure Reason.

  20. To this knowledge he adds a critique of the faculty of knowing, and also, if he thinks proper, a metaphysic; but the matter of knowledge he regards as the affair of science and not of philosophy.

  21. Once made clear, this metaphysics and this critique may throw some light, in their turn, on evolution as a whole.

  22. The metaphysic or the critique that the philosopher has reserved for himself he has to receive, ready-made, from positive science, it being already contained in the descriptions and analyses, the whole care of which he left to the scientists.

  23. Vacherot on the Doctrine du progres, printed (as part of an essay on the Philosophy of History) in his Essais de philosophie critique (1864).

  24. Fontenelle and Ruæus had considered this, the one would have spared his critique of the sixth, and the other, his reflections upon the ninth Pastoral.

  25. But indeed he seems not to have ever drank out of Silenus's tankard, when he composed either his Critique or Pastorals.

  26. Extracted from 'Kant's Critique of Practical Reason and other Works on the Theory of Ethics'.

  27. Just now, I am reading in the evening, Kant's Critique de la raison pure, translated by Barni, and I am freshening up my Spinoza.

  28. And the Critique de la raison pure of the previously mentioned Kant, translated by Barni, is heavier reading than the Vie Parisienne of Marcelin; never mind!

  29. Mr. Untermeyer asked for enough space to "diverge from the critique at one point.

  30. This original, mellow, convivial, informal and yet soundly argued critique has been overlooked by many who have delighted to honor Holliday as an essayist.

  31. They collaborated on the critique on Wordsworth and Leigh Hunt, and for the one on Landor Miss Barrett was mainly responsible, in which she says he "writes poetry for poets, and criticism for critics;.

  32. Milsand, who she had fancied would hardly like this poem, wrote a critique of it for the Revue which touched her with its "extraordinary kindness.

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