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  1. Professor of Physiology and Physiological Anatomy in the Bellevue Medical College, New York; attending Physician to the Bellevue Hospital, &c.

  2. Adjunct Professor of Anatomy in the University of New York, etc.

  3. Assistant Physician to Saint Bartholomew's Hospital and Lecturer on Pathological Anatomy in the Medical School.

  4. Surgeon to the Presbyterian Hospital; Professor of Pathological Anatomy in the Medical Faculty of the University of the City of New York.

  5. We have no space for anything approaching a full description of the anatomy of spiders, but there is one other point of structure of which the reader has been promised some account.

  6. To accomplish this result the wasp acts as though it possessed a knowledge of the minute anatomy of its victim, and knew to a hair's breadth the position of the principal nerve ganglia which control its actions.

  7. The sentimental anatomy of Rousseau and Mad.

  8. The literature of the Comparative Anatomy of the Arteries up to 1902 will be found in R.

  9. There are also lectures on anatomy and perspective.

  10. In his correspondence, he not unfrequently laughs at himself for his ignorance of systematic botany; and his acquaintance with vegetable anatomy and physiology was of the slenderest.

  11. All these parts constitute microscopic anatomy or "Histology.

  12. And the neglect of anatomy had the further unfortunate result that it excluded him from the best opportunity of bringing himself into direct contact with the facts of nature which the University had to offer.

  13. The Professor of Anatomy made his lectures "as dull as he was himself," and he must have been very dull to have wrung from his victim the sharpest personal remark recorded as his.

  14. At many of the other tables second year men were sitting quietly dissecting or gossiping or thumbing manuals of practical anatomy yellow with human grease.

  15. Anatomy and physiology now absorbed all their time, and the leisurely interest in the first subject, which had been subsidiary in the first year, was now a matter of academical life and death.

  16. Anatomy open on his knees, driving facts into that puzzled brain with the violent thoroughness of an engine that drives piles.

  17. Edwin had passed ten minutes of purgatory with an outside examiner in the anatomy viva.

  18. Why, if I’d had a short course of anatomy before I left school I should have been saved a lot of rotten experiments that didn’t do me or any one else any good.

  19. Nothing at all but a working knowledge of anatomy and a dollop of common-sense.

  20. What they want is a thorough course of anatomy and a whack of practical experience to cure them; and if every one else had the same sort of education there’d be no sale for their books.

  21. Its anatomy conforms to that of the genera already considered.

  22. On some Points in the Anatomy of the Koala," Proc.

  23. Sir William Flower justly observed that these statements "accord so little with anything hitherto known in mammalian anatomy that further observations on the subject are extremely desirable.

  24. The visceral anatomy of the Rhinoceros has been much investigated so far as concerns the Asiatic forms.

  25. A singular fact in the anatomy of this animal is the existence of a septum dividing the lower part of the trachea.

  26. Our knowledge of its anatomy is derived from a paper by Huxley.

  27. The anatomy of this animal has occupied the attention of a considerable number of observers, dating from Sir R.

  28. For the anatomy of several forms, see Garrod, Proc.

  29. The anatomy of the animal has been described by Sir W.

  30. Dobson has furthermore tabulated a number of differences in muscular anatomy between the two families.

  31. Dobson, "Notes on the Anatomy of the Erinaceidae," Proc.

  32. Without going into great {536} detail it may be stated generally that the anatomy of the brain of this group confirms the classification which is adopted in this work.

  33. For the anatomy of Hyaenas see Morrison Watson in Proc.

  34. For this very commendable sanitary regulation Boniface has been set down by historians of medicine as striking a death blow at the development of anatomy for the next two centuries.

  35. As a matter of fact, however, anatomy continued to be studied in the universities after this Bull as it had been before, and it is evident that never by any misapprehension as to its meaning was the practise of dissection lessened.

  36. Before engaging in any art, it is necessary to study the anatomy of your subject.

  37. Then we undertook the study of the anatomy of bears and the location and size of their vital organs.

  38. The importance of this portion of the human anatomy can scarcely be exaggerated.

  39. Usually we wake just to find that some portion of our anatomy has been exposed to the air and that it is cold.

  40. In a word, the theory enables us to translate many expressions that are vague and indefinite, from terms of mind into terms of the physical basis of mind--the anatomy and physiology of the brain.

  41. The most interesting feature of the discoveries in brain anatomy during the past generation, has been that the central nervous system is of even greater complexity than had been thought.

  42. He was the professor of anatomy at Berlin in the early part of the nineteenth century and had great influence over the medical science of the time.

  43. From comparative {494} anatomy and physiology the influence of the nervous system over pigmentation has been very well illustrated.

  44. See Rengger on American polygamous species, and Owen ('Anatomy of Vertebrates,' vol.

  45. Bishop, in Todd's 'Cyclopaedia of Anatomy and Physiology,' vol.

  46. Turner, in 'Journal of Anatomy and Physiology,' Nov.

  47. Owen, in his 'Anatomy of Vertebrates' (vol.

  48. Bishop, in 'Todd's Cyclopaedia of Anatomy and Physiology,' vol.

  49. The anatomy of a little child, representing all parts thereof, is accounted a greater rarity than the skeleton of a man in full stature.

  50. That part of anatomy which treats of the dissection of the arteries.

  51. In comparative anatomy, anterior often signifies at or toward the head, cephalic; and in human anatomy it is often used for ventral.

  52. That part of anatomy which treats of arteries.

  53. That part of anatomy which treats of blood vessels and lymphatics.

  54. That part of anatomy which treats of joints.

  55. The anatomy or dissection of the human body; androtomy.

  56. Of or relating to anatomy or dissection; as, the anatomic art; anatomical observations.

  57. The act of dividing anything, corporeal or intellectual, for the purpose of examining its parts; analysis; as, the anatomy of a discourse.

  58. That part of anatomy which describes the glands.

  59. In the fifth place, the laws of anatomy have always been the same since organic structures began to exist.

  60. Moreover, so unlike to man and other existing tenants of the globe are many of these ancient animals, that the sure laws of comparative anatomy show us, that both races could not live and flourish in a world adapted to the one or the other.

  61. For anatomy and physiology, as well as experience, teach us the same truths.

  62. Comparative anatomy testifies that so unlike in structure were these different groups, that they could not have coexisted in the same climate and other external circumstances.

  63. To strengthen this argument still further, comparative anatomy testifies that large classes of animals have a structure evidently intended to enable them to feed on other tribes.

  64. Take, for an example, anatomy and physiology.

  65. If not, it is obvious that the sciences of anatomy and physiology can have no existence in a future world, except in the memory.

  66. Later studying medicine, he was a professor of anatomy at several colleges, retiring finally to Germantown, Pennsylvania, where he devoted himself to scientific pursuits.

  67. But as anatomy reveals that the apparently simple act of walking involves a highly complex muscular activity, so analysis reveals that the apparently simple act of thinking involves a system of mental principles.

  68. Thousands of physicians have been misled by professors of anatomy thoroughly ignorant of the subject, who have shown to their own ignorant satisfaction how impossible it was to judge of the development of the brain through the skull.

  69. Sarcognomy is the true basis of medical practice, while anatomy is the basis only of operative surgery and obstetrics.

  70. Whatever errors of detail he may have fallen into cannot obscure the glory of the pioneer in the anatomy and psychology of the brain.

  71. The mystery that surrounded its anatomy was dispelled by Dr.

  72. It was not until eleven o'clock--during the hours of Divine Service--that the hundred thousand ears adorning the anatomy of the human population were first shocked by the horrisonous banshee wail of the hooters.

  73. In those earlier days of which I am speaking, all the points of minute anatomy were involved in obscurity.

  74. He cannot learn anatomy by thrusting an exploring needle into the body.

  75. It was now for the first time that a true general anatomy became possible.

  76. The future of anatomy and physiology, as an enthusiastic micrologist of the time said, was in the hands of Messrs.

  77. The anatomy of the scalpel and the amphitheatre was, then, becoming an exhausted branch of investigation.

  78. Giles Firmin's Lectures on Anatomy were the first scientific teachings of the New World.

  79. It is the geology of the body, as that is the general anatomy of the earth.

  80. But the great triumph of the microscope as applied to anatomy has been in the resolution of the organs and the tissues into their simple constituent anatomical elements.

  81. The anatomy of the human being is the key to the anatomy of the ape.

  82. Backed by this public pledge, we waited on the university professor of anatomy to arrange our fees for a separate lecture.

  83. In the collateral subjects they let her sit with the male students; but in anatomy and surgery she had to attend the same lectures privately, and pay for lectures all to herself.

  84. We attended lectures with the male students on anatomy and surgery, and of all the anticipated evils, not one took place, sir.

  85. One spoke for all, and said, If I had not brought with me proofs of serious study, they should have dissuaded me very earnestly from a science I could not graduate in without going through practical courses of anatomy and clinical surgery.

  86. To qualify for medicine and pass the stiff examination, by which the public is very properly protected, you must be versed in anatomy and clinical surgery.

  87. Our extramural teacher in anatomy was about to give a competitive examination.

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