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  1. His qualifications for appearing as an expert in Australian anthropology may be inferred from various remarks in his paper.

  2. He was moreover a man of scientific training and a thinker, whose contributions to some branches of anthropology are of exceptional value.

  3. That such a sailor's yarn could be accepted seriously in an anthropologic treatise shows that anthropology is still in its cradle.

  4. The Greek writers, ignorant of the revelations of anthropology regarding the evolution of human habits, assumed such customs to have been originated by particular lawgivers.

  5. It is generally believed that the sole concern of anthropology is the description of skulls.

  6. The two last divisions correspond to the Special Anthropology and the General Anthropology of Topinard.

  7. This part of the skeleton forms the object of investigation of a very extended branch of anthropology called craniology.

  8. Anthropology is powerless to say if the ancient owners of the dolichocephalic skulls in Southern Europe spoke an Aryan language or not.

  9. My object in the present work has been to give in a condensed form the essential facts of the twin sciences of anthropology and ethnography.

  10. Since ethnography and anthropology began to exist as sciences, an attempt has been made to determine and establish the great groups amongst which humanity might be divided.

  11. Studies in their anthropology and folklore.

  12. The facts of acclimatization stand in close connection with another doctrine in anthropology which is interesting for my theme, that of "ethno-geographic provinces.

  13. Anthropology is the science of man considered as one of the animal species, Homo sapiens.

  14. Hutchinson’s Two Years in Peru (with papers on prehistoric anthropology in the Anthropological Journal, iv.

  15. Bollaert’s “Contribution to an Introduction to the Anthropology of the New World” in Memoirs, Anthrop.

  16. Questions of archæology formed, however, but a small portion of its inquiries[1919] till the formation of a section on Anthropology a few years ago.

  17. In their third Report (1882) the committee of the Institute say: “The vast work of American archæology and anthropology is only begun.

  18. The oldest of the scientific periodicals in the United States to devote space to questions of anthropology is Silliman’s American Journal of Science and Arts (1818, etc.

  19. Washington, 1881), also contains a bibliography of anthropology by O.

  20. Leipzig, 1862) has enumerated the literature of American anthropology upon which he depended.

  21. Bollaert’s minor and periodical contributions, mainly embodied in his final work, are numerous: Contributions to an introduction to the Anthropology of the New World.

  22. By his illuminating discovery Darwin did more for anthropology than thousands of those writers, who are more specifically titled anthropologists, have done by their technical treatises.

  23. Since that time the whole position of German anthropology has changed.

  24. To understand the historical development of Darwin's anthropology one must read his life and the introduction to The Descent of Man.

  25. Footnote 239: It is to be observed that history is (not only different in scope but) not co-extensive with anthropology in time.

  26. They are both world-people as well as national people--they belonged to anthropology before they came under the dominion of history.

  27. Mr. Lang in leading the way towards the analytical method in anthropology has avoided many of its pitfalls, but his disciples are not so successful.

  28. I need not go through the researches of the masters of anthropology to explain what the psychological evidence exactly amounts to, and the realms of primitive thought and experience which it connotes.

  29. Whatever of traditional custom and belief is capable of bearing the test and of being definitely labelled as belonging to prehistoric man, becomes thereafter the data for the psychical anthropology of civilised man.

  30. II We may now inquire where anthropology and folklore meet.

  31. Anthropology must aid here, and I will suggest the lines on which it appears to me it does this.

  32. And since these laws find their fullest manifestations for us, at least, in rational human natures, the study of anthropology is largely replacing that of scholastic divinity.

  33. If criminal anthropology is destined to lead mankind to this goal, it may well be pardoned all the harsh measures it has seen fit to suggest in order to realise the supreme end--social safety.

  34. XI Recent Discoveries in Psychiatry and Criminal Anthropology and the Practical Application of these Sciences This volume was published in 1893.

  35. This is the familiar lesson of Anthropology and of Folk Lore, and few will now deny the truth of the lesson.

  36. Anthropology and folklore are the natural companions and aids of prehistoric and proto-historic archaeology, and suggest remarks which may not be valueless, whatever view we may take of the disputed objects from the Clyde sites.

  37. If the recreation of human nature be a practicable aim, no department of anthropology or psychology can be without its interest for ethics.

  38. The root ideas of this Christian anthropology rest on the Christian conception of God as one yet threefold.

  39. According to modern anthropology the human species probably evolved in a relatively narrow area and peopled the earth by successive migrations to distant lands.

  40. Dale Stewart (then curator of physical anthropology at the Smithsonian Institution) had commenced excavations at the Indian village site of Patawomecke, a few hundred yards west of the Marlborough Town site.

  41. Setzler, formerly the head curator of anthropology at the Smithsonian Institution.

  42. The beautifully arranged ethnological exhibit in the Department of Anthropology consisted of a valuable collection, chief among which was the wonderful Harvey collection, brought from Albuquerque.

  43. In the Anthropology Building was a very fine collection of Indian relics, including a number of baskets of rare and beautiful type.

  44. In recognition of the valuable contributions to the Science of Anthropology made by her husband, the late Mr. John Gray, and in consideration of the circumstances in which she has been left by his death, 50l.

  45. Another practical development of anthropology is that instituted by Professor De Giovanni, who has introduced into his medical clinic at Padua the anthropological method in the clinical examination of patients.

  46. Accordingly, just as general Anthropology sought to investigate the origins of races or that of the human species in the very roots of life, so criminal Anthropology searches the origins of defective personality in its social surroundings.

  47. If general pedagogy is destined to be transformed under a naturalistic impulse, this will be effected only when anthropology turns its investigations to the normal human being.

  48. In its special application to pedagogics, anthropology aids in the difficult task by its diagnosis between the normal and the abnormal child.

  49. One of the most important points of measurement in anthropology and in obstetrics is the extreme anterior apex of the superior border of the ilium or crista iliaca antero-superior.

  50. In the field of anthropology the scientific terminology ought always to be based upon certain determined limits.

  51. As a matter of fact, while zoology is a required study in the universities, Anthropology still remains an elective study, which in Italy is relegated to three or four universities at most.

  52. Footnote 3: For details see the section on Herodotus in Anthropology and the Classics; and E.

  53. But nationalism can pervert even knowledge to its own ends, turning anthropology to politics, and chemistry to war.

  54. University College, London, who is also the editor of the journal Biometrika, which is devoted to the statistical side of the problems of anthropology and heredity.

  55. Haddon, is a useful guide to the literature of anthropology and ethnology; see also Robert Munro, Prehistoric Britain; W.

  56. C, and Honorary President of the International Congress of Criminal Anthropology of Europe.

  57. Anthropology in this new field should seek to establish only those truths which can be based upon facts.

  58. Into the differences which archaeology and anthropology detect, Aristotle did not enter, for he was writing on the Art of Poetry.

  59. And it is purely as a question of anthropology (a department of biology to which I have at various times given a good deal of attention) that I propose to treat of the evolution of theology in the following pages.

  60. He also studied anthropology under Broca and published many articles in the Revue d'Anthropologie.

  61. His works on physiology and anthropology did much to popularise those sciences, and the former is placed on the Index Librorum Prohibitorum for its materialistic tendency.

  62. In 1875 he founded the School of Anthropology and had among his pupils Gratiolet, Topinard, Hovelacque and Dr.

  63. He also wrote A Manual of Anthropology and similar works.

  64. Herve a precis of Anthropology and a study of the Negroes of Africa.

  65. Criminal anthropology recognizes that it is useless to expect this moralizing and redeeming effect from punishment.

  66. But it was not till the treasure of modern anthropology had been scientifically massed by such students as Theodor Waitz (Anthropologie der Naturvölker, 6 Bde.

  67. The lessons of anthropology had been long available to the modern world before they began to be scientifically applied to the "science of religion.

  68. And even in the field of anthropology the sound thinking of Fontenelle and De Brosses long preceded any equally valid work by rationalists in Germany; though Spencer of Cambridge had preceded them in his work of constructive orthodoxy.

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