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  1. But Topinard, an anthropologist of great eminence, is of the opposite opinion.

  2. Heger, a Belgian anthropologist says that the skulls of delinquents do not differ from the skulls of the race to which the delinquent belongs.

  3. The postulates that the anthropologist demands rival in simplicity those formulated by Euclid.

  4. The theological system thus defined offers to the anthropologist no feature which is devoid of a parallel in the known theologies of other races of mankind, even of those who inhabit parts of the world most remote from Palestine.

  5. The anthropologist gives us masses of information touching the religious duties of all sorts and conditions of men.

  6. The historian, the anthropologist and the sociologist reinforce his reasonings with a wealth of illustration not open to the men of an earlier time.

  7. The anthropologist and the sociologist are concerned with the codes of communities and with the laws of social development.

  8. The anthropologist may regard it as his duty to spend much labor in the attempt to discover why this or that act, this or that article of food, happens in a given community to be taboo to certain persons.

  9. Saville in the American Anthropologist for August, 1897, described A Primitive Maya Musical Instrument, though he makes no pronounced statement of its pre-Columbian origin.

  10. If we choose to go back so far, we may even see in this combination of formularised act and speech a survival of magical or quasi-magical belief;[568] but this is matter rather for the anthropologist than the historian of religion.

  11. The anthropologist is convinced that if a new tribe is discovered in some forest in central Africa, whether its stature be large or small, its {34} persons will contain the same limbs as other men, and will live by the same physical processes.

  12. The objects and actions placed under such taboos are various; and it is for the anthropologist and the psychologist, if they can, to discover their origin and application in each particular case.

  13. The ordinary anthropologist must first, however, lodge a protest against the tendency to look for primitive matter in the Vedas.

  14. These objections are not made by the unscholarly anthropologist alone.

  15. The ordinary anthropologist distinguishes a multitude of causes, a variety of processes, which shade into each other and gradually produce the belief in powers invisible, infinite, and divine.

  16. TOTEM GODS' This example is here cited because, as far as I am aware, no other anthropologist has observed this amount of Totemism in New Caledonia.

  17. When I think of how much more this encounter has to give the anthropologist than even the physicist or astronomer .

  18. The reader is now in a position to judge of the reliability of the "fearless" Stephens as a witness, and of the blind bias of the anthropologist who uses him as such.

  19. In our time Livingstone found in the villages of the Bechuanas and Banyas that men were often badly treated by the women, and the eminent German anthropologist Bastian says(S.

  20. Some think they do, and Waitz is not the only anthropologist who has accepted such stories as proof that human nature, as far as love is concerned, is the same under all circumstances.

  21. What led to this custom is not known definitely; nearly every anthropologist has his own theory on the subject.

  22. Yet on the strength of such dime novel rubbish an anthropologist assures us that savages are capable of feeling pure romantic love!

  23. The anthropologist has to gather his facts from a greater variety of sources than any other writer, and from the very nature of his subject he is obliged to quote incessantly.

  24. More interesting to the anthropologist than such mechanical dissection of each tale considered as an independent entity would be the attempt to unravel the affinities of these Aino tales.

  25. These are the principal bodily characters which the anthropologist uses to distinguish races and by their means to determine the more immediate or remote community of origin of comparable types.

  26. He has an outside historian in the traveller and the anthropologist of modern days.

  27. That afternoon Professor Bigelow, a noted anthropologist who was to be a part of the expedition, arrived at Mr. Holton's home, where he was to remain until the expedition would leave.

  28. It was evident that the anthropologist was becoming deeply absorbed in this work of observing the daily life of the little-known Indians.

  29. At once the anthropologist was on the alert, ready to hear anything that Otari might say.

  30. Mr. Holton told of obtaining passage on the boat to the Purus, and the anthropologist was delighted beyond words.

  31. Late that afternoon the chief said something to the anthropologist and pointed to a clearly defined trail that wound away through the heavy vegetation.

  32. Anthropologist as he was, he had suspected this from the start.

  33. This scholar and anthropologist lived with the Crow Indians to obtain intimate knowledge and then wrote this authoritative book.

  34. The astronomer, arch├Žologist, geologist, and anthropologist have each their share in the solution of the problem, but each also has the bias due to his own special science.

  35. The anthropologist would cease to be an anthropologist and become a theologian if he would attempt to prove the common origin of mankind by Holy Scripture.

  36. The anthropologist Ranke expresses his opinion thus: "We find the bodily differences perfectly connected by intermediate forms, graded to a nicety, and the summary of the differences appears to point to but one species.

  37. Hence faith cannot command the anthropologist to defend also in profane science the common origin of the human race from Adam and Eve, because it is held to be a revealed truth.

  38. Unless he is a profound Anthropologist he has no standard of humanity, no absolute standard with which to compare himself, and if he should attempt to form such a standard, his personal defects would vitiate the result.

  39. Here, as in the business of levitation, the interest of the anthropologist and mythologist lies in the uniformity and identity of narratives from all countries, climates, and ages.

  40. The anthropologist knows that, if he takes up a new book of travels in the remotest lands, he will find mention of strange customs perfectly familiar to him in other parts of the ancient and modern world.

  41. The tendency of the anthropologist is to explain this fact by Survival and Revival.

  42. But except for a trick of speech or a local mannerism, the most expert anthropologist cannot tell Celt from Saxon or an Irishman from a Scotsman.

  43. For the anthropologist there are only two well-marked phases in human history.

  44. In the strict sense in which the anthropologist uses the term 'Race' there is in Europe no racial problem.

  45. For the anthropologist a true or spontaneous colonization is a totally different process from one which is false or forced.

  46. In all these processes of national fusion, as in the formation of all trusts in the modern commercial world, the anthropologist observes that the operation commences from above and works downwards through the mass of the people.

  47. As he walked down the basement stairs he resolved to banish the anthropologist and his collection from his thoughts.

  48. The anthropologist opened a door, and the Phantom glanced into the room over his shoulder.

  49. The anthropologist waved a hand toward the front of the house.

  50. Apparently the anthropologist and the manservant had retired.

  51. The anthropologist made a gesture expressive of finality.

  52. The anthropologist jumped up with the abruptness of a rabbit.

  53. With a beatific smile on his face, and looking neither to right nor left, the anthropologist walked past him, evidently bound in the same direction as his servant.

  54. The anthropologist was a craftier man by far than his subalterns, but at a glance the Phantom's keen eye picked out the weak spot in his moral fiber.

  55. The versatile anthropologist knew best, he had thought, and very likely the police would take Bimble's word for it that nobody was concealed in the laboratory.

  56. The anthropologist was too erratic a man to inspire confidence, and the Phantom needed someone whom he could trust absolutely.

  57. He would never have guessed that the anthropologist was the man through whom the Duke directed his criminal enterprises from his cell in prison, but on second thought the discovery was not so surprising.

  58. The anthropologist was still smiling, but the smile was gradually growing thin and hard.

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