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  1. It is well enough, again, for the anthropometric expert, M.

  2. To note this development and to learn to direct it with prudence, anthropometric observations should be made and anthropometric statistics continuously kept.

  3. Among not a few primitive races it is the child rather than the man that is measured, and we there meet with a rude sort of anthropometric laboratory.

  4. A proposition declaring that it is desirable that every Government should adopt Bertillon's anthropometric method for the identification of recidivists was unanimously adopted.

  5. Bertillon’s anthropometric system--adopted in a modified form by our authorities in 1894--were brought into notice.

  6. Galton, who looked upon it as merely ancillary to the anthropometric system of Mons.

  7. One day while I was taking anthropometric measurements, to which the Ot-Danums grudgingly submitted, one of them exhibited unusual agitation and actually wept.

  8. I later took the anthropometric measurements of the young man, who was a fine specimen of the savage, with a splendid figure, beautifully formed hands and feet--his movements were elastic and easy.

  9. I was then engaged in photographing and taking anthropometric measurements of the gently protesting natives, to whose primitive minds these operations appear weirdly mysterious.

  10. It will be sufficient to recall the modifications of Bertillon's system by Anfosso, with the actual collection of anthropometric data, and their inclusion in the ordinary records of justice.

  11. The press, anthropometric photography of prisoners, telegraphy, railways, are powerful auxiliaries against crime.

  12. Measurements were made of some twenty-five of this branch of the Kree tribe, hitherto unknown to anthropometric science, and a full collection of household utensils peculiar to their tribe was procured.

  13. The articles of membership of the Anthropometric Society require that each member contribute his brain in the interests of science.

  14. The American Anthropometric Society received, by the conditions of his will, Dr.

  15. Anthropometric observations fall naturally into two groups, dealing with the proportions of the head and body, the latter of which have already been discussed.

  16. Such an inquiry might be carried out by medical women and anthropometric investigators in specific industries throughout the country.

  17. Information on these lines can only be obtained by detailed anthropometric and medical examination, and would have to be carried out on a large scale if the datum is to be of any value.

  18. One of these students will take up the study of Negro History, one will direct his attention to Anthropometric and Psychological measurements of Negroes, and one to African Anthropology and Archaeology.

  19. These students are assigned to different fields, one to make Anthropometric and Psychological measurements of Negroes, one to study African Anthropology and Archaeology, and one to take up history as it has been influenced by the Negro.

  20. We have seen that Quetelet's binomial curve represents the symmetrical distribution of subjects in relation to some one central anthropometric measurement.

  21. Anthropometric characteristics in relation to the grading of children in schools").

  22. All anthropometric figures have a relative value dependent upon the extent of this education in the individual investigator.

  23. Finally, in anthropometry, theory is of no value without a long and intelligent practice, constituting an actual and personal education in anthropometric technique.

  24. In the same manner we may proceed to a still more analytical distribution of anthropometric data among the different provinces of a single region.

  25. What has been said regarding stature serves as an example; but it may be repeated for all the anthropometric measurements, as Viola has proved by actual experiment.

  26. The principal anthropometric points to remember are the umbilical point, the two antero-superior iliac points, the pubis.

  27. For beginners it will be found helpful to mark upon the subject the anthropometric points of contact by means of a dermographic pencil.

  28. The British investigators declared that "anthropometric records are the only accredited tests available, and, if collected on a sufficient scale, they would constitute the supreme criterion of physical deterioration, or the reverse.

  29. There are certain anthropometric (body measurements) indications which warrant a careful and thorough investigation into the subject of coeducation in the upper grammar grades.

  30. Prior to the introduction of the anthropometric and finger-print systems, the insufficiency of the photographic records kept by the police in this country for the identification of criminals was repeatedly proved.

  31. Their report stated that the finger-print method was preferable to the anthropometric system in simplicity, rapidity and certainty.

  32. A physical examination which dealt mainly with anthropometric measurements, strength tests, and with an inquiry into habits of eating, sleeping, and the use of narcotics, revealed nothing very unusual.

  33. Bertillon's anthropometric method insufficient before courts-martial, because possible inaccuracies in measurement, and because of allowable errors.

  34. It would appear, from these and other data, that a purely anthropometric classification, irrespective of bodily marks and photographs, would enable an expert to deal with registers of considerable size.

  35. Form of card used at my anthropometric laboratory for finger prints.

  36. For aid in searching the registers of a criminal intelligence bureau, its proper rank is probably a secondary one; the primary being some form of the already established Bertillon anthropometric method.

  37. Number of cases of various anthropometric data that severally fell in the three classes of large, medium, and small, when certain limiting values were adopted 159 XVII.

  38. I have indeed, with that object, avoided going into details in not a few cases where I should otherwise have written with fulness, especially in the Anthropometric part.

  39. Many other instances will be found in the Report of the Anthropometric Committee of the British Association in 1881, pp.

  40. I do not propose to enter further into the anthropometric differences of race, for the subject is a very large one, and this book does not profess to go into detail.

  41. The anthropometric measurements which I took of South American Indians corresponded almost exactly with those of natives of the Sulu Archipelago and the island of Mindanao.

  42. Then I carried all the instruments necessary for anthropometric work, and painting materials for recording views and scenes in colours when the camera could not be used, as at night or when the daylight was insufficient.

  43. The experiments with the dynamometer in order to measure their strength, the anthropometric measurements with a calliper, and the printing of the thumb-marks, caused the Bororos first of all great anxiety, then boisterous amusement.

  44. My plan was to obtain anthropometric samples from several parts of the archipelago; this plan was only slightly altered as time and transportation facilities directed.

  45. The main objective is a description of these people by means of anthropometric procedure.

  46. We have identified you; and to-morrow the anthropometric test will prove in the eyes of the world what to-day is the conviction of a certain few only.

  47. I accept the evidence of the anthropometric method.

  48. You must know that the pattern of the veins on the hands is absolutely characteristic and individual; so much so that the anthropometric service in Vienna is entirely based on this principle!

  49. These notes," declared Dumoulin, "have been carefully examined by the anthropometric service.

  50. Other anthropometric data on the Igorot besides that here presented are as follows: In 1905, at San Francisco, Dr A.

  51. Of these most northerly peoples I have no anthropometric data.

  52. Here are a group of plaster statues, based on the lines handed down to us by the anthropometric experts of the last decades of the nineteenth century, to whom we are vastly indebted.

  53. Economic equality, with all it implies, is the first condition of any true anthropometric or man-measuring system.

  54. The hand of Monsieur Nanteuil, whose characteristics are known in the anthropometric section, has just left the imprint of--Jacques Dollon!

  55. The entrance to the anthropometric department was under the discreet observation of two detectives: "Oh," thought Fandor.

  56. Of late years the subject of anthropometric identification has taken such a place before justice that it cannot be ignored by the medical legist.

  57. The system is based on three recognitory elements: photography, anthropometric measurements, and personal markings, from which a descriptive list is made that gives absolute certainty as to individual identity.

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