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  1. Putting a few apparently unimportant questions as to the frequent use of purgatives, the presence or absence of constipation, will often assist the diagnosis as showing that the woman has acted in an unusual manner.

  2. Aids to the Diagnosis and Treatment of the Diseases of Children.

  3. The possibility of the occurrence of superfoetation has been doubted, but there are well-authenticated cases which countenance the theory of a double conception.

  4. These produce great disfigurement and inconvenience, and there is a risk of injury to the brain.

  5. Later I may try my hand at diagnosis and even at therapeutics.

  6. In various diseases the nature and the period of the invasion of dreams afford a valuable ground of observation to the physician both in his diagnosis and prognosis of the case.

  7. Chronic Intussusception has been frequently mistaken in the diagnosis for rectal polypus, cancer, tuberculous peritonitis, &c.

  8. Early diagnosis and early laparotomy are essential, and it is important to operate before the patient is poisoned by the absorption of toxins from the bowel.

  9. The diagnosis of obstruction by foreign bodies has been much simplified since the introduction of the X-rays.

  10. The first of these resembles it most closely, and diagnosis is sometimes impossible without resort to operation.

  11. Then comes the experienced physician and perhaps makes a complete diagnosis without any examination at all, merely from hearing the patient speak or cough.

  12. It shook my confidence in my diagnosis very considerably, and inclined me to reconsider my suspicions.

  13. I read up morphine poisoning and was only further confirmed in the belief that my diagnosis was correct; which would have been more satisfactory if the circumstances had been different.

  14. The answer was of a nature to determine Mr. Purcey in his diagnosis of the case.

  15. Your diagnosis is a good one," answered Shelton.

  16. Martin's powers of diagnosis do him credit.

  17. Smiling away this diagnosis of Hughs' words, Hilary shook the old man's withered hand, and closed the door.

  18. She merely turned the Hippocratic face to the spectator, with the old diagnosis of death in her sharp, contracted features.

  19. When you come to reflect on the state of mind that chooses death as a preferable alternative, you generally find an exaltation and enthusiasm that differs very little from the ordinary diagnosis of delirium.

  20. Still these symptoms were sufficient in your own mind to satisfy you that your diagnosis was accurate?

  21. My diagnosis was what in common parlance I may call cancer of the stomach.

  22. The right diagnosis must be made as promptly as possible, and the right treatment must follow without delay.

  23. According to his diagnosis the injured man had but a few hours to live, at the most--perhaps even only minutes.

  24. There must be some diagnosis of the problem before him, the end to which his work is directed, the conditions under which he labours.

  25. Such a modest diagnosis is the aim of the present work.

  26. However; Rostafinski made his specific diagnosis turn largely upon the mesh-width in the superficial net.

  27. The diagnosis in any case turns upon the presence or absence of a surface net, formed, in Stemonitis, by the anastomosing of the ultimate divisions of the capillitial branches.

  28. Rostafinski bases his diagnosis upon the branching of the columella, which is, as we have seen, inconstant, and upon the colorless capillitium.

  29. Whether to try to force him out of the home and thus make an unwilling deserter; whether to violate the diagnosis given in confidence by passing it on to the wife for her protection--these are only two of the puzzles that may arise.

  30. Just after the Russell Sage Foundation published a treatise on Social Diagnosis two years ago, a number of letters came to the author urging that a volume on the treatment of social maladjustments in individual cases follow.

  31. I've never known Doctor Davenport to make a false diagnosis and, too, the other doctors agree the shot in the shoulder was fired after the man was dead.

  32. It remains to call attention to the differential diagnosis between gastric cancer and certain diseases with which it is likely to be confounded.

  33. Differential diagnosis is difficult at an early stage, and often to be based solely on negative phenomena.

  34. The diagnosis will rest upon the interpretation of the coexistence of a certain number of the symptoms mentioned.

  35. The clinical history of the case and the detection of enlarged mesenteric glands in the umbilical and hypogastric regions placed the diagnosis beyond a doubt.

  36. The diagnosis from accidental separation of the epiphysis, or from fractures, may be made from the history of the case.

  37. The reader may consult the observations made on four of these affections in connection with the diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis.

  38. Any curative result must, then, be wrought in the prodromic period, when the diagnosis must be viewed with some mistrust.

  39. Under the head of Diagnosis I prefer to include the testing for sugar, which requires some detailed consideration.

  40. The diagnosis will rest on due appreciation of the symptoms enumerated and the ultimate evidence of the cancerous cachexia.

  41. Pyloric cancers which receive a marked pulsation from the aorta sometimes raise a suspicion of aneurism, but the differential diagnosis is not usually one of great difficulty.

  42. Mistakes may occur as to the diagnosis between gastric cancer and tumors of the omenta, the mesentery, the transverse colon, the lymphatic glands, and even the spleen or the kidney.

  43. In cases of doubt as to {389} diagnosis from diphtheria the treatment for diphtheria will be indicated as the safer measure.

  44. This gentleman has not consulted me professionally, and I hardly feel justified in confiding my hurried and imperfect diagnosis of his case, without his knowledge, to a perfect stranger.

  45. As soon as a diagnosis is made the shoes must be removed, the toe shortened with the hoof pincers and rasp and the subject is put in a well bedded box-stall.

  46. Without such knowledge, no one can master the principles of the diagnosis of lameness.

  47. In cases where crepitation is not found and lameness is pronounced, out of proportion with other possible existing causes, one may by exclusion of other causes establish a diagnosis of fracture in the course of forty-eight hours.

  48. And, in some instances, diagnosis is not established until an autopsy has been performed.

  49. Where such injuries occur, however, a diagnosis is established by making use of the principles heretofore discussed.

  50. Repeated observations, taking into account the course which the affection assumes during a period of a few days, often serve to afford a means of establishing a diagnosis in baffling cases.

  51. The diagnosis of contraction of tendons is an easy matter because of the fact that relations between the phalanges are constantly changed with tendinous contraction.

  52. In this event and, in fact, in all eases, the clinical symptoms are sufficiently characteristic to make a diagnosis without reservation.

  53. In the examination of lame subjects, where the cause is not obvious, a systematic method of diagnosis is pursued even by the most expert practitioners.

  54. The first thing to be given consideration in diagnosis is the fact that related history of the case is not always dependable, because of lack of accurate observation or wilful deceit on the part of the owner or attendant.

  55. I had made entries each day, and these he read aloud, translating them into German as he went, much to the apparent entertainment of the two women, who laughed at him, with a forced gaiety which confirmed my diagnosis of their relationship.

  56. We agreed exactly in our diagnosis of the soup.

  57. And, indeed, there is much force in what he says, and much truth in his diagnosis and analysis of my condition.

  58. And this diagnosis was a flaming sword that turned every way, guarding against Leah the Land of Promise.

  59. The same superstition and medical ignorance would enunciate the same diagnosis at the present day.

  60. The attempt to eliminate the superstitious diagnosis of the disease, and yet to preserve intact the miraculous cure, is quite ineffectual.

  61. In a confidential little talk to a group of medical students an eminent physician took up the extremely important matter of correct diagnosis of the maximum fee.

  62. When the diagnosis is completed, it is hoped that the laboratory will be in position to suggest the treatment most likely to reform the individual, or, if reformation is impossible, to recommend permanent custodial care.

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