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diachylon; diaconate; diacritical; diadem; diadems; diagnosed; diagnoses; diagnosing; diagnosis; diagnostic
  1. It has been our experience that medical students who were conversant with scurvy from a theoretical standpoint failed to diagnose a case presented to them in the clinic.

  2. Enough examination is necessary to diagnose between a simple and a penetrating wound of the abdominal wall.

  3. We would here exclude those contused wounds of the scalp and eyebrows which closely resemble incised wounds, but we have already seen that we can diagnose between these wounds and incised wounds by careful inspection.

  4. Had the teeth been absent it would have been impossible to diagnose it as human.

  5. Rosenbach in an able article shows the error of regarding dilatation of the stomach too exclusively from the anatomical point of view ("Der Mechanismus und die Diagnose der Mageninsufficienz," Volkmann's Samml.

  6. Watson[60] relates a case of gastric cancer in which increasing dyspnoea and palpitation were such prominent symptoms that he was led to diagnose fatty heart with portal congestion as the sole trouble.

  7. It is unsafe to attempt to diagnose the position of the ulcer merely from the length of time which elapses between the ingestion of food and the onset of pain.

  8. There is much difference among physicians as regards the frequency with which they diagnose gastric ulcer in the class of cases here described.

  9. But even with pyloric cancer the vomiting may come on almost immediately after taking food, so that it is not safe to diagnose the position of the cancer by the length of time between eating and the occurrence of vomiting.

  10. There was, I knew, but one man in all the world who could diagnose those symptoms, and it was Hoefer.

  11. He had not attempted to diagnose the stomach-ache, I supposed.

  12. I consulted several physicians--no one could clearly diagnose my case and their medicine failed to give relief.

  13. You cannot diagnose beforehand his probable line of flight, for he has none, nor can you influence its subsequent direction.

  14. Others, again, appear correctly to diagnose even a difficult country, with its chances, almost at a first experience.

  15. Not a foreign student of the problems of social life in Spain with its conditions but has been brought to a full stop in the effort to diagnose or describe the secret sinister influence of Caciquismo.

  16. There are many cases of painful conditions in the limbs where it becomes difficult to diagnose between a neurosis and a neuritis.

  17. I have seen three physicians diagnose a one-sided tenderness and pain in muscles with disability as lumbago, when the course of the disease proved that it was tuberculosis of the sacro-iliac joint.

  18. We doctors regard and welcome it as a marked advance in our scientific knowledge that we are now in a position to diagnose a nervous disease of this kind in its first commencement.

  19. The patient seems so much prostrated that occasionally the physician may doubt whether it is worth while to put him to the bother necessary in order to diagnose the acute dilatation of the heart.

  20. No other man could diagnose the malady, much less prescribe a remedy.

  21. Seven of the city's wealthiest men had been inoculated with a malady of such a mysterious nature that the most celebrated physicians in New York City had admitted they were unable to diagnose it.

  22. They are utterly at a loss to diagnose the disease or to prescribe even a palliative.

  23. There is quite a series of symptoms that denote the existence of chronic metritis; these are not all present in each particular case but quite enough of them to diagnose the disease.

  24. I have known graduates from what were considered good colleges who could neither write a safe prescription nor diagnose a case.

  25. Dose: a teaspoonful in a little water every four hours until the flow ceases, or until a physician is consulted to diagnose the case.

  26. A; b6] for a doctor to diagnose a sickness.

  27. A; a12] diagnose an illness by a marble placed at the edge of a glass.

  28. San Francisco, California, who reports himself able to diagnose syphilis from a drop of blood sent him on a blotting paper?

  29. White will show you how to diagnose disease by means of dif.

  30. According to its disciples, it concerns itself “only with the excitation of the functional centers of the spinal cord” and has been called “the science of evoking the reflexes of the body both to diagnose and to cure disease.

  31. Abrams can diagnose the sex, race and disease of the patient.

  32. It is certain that the wise physician can diagnose his patient’s needs at any season, and apply the cure.

  33. First diagnose the disease and identify the malady, then prescribe the remedy, for such is the perfect method of the skilful physician.

  34. If I were to diagnose it under any other conditions I should say that he had inhaled flames.

  35. Want me to diagnose a case of earthquake, sir?

  36. To attach a blood pressure cuff to the arm, find the pressure, and diagnose hypertension is like putting a thermometer under the tongue, noting a rise in the mercury, and diagnosing fever.

  37. In the former the patient desires to conceal nothing and the physician is called upon to diagnose and treat disease.

  38. Blood pressure is a valuable aid in diagnosis and of material help in many cases in prognosis, but it is not infallible neither can it be used alone to diagnose a case.

  39. However, it must not be inferred that these signs must be present in order to diagnose arteriosclerosis.

  40. From these facts it will be obvious that it is of first-rate importance to be able to diagnose udder disease.

  41. From day to day we can observe the habits of each of our six species, and probably at an early stage of their separated existences we should be able to diagnose what species of bacteria we had found in the water.

  42. They are as unable correctly to diagnose the condition of our Navy and to prescribe rational remedies as a pastry cook would be to diagnose and operate for appendicitis, or to prescribe for the treatment of pneumonia.

  43. He could never clearly diagnose his feelings when he saw his teacher in this new light.

  44. It was not the printed word that was its chief power: scores of editors who have tried to study and diagnose the appeal of the magazine from the printed page, have remained baffled at the remarkable confidence elicited from its readers.

  45. I know France intimately since thirty years, and it is with infinite sorrow that I diagnose her present condition and its perils.

  46. I know France intimately since more than thirty years, and it is with infinite sorrow that I diagnose her condition.

  47. In fact were I even to get as far as the mansion, I shouldn't be in a fit state to diagnose the pulses!

  48. But please, Doctor, diagnose the state of the pulse, so as to find out whether there be hope of a cure or not; if a cure can be effected, it will be the means of allaying the solicitude of my father and mother.

  49. To return however now to the illness of Jung's wife, it's urgent that you should find somewhere a good doctor to diagnose it for her; and whatever you do, you should lose no time.

  50. Mrs. Morrison is certainly not quite so well as she was yesterday, but though Doctor Tressider has been twice to-day he has not yet been able to diagnose the complaint.

  51. He examined the girl, and though he could not diagnose the cause immediately, he at once recognised that she was decidedly ill.

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