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Example sentences for "diadems"

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  1. Certainly there had been more of a rush when "Diadems and Faggots" came out.

  2. He had gulped the praise of "Diadems and Faggots" as undiscriminatingly as it was offered; now he knew for the first time the subtler pleasures of the palate.

  3. There was a big second crop after 'Diadems and Faggots,'" he mused aloud.

  4. At last a day came when he read all the letters, from the first word to the last, as he had done when "Diadems and Faggots" appeared.

  5. He did not look like his own idea of the author of "Diadems and Faggots"--and he wondered why.

  6. Diadems and Faggots" was now two years old, and the moment was at hand when its author might have counted on regaining the blessed shelter of oblivion--if only he had not written another book!

  7. They were intended for the diadems which the Emperor was to give his two nieces for bridal presents.

  8. He had come to consult with the Emperor Charles about the diadems which he wished to give his two nieces, the daughters of Ferdinand, King of the Romans, who were to be married in July in Ratisbon.

  9. When, before their wedding day, he gave his nieces the diadems which Jammtzer had made for them, his resentment concerning the ornament sold by Barbara again awoke.

  10. Diadems gradually closed in and became crowns, and on Byzantine coins highly ornate diadems can be recognised, and there are many beautiful representations of them in enamels and mosaics, as well as a few actual specimens.

  11. Justinian also tells us that the diadems then worn were of some soft material, as in describing the accidental wounding of Lysimachus by Alexander, he says that the hurt was bound up by Alexander with his own diadem.

  12. In Egypt diadems of particular shape are of very ancient use.

  13. Diadems or circlets gradually give way to closed crowns, in the case of sovereigns possessing independent authority.

  14. The forms of royal crowns and diadems is a large and fascinating study, and where original examples do not now exist, the development can often be followed in sculpture, coins, or seals.

  15. The Duchess of Sutherland, the noble and large-hearted sister of Lord Morpeth-Carlisle, has given to the coronet she wore a lustre brighter to the American eye than the light of diadems which have dazzled millions in Europe.

  16. Here it diadems at Chatsworth the choice plants and flowers of all the tropics; presenting a model which needed only expansion, and some modifications, to furnish the reproduction that delighted the world in Hyde Park in 1851.

  17. He is a youth Sun's loins to created by them in the great glorious and be- receive the diadems temple of Heliopolis in loved like Aten, of RĂ¢.

  18. Sun's loins to receive the diadems of Ra.

  19. You can get your smocks and diadems to-morrow.

  20. Eight silken smocks embroidered with gold, eight precious brooches of beaten gold, three diadems of pure gold.

  21. Then two orejones came near the Inca with two halberds, dressed in diadems of plumes with much adornment of gold and silver.

  22. On the 5th of May ten captains came to the bridge, richly dressed with diadems of plumes, and lances in their hands which they brandished, and wearing masks on their faces.

  23. Diadems formed the (smaller) birds that adorned it.

  24. Hers is a crown of victory; the diadems of the dragon are only marks of royalty, and may be worn, as they will be worn, in defeat.

  25. There are diadems on the horns of the former, but not of the latter.

  26. It was rich in all forms of jewelry, but especially in pins, rings and diadems with patterns in relief.

  27. The principal ornaments differing from those found at Mycenae are diadems or head fillets of pure hammered gold (b) cut into thin plates, attached to rings by double gold wires, and fastened together at the back with thin twisted wire.

  28. DAYS Daughters of Time, the hypocritic Days, Muffled and dumb like barefoot dervishes, And marching single in an endless file, Bring diadems and fagots in their hands.

  29. Damsels of Time the hypocritic days, Muffled and dumb like barefoot dervishes, And marching single in an endless file, Bring diadems and fagots in their hands.

  30. Their edifice hath risen high, their palaces have been adorned, their suns shone, their stars gleamed and their diadems radiated with a dazzling light.

  31. There, instead of the thrones and diadems of the elect, was an immutable realm in which there was neither death nor life, clear ether merely, charged with beatitudes.

  32. He put on the many-coloured diadems of the gods, the head-dresses covered with feathers, the white and the red crowns either separately or combined so as to form the pshent.

  33. Following the sequence of ornaments from the head downwards, mention must first be made of diadems or frontlets.

  34. The use of diadems was in early times generally reserved for those of noble birth.

  35. Many of these pins must have served to fix the diadems and fillets for which the Etruscans appear to have had an especial liking.

  36. Such diadems or coronets approach the form of the regal crown, which in England, as early as the eleventh century, was enriched with rays and floriations.

  37. With regard to ornaments of the head, diadems and fillets were much worn.

  38. Grand go the years in the crescent above them; Worlds scoop their arcs, and firmaments row, Diadems drop and Doges surrender, Soundless as dots on a disk of snow.

  39. The coronation throne has the crown knocked off; and, kicked on the floor by this untamable Austrian, are all the conquered diadems of Europe, including the Pope's tiara and the iron crown of Italy.

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