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  1. Han may be pronounced either simply han or longer haan, but the distinction is not of enough importance to compensate for encumbering the system with additional diacritical marks.

  2. The chapter summaries tend to not use the diacritical marks found in the text.

  3. But these alphabets have usually included letters not found in English, and have been peppered with diacritical marks to indicate inflection, tonal change and nasalization.

  4. TONE The present system of writing Navaho employs only one diacritical to express four tonal variations.

  5. Only the most difficult consonants in this Reader are marked with diacritical signs.

  6. For an explanation of the diacritical marks, see preceding page.

  7. Diacritical Marks The child has no need of diacritical marks at this time; indeed he has little need for them until the fourth year, when the use of the dictionary is taught.

  8. The new dictionaries greatly simplify the matter of mastering the diacritical marks, and lessen the number needed, by re-writing unphonetic words in simple phonetic spelling.

  9. The above use of diacritical marks does not apply to the pernicious practice of marking words to aid in pronunciation, but to show the purpose of marks, which is merely to indicate the sound.

  10. Later, when diacritical marks are introduced, it aids in the use of the dictionary.

  11. His attention is called to syllabification as well as to diacritical marks.

  12. Teach that the sound of the letter depends upon its position in the word, and not upon the diacritical marks.

  13. Teach the diacritical marks found in the dictionary to be used.

  14. The new sound is taught with its diacritical mark and the reason given, e.

  15. Mr. Wallace calls these diacritical marks recognition-marks, and gives many illustrative examples.

  16. By diacritical marks attached to the word, the agent, the action, and the object of the action were distinguished, and thus came to be differentiated the one from the other.

  17. The old system of indicating the pronunciation by numerals, called "superiors," has been abandoned, and the diacritical marks used by Webster have been adopted.

  18. In quoting diacritical marks the forms of the learned linguists who gave their idea of how the word was pronounced, have been followed.

  19. It is not, however, in the power of diacritical marks or of any European alphabet to express correctly the sound of an Algonquian or of an Iroquoian word as it was originally spoken, or write it in European characters.

  20. The Appendix, which appeals only to persons who already know Malay, has been somewhat differently treated, diacritical marks being inserted only in cases where there was a possible ambiguity, and the spelling of the original MSS.

  21. Finally the Maghribi (Moorish) hand differs in form and diacritical points from the characters used further east almost as much as German running hand does from English.

  22. Increased scale and consequently less homogenous practical experiences forced the Hebrew scribes to add diacritical marks indicating vowels.

  23. A relatively small number of signs-the alphabet, punctuation and diacritical marks-participate in the infinite competence of writing.

  24. Ay, even in the Book of the Royal Society and in the Records of the Society for Psychical Research, have I found the diacritical signs which the infant races of this Planet Earth have not yet learned to apply to the consonants of thy name.

  25. And through the diacritical marks which the seers and paleologists of the future shall furnish, the various dissonances in thy name shall be reduced, for the sake of the infant races of the Earth, to perfect harmony.

  26. For older students, however, especially students at home, where no teacher is available, phonetic writing by means of diacritical marks has great value.

  27. For children, the use of diacritical marks has little or no value, until the necessity arises for consulting the dictionary for pronunciation.

  28. This difference is indicated by diacritical marks, which it is not now necessary to exhibit.

  29. For the ordinary purposes of Language it is not necessary to distinguish these Stopped Sounds by any diacritical mark.

  30. This is not the native system, according to which the change is indicated sometimes by a diacritical mark and sometimes by writing a different letter.

  31. In other cases they content themselves with diacritical marks.

  32. In the back of the book will be found a list of all the words given in this manual arranged in order corresponding to the pages and numbered accordingly for convenient reference, but the words are without diacritical marks.

  33. The unmarked words may be written upon the blackboard, and the pupils may be required to copy them, placing the accent and diacritical marks in the proper places.

  34. If the pupils are not already familiar with the diacritical marks they should be thoroughly taught before beginning with the words.

  35. But on i as a diacritical sign, modifying a preceding sibilant, see the preceding paragraph.

  36. Greek words are sometimes given without diacritical marks including in quoted passages, or the marks are incorrect, based upon what we now have for the Greek sources.

  37. Mr. Wright employs for the Seneca seventeen, with diacritical marks, which raise the number to twenty-one.

  38. From all the varied forms which Arab geographical names can assume owing to omission of diacritical marks in writing, this place, Firabuz, has perhaps suffered most.

  39. In the second place they are not all equally trustworthy, and their writing and spelling, especially in place-names, wants that attention to diacritical marks which in Eastern orthography is essential to correct transliteration.

  40. Exercise 10--Diacritical Marks= Although an a is always written a, it is not always given the same quality or length of sound.

  41. For this purpose diacritical marks have been invented.

  42. The system of diacritical markings used in the dictionary should be put on the blackboard, varied illustrations of the markings given, and the application of these markings to new words in the dictionary discovered.

  43. Most of the diacritical marks are explained by the author in his introduction.

  44. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "diacritical" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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