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Example sentences for "diabolism"

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  1. Yet in the worship of dewel by the Gypsies is to be found the element of diabolism invariably present in barbaric worship.

  2. There is no diabolism about him; for barbaric races, while believing in the existence of hurtful and malicious fiends, have not a sufficiently vivid sense of moral abnormity to form the conception of diabolism.

  3. He was broken and haggard and had aged twenty years in one night.

  4. You asked me, a few seconds ago, whether these books treated of bells from the liturgical point of view.

  5. We must at once sacrifice to the glory of Melchisedek.

  6. Of course untraceable influences must have been at work a long time, and there must have been occasional outcropping not mentioned in the chronicles.

  7. For it is worth noting that this science, which threw him into demonomania when he hoped to stave off inevitable ruin with it, he had loved for its own sake when he was rich.

  8. I know it," Durtal said, "and that horrifies me.

  9. Carhaix, shaking hands with Gévingey, and then introducing him to Durtal.

  10. I answer that I know absolutely nothing about it.

  11. Yes, most of them give tabulated explanations of the significance of the various component parts.

  12. What would have a timely appeal would be a study of the Diabolism of the present day.

  13. I had to occupy myself with Gilles de Rais and the diabolism of the Middle Ages to get contemporary diabolism revealed to me.

  14. Up to now I have spoken only of local Satanistic associations, but there are others, more extensive, which ravage the old world and the new, for Diabolism is quite up to date in one respect.

  15. Some of our younger readers may not know that Sojourner Truth was once a slave in the State of New York, and carries to-day as many marks of the diabolism of slavery, as ever scarred the back of a victim in Mississippi.

  16. So convinced were those in power of the tendency of woman to diabolism that the learned Sir Matthew Hale condemned two women without even summing up the evidence.

  17. They shudder at anything they think against the Bible, as against the will of God.

  18. It is a fair, handsome sheet, seven columns in width, edited by Miss Anna E.

  19. A cool evening in the month of May, after a long drive had left us in a condition peculiarly susceptible to the attractions of something hot and stimulating; but they came not.

  20. Diabolism advanced in the same proportion with the authority of the Church and the ignorant submission of the people.

  21. A fact which may account for the seeming indifference and even the opposition of a large number of the people in this case of diabolism which obtained comparatively little credit.

  22. The luminous Horn of the Zoroastrian legend and the diabolism of Zohak are both recalled in the Book of Daniel (viii.

  23. In most parts of India Siva also is painted white, which would indicate that there too was found reason to associate diabolism with the white face.

  24. The diabolism of Baudelaire has been specially cultivated by Villiers de l’Isle-Adam and Barbey d’Aurevilly.

  25. From Baudelaire he has borrowed principally diabolism and Sadism, unnatural depravity, and a predilection for suffering, disease and crime.

  26. We then find ourselves in the presence of the literary phases called Diabolism and Decadentism.

  27. Of actual diabolism prior to the date I have named, there is, I believe, only the solitary accusation made by Mgr.

  28. Diabolism is, of course, a transcendental question, and black magic is connected with white by the same antinomy that connects light and darkness.

  29. Before the year 1891 the diabolism identified with Masonry was almost exclusively intellectual.

  30. I have connected the new diabolism with France in my title, because the evidence in each of its kinds has been filed by French writers, and we have no other source of information.

  31. Now, it has not been alleged in so many words that the radix of Modern Diabolism and the Masonic cultus of Lucifer is to be found in Éliphas Lévi, but that is the substance of the charge.

  32. But an attempt on the part of the Church to fasten the charge of diabolism on the Masonic Fraternity has credibly another motive than that of political hostility, which seems held to justify almost any weapon that comes to hand.

  33. Then came the pictured rocks--the illustrated newspaper of the aborigines, free, so far as I know, from the diabolism which pollutes the pictorial papers of our time.

  34. Here were signs of grace on one side, and diabolism on the other.

  35. There was some occult diabolism that could not be explained.

  36. A wizard was understandable; but this was diabolism beyond sanity.

  37. I escaped from the devil-haunted pits of Belverus, and from diabolism in the mountains.

  38. It didn't occur to anybody that he or his Catholic Diabolism mattered.

  39. Diabolism seemed to be a cheerful, even a wholesome, influence in his life.

  40. The appearance is, that her social walk was wide away from the purlieus of common mundane diabolism and billingsgate.

  41. Mr. Parris apprehended that this extensive diabolism was inaugurated through the making of a peculiar cake by his Indian man John.

  42. He was present in the crowd around the gallows when several of the wronged victims to diabolism were executed.

  43. Diabolism seemed to be a cheerful, even a wholesome influence in his life.

  44. It didn't occur to anybody that he or his Catholic diabolism mattered.

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