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Example sentences for "diabolically"

Lexicographically close words:
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  1. Yes, Phineas had said the diabolically right thing.

  2. It sounds well enough as you say it, but I expect the powers are sneering diabolically at us both.

  3. But it all goes to prove that there can be some way--some diabolically clever way to do the trick.

  4. And the Japanese are diabolically clever.

  5. There is the misconduct of the Duchess Josiane, divinely beautiful and diabolically wicked, who covets the monster Gwynplaine as a lover, and discards him when, on his peerification, he is commanded to her by Queen Anne as a husband.

  6. Could anything be more diabolically attractive?

  7. When you laugh like that, I always know some diabolically cynical idea is floating in your head, and it is not good for you.

  8. As to its sounds—I have to observe that at the will of a master it can be sublimely sonorous, terribly sharp, diabolically guttural and sibilant, and sweet and harmonious to a remarkable degree.

  9. The instinct of small boys is often as diabolically keen as that of a grown woman.

  10. Zorzi was diabolically clever, and would not have been so foolish as to hide the treasure again in the same room or in the same way.

  11. With a view," asked the Spawer, "to what is diabolically called the profession?

  12. When ungodly people give their Consents in witchcrafts diabolically performed, for the Devil to annoy their Neighbours, he finds a breach made in the Hedge about us, whereat he Rushes in upon us, with grievous molestations.

  13. After the Mischiefs there Endeavoured, and since in part Conquered, the terrible Plague, of Evil Angels, hath made its Progress into some other places, where other Persons have been in like manner Diabolically handled.

  14. The expression of the face was diabolically malignant, and as it gazed straight at me my horror was as intense as my wonder.

  15. Its aquiline nose and pale eyes are fashioned like those of a human being, but animated with an expression too diabolically malignant to proceed from anything but the superphysical.

  16. Ah, she had always been diabolically clever, unscrupulously ambitious!

  17. The door opened to Mr. Jack Hamlin, diabolically mischievous, self-confident and audacious!

  18. It's the most diabolically clever thing I've ever encountered!

  19. Here the chief closed one eye and executed a diabolically sly smile.

  20. But the secretary emitted from his lips a thick "Hm," and exhibited on his countenance that indifferent and diabolically equivocal expression which Satan alone assumes when he sees his victim hastening to his feet.

  21. The fate foretold was diabolically bad, and you would spare me the knowledge of evil.

  22. These chiefly took the form of stout willow bushes overhanging the cut-banks--diabolically malicious, sentient beings, they became to Garth.

  23. She had interpreted his suggestions as to sober, serviceable clothes, in a diabolically well-fitting suit of brown, the colour of her hair.

  24. It was diabolically dark, and the trees made rustling noises very disconcerting to the nerves of one unaccustomed to practise these preliminaries before calling upon a friend.

  25. As for the unfortunate Marquis, his chagrin was so evident that, diabolically unpleasant as he had made my own position, I could not but feel sorry for him.

  26. Suddenly he leaned back and laughed more diabolically than ever.

  27. But neither does the word "charming" adequately describe Miss Frayn, unless one trace back the word "charm" to its more diabolically significant root.

  28. As I have said, the hexans of Jupiter were, and are, diabolically intelligent.

  29. Above, below, and around the far-flung cone the furious globes dashed, attacking every Vorkulian craft viciously with every resource at their command; with every weapon known to their diabolically destructive race.

  30. When I am most angry, a diabolically aggravating spirit seems to possess me.

  31. They say, that's a real disease, and that such people are diabolically clever and cunning in carrying out their criminal impulses.

  32. He had then rushed to the girl's lodgings, and, finding his worst fears confirmed, planned at once his diabolically ingenious scheme of revenge.

  33. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "diabolically" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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