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  1. He spent about two years at Bologna, studying philosophy and literature, planning his Dialogues on the Art of Poetry, and making projects for an epic on the history of Godfred.

  2. ART of Poetry, Tasso's Dialogues on the, ii.

  3. With them he seems to have composed his Dialogues upon the Art of Poetry.

  4. For the moment, however, the Dialogues on Epic Poetry only augmented his fame.

  5. Will it bear investigation in the light of the Dialogues on Epic Poetry?

  6. There are consequently many pages in his dialogues which do not interest a modern reader, seeing that we have outlived the conditions of thought that rendered them important.

  7. There are dialogues adversus Judaeos, which Oudin publishes in his collection entitled "Veterum aliquot Galliae et Belgii Scriptorum Opuscula Sacra nunquam edita.

  8. His “Dialogues sur le Commerce des Blés” had the success of a romance: ladies carried this book on Corn in their work-baskets.

  9. Cobwebs to Catch Flies=; or, Dialogues and Short Sentences adapted for Children from Three to Eight Years of age, With Woodcuts.

  10. And this means that we must know something of the order in which the dialogues were written.

  11. For it is precisely in the latest dialogues of his long life that some of the most charming and admiring portraits of Socrates are to be found.

  12. The second group of dialogues is generally connected with the period of Plato's travels.

  13. The dialogues of the third group are the work of Plato's maturity.

  14. In addition to the influence of Socrates, we have now the influence of the Eleatics, which naturally connects these dialogues with the period of the philosopher's sojourn at Megara.

  15. The dialogues fall into three main groups, which correspond roughly to the three periods of Plato's life.

  16. But, on the other hand, though some dialogues are mixed as to their subject matter, others, and those the most important, fall almost exclusively into one or other division.

  17. All these early dialogues are short and simple, and are still, as regards their thought, entirely under the influence of Socrates.

  18. His dialogues are both works of art and of philosophy.

  19. The dialogues are genuinely dramatic, enlivened by incident, humour, and life-like characterization.

  20. But a peculiarity of all the dialogues of this period is that they take it for granted that the theory of Ideas is already established and familiar to the reader.

  21. We know this from Aristotle, but it is not mentioned in the dialogues of Plato himself.

  22. There are throughout these dialogues evidences of freshness and originality, but these qualities exhibit themselves rather in the literary form than in the philosophical substance.

  23. These dialogues have frequently been compared to the dialogues of Plato.

  24. They were at first dialogues or monologues, now found incorporated with the sagas, of which they may have formed the original nucleus.

  25. In his Three Dialogues between Hylas and Philonous (1713) he sets forth his famous demonstration of the immateriality of the external world, of the spiritual nature of the soul, and of the all-ruling and direct providence of God.

  26. It was during these quiet years at Bec that Anselm wrote his first philosophical and religious works, the dialogues on Truth and Freewill, and the two celebrated treatises, the Monologion and Proslogion.

  27. This was probably due to their unsystematic character, for they are generally tracts or dialogues on detached questions, not elaborate treatises like the great works of Albert, Aquinas, and Erigena.

  28. The dialogues between Hopeful and Christian in Doubting Castle admirably prove the wickedness of suicide.

  29. It is a series of admirable poetical dialogues on the corruption and vanity of youth, the horrible nature of sin, and deplorable condition of fallen man; with the rule of conscience and of true conversion.

  30. In the series of monologues and dialogues between Job and his friends he voices every phase of the great problem and makes it concrete and objective.

  31. The unique explanation of why Job was afflicted that is given in the opening chapters is also completely ignored in the poetic dialogues (3-31).

  32. Mr. Grote accounts for these and other discrepancies in the writings of Plato by explaining that his different dialogues are not interdependent productions, but separate disquisitions.

  33. The Socratic dialectics, so magnificently exemplified in the dialogues of Plato, were a contrivance of this description.

  34. It was rather in the pre-Alexandrian Greek philosophy that Varro found the models for his more severe as well as for his lighter aesthetic works; for the graver dissertations, in the dialogues of Heraclides of Heraclea on the Black Sea (d.

  35. It was in form a romance, the history of a young Athenian who went to Naples to see the world and get an education; but it is in substance nothing but a series of dialogues on love, friendship, religion, etc.

  36. Dialogues followed, more or lessin the subjoined for: -- "Where do you come from?

  37. The artificiality of some of its dialogues and the triteness of some of its reflections are further symptoms of the enervation which has begun to invade the book.

  38. The conduct of the tale is involved and obscure, and abounds in incidents and dialogues which, while tedious and perplexing in themselves, serve neither to illustrate character nor to advance action.

  39. And we read those dialogues with a feeling different from that with which Voltaire and Helvetius read them, and we involuntarily raise their originator into another and much higher class of intellects than they did.

  40. Berkeley's chief writings are: New Theory of Vision, Treatise Concerning the Principles of Human Knowledge, and Dialogues Between Hylas and Philonous.

  41. The dialogues are pleasant and natural, and his enthusiasm for the art of angling is quite contagious.

  42. In 1895 Mr Hawkins published Count Antonio, and contributed to Dialogues of the Day, edited by Mr Oswald Crawfurd.

  43. Either is enough to fill the space in Homer's canvas; and the suspicion arises (as when two Platonic dialogues bear the same name) that if either had been genuine, the other would not have come into existence.

  44. King of the Lapithae, admitted by Zeus to the table of the Gods; his story will be found in Dialogues of the Gods, vi.

  45. For his slaying of Argus, see Dialogues of the Gods, iii.

  46. A character in two of the dialogues of Plato, whose friend he was.

  47. Socrates, whom in his dialogues he often makes the mouthpiece of his own doctrines.

  48. For her story see Dialogues of the Sea-Gods, xiii.

  49. Most of her history will be found in Dialogues of the Gods, xx.

  50. His story is given Dialogues of the Sea-Gods, i.

  51. For his story, see Dialogues of Sea-Gods, viii.

  52. His superiority to the other Gods is expressed in the boast alluded to in Dialogues of the Gods, xxi.

  53. The Goddess of discord; for her story, see Dialogues of Sea-Gods, v.

  54. There must have occurred, in the corridors of the Assembly, dialogues incredibly grotesque and base.

  55. Between now and January I am going to compose dialogues in the best manner possible, after that I am coming back to serious things.

  56. The prints are accompanied with dialogues between Death and the respective parties.

  57. They are accompanied with dialogues between Death and the respective characters.

  58. It commences with a humorous description given by Death of his proceedings with various persons in every part of the globe, which is followed by several dialogues between Death and the following characters: 1.

  59. Dialogue of life and death, in "Dialogues of creatures moralized," 170.

  60. They are not accompanied by Death, but hold dialogues with him in Italian stanzas.

  61. He adopted French usages and customs; he composed exquisite little stories and dialogues in the French manner, and, old as he was, he made love like a French galant.

  62. One would have thought it very difficult to have carried on dialogues in this manner without an interpreter between the persons that conversed together; but this was the state of the English stage for about three years.

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