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  1. Buckmaster had the printed transcript of the record and the printed briefs of counsel, but, like most of his colleagues, he disliked to read records and merely skimmed the briefs.

  2. Archie watched Marriott tumble the papers out of his green bag and arrange his briefs and memoranda; he did not take his eyes from the green bag.

  3. And a man hopes for briefs sooner or later.

  4. Like the lengthy briefs in some famous law case, they are but the intellectual counters that men use to mask their passions, their instincts, their faiths.

  5. And the blanks between the lines of these diplomatic briefs are often more significant than the printed words.

  6. According to the briefs both sides should win and neither.

  7. The leading barristers turned over their briefs and snapped out replies to the other barristers with them, and fidgeted with their gowns.

  8. Some conspicuously held briefs borrowed for the occasion, some did not even pretend to have any such thing.

  9. It did not fall to my lot to hold many briefs with him, but I am glad to say that I had some, because I shall not forget the kindness and instruction I received from him.

  10. I had the orthodox number of devils--at least seven--to assist me, and every morning they came and received the briefs they were to hold.

  11. You might not ride in a public vehicle, or dine at a public table, or put up at an inn for fear of falling in with attorneys and obtaining briefs from them surreptitiously.

  12. All were competitors for the briefs and even the smiles of solicitors; for without their favour none could succeed, although he might unite in himself all the qualities of lawyer and advocate.

  13. They are born to briefs as the sparks fly upwards.

  14. The crown-counsel, employed in looking over their briefs and notes of evidence, looked grave, and whispered with each other.

  15. It shows how indomitable were the Conversos that confirmatory briefs had to be procured from Gregory XIII and Sixtus V.

  16. In 1705, the hostility of the papacy led Philip V to forbid the publication of papal briefs without the royal exequatur and to prohibit all appeals to Rome.

  17. Yet, undeterred by this, there was a constant succession of new applicants, who had no other refuge on earth, and the valueless briefs were granted with unfailing readiness.

  18. Any notaries who had served the briefs were to be arrested and imprisoned with a view to their prosecution.

  19. The briefs had been opened and the chief Counsellor, the new Teologo Consultore, had given an opinion which filled the Senate with admiration.

  20. Sala di Collegio and taken their accustomed places, "here are two briefs which, by the imperative instructions of our Sovereign Lord the Pope, I must at once deliver to your Serene Highnesses.

  21. The bulls and briefs of several Popes, as Gregory VII.

  22. He faithfully performed his agreement, with Steggars; for he retained both Bluster and Slang for him, and got up their briefs with care: but, alas!

  23. Small ties and little rushings of the mind, briefs and magazine articles, and their like, will clog my wheels day after day and year after year.

  24. He could throw himself into codifying, or speculating, or getting up briefs at any moment and in any surroundings, and dismiss each occupation with equal readiness.

  25. He is 'behaving like a good fellow,' reports Fitzjames July 5, and is 'sending Government briefs which pay very well.

  26. The statesman saw little chance of gaining votes by offers of a code, and the successful lawyer was too much immersed in his briefs to care about investigating general principles of law.

  27. Civil and ecclesiastical registers alike, in issuing protections and briefs for leprous men collecting alms for hospitals, tell a tale of utter destitution.

  28. Some briefs were not unlike modern appeals, with their lists of presidents and patrons; for that on behalf of Romney hospital (1380) was signed by both archbishops and eleven bishops.

  29. The fund for the laity was totally exhausted the 27th of last month, and the beginning of the next that raised by former subscriptions and briefs will be wholly expended!

  30. The next day my briefs went back to the attorneys; and I followed my doctor's advice by taking my passage for America in the first steamer that sailed for New York.

  31. Look at the briefs waiting for me on that table!

  32. When we arrived at Lichfield, Mr. Harmer determined to finish the briefs before he went on to Stafford.

  33. Will you let me say then, once and for all, I have never received fees for briefs to which I have paid no attention; that my presence has never been required in one Court when I have been professionally engaged in another?

  34. If this is so, I am surprised that the hostile relation states that the act of the judge-conservator was null and void, as he did not first exhibit the briefs (of which no notice was taken) to the archbishop.

  35. These briefs instructed both men to hasten the arrest of the heretic; his adherents were to be secured with him, and every place where he was tolerated laid under the interdict.

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