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Example sentences for "disliked"

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diskiver; diskivered; disklike; disks; dislike; dislikes; disliking; dislikings; dislocate; dislocated
  1. I disliked him at the first--his eye, his smile, his voice, his very footstep.

  2. The interpreters to whom I applied for assistance disliked the task, and invariably replied, "As for these savages, they know nothing; they are ignorant people.

  3. They always found his arguments full of instruction, and disliked to lose anything so good a lawyer had to say.

  4. Whether you liked him or disliked him, you gave him your ears, erect and intent.

  5. He was of a very friendly, gentle disposition, and disliked to be attacked or to attack other men.

  6. He seemed ready to call me a sportsman, and a good rival, and much as I disliked to do so, I was obliged to say as much for him in my own heart.

  7. As a man I disliked and now suspected him.

  8. But the venal companions had never stayed long, either they disliked Miss Starke, or Miss Starke disliked them.

  9. Not that I disliked employment, but the inequality of condition to which I must have submitted.

  10. Tom, no matter how much I disliked a person I wouldn't betray him.

  11. Lady Catherine disliked us, and when the opportunity of showing her real feelings arrived, she was glad to take full advantage of it.

  12. Those officers are as pleasant a set of fellows as ever stepped, and Kitty by no means disliked them; but unfortunately the regiment is just moving on, and the next one does not come till March.

  13. That was why I so disliked your story of the imaginary tempests which have disturbed your nights since you slept there.

  14. She had made their tea for six weeks now, and after the first week she had never forgotten that they both liked sugar and both disliked cream.

  15. They had not disliked him, those direfully facetious companions of his.

  16. She rarely disliked her niece, even when feeling her most naughty; but she found herself disliking her calculated maternity, with its kisses, embraces and reiterated "darlings.

  17. What he understood in him he disliked extremely.

  18. And he remembered that when Anna Karenin got tired of her husband, what she disliked most of all was his ears, and thought: "How true it is, how true!

  19. Pyotr Mihalitch; he disliked the word "woman.

  20. As they passed the residence of the disliked instructor, they saw a light in his study.

  21. It was in Latin, more or less accurate, and in plain terms demanded on the part of Professor Skeel a more tolerant attitude toward the Freshman class, or, failure would be met with a burning in effigy of the disliked instructor.

  22. It was the first time, in his experience that a class had "struck," against a disliked teacher.

  23. And then, as they saw the indignant figure of the disliked professor, and as they heard his demand, they broke out into a further storm of hisses that sounded above the blast of the wintry wind.

  24. I only tell you the truth; if I disliked you, I should speak just as plainly.

  25. Do you know now, so little penetration have I, I should have thought that you rather disliked her?

  26. She had met Mr. Clay in town, and disliked him.

  27. He disliked liquor, and, moreover, it disagreed with him.

  28. The employers disliked it for one reason and the workmen disliked it for another, and so nobody was satisfied with it.

  29. She disliked Mrs. Burke as cordially as she disliked Wallace, but she helped to support the semi-conscious woman, and undertook to revive her as soon as they had placed her on the sofa.

  30. He was stern, rigid, and precise, and from the beginning all the boys had disliked him; but since he had behaved so unreasonably in the squall, they could hardly endure him.

  31. The Belgians were essentially French in their habits, and disliked the Dutch.

  32. The First Consul took the line which he always pursued with those whom he disliked but feared.

  33. But, though Napoleon disliked him, Joseph was his friend, and in 1806 the new King of Naples applied to be allowed to take him with him to Italy as his major-general and chief of the staff.

  34. The Captain disliked him, but said, "that he was an excellent seaman, and could be depended upon.

  35. He had hesitated when chance led him to the neighborhood of the thief in trouble; but he was a courageous man, and disliked to owe to an inferior any such service as Francois had more than once rendered him.

  36. Gamel disliked it for reasons which he did not set forth, and Francois because he felt that his disturbing readiness to turn back to a life of peril and discomfort was like enough to be reinforced by coming events.

  37. He disliked anything that he was obliged to do, and he rushed eagerly into whatever was forbidden.

  38. There is no doubt that Jane Carlyle disliked this brilliant woman, and came to have dark suspicions concerning her.

  39. I've always disliked him," George said, frankly.

  40. I once disliked Josiah, but that was because I was too young to see quite straight.

  41. She's led me to believe all along she's disliked you; has kept you away from Oakmont; has made it difficult from the start.

  42. As always George disliked speaking to Sylvia in casual tones of indifferent topics.

  43. That he may have only deferred a rupture with Prussia is probable enough, for it is not to be assumed that he is ready to cede the first place in Europe to the country most disliked by his subjects, and which refuses to cede anything to him.

  44. I must say, much as I disliked the blighter, I couldn't help feeling that he had right on his side.

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