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Example sentences for "disagreed"

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disagree; disagreeable; disagreeableness; disagreeables; disagreeably; disagreeing; disagreement; disagreements; disagrees; disaient
  1. He is opposed to the death penalty for murder, but he would willingly have any one electrocuted who disagreed with him on the subject.

  2. A caramel has disagreed with her, or she would not have written in this despondent vein.

  3. Naturally, the other umpire, who was in charge of the bases, said nothing, but somehow his manner seemed to denote that he disagreed on the decision.

  4. Just because he disagreed with you about sacrificing when he got the kind of a ball he knew he ought to hit out, you show your authority by benching him.

  5. After Toussaint's evidence considerable time was taken up by the discussions between the experts, who disagreed in public as much as they had disagreed in their reports.

  6. She loathed tyranny and his method of shutting the mouths of those who disagreed with him was particularly obnoxious to her.

  7. Ethel moved slowly across, thinking, vaguely, that something must have disagreed with her mother.

  8. Rome has thoroughly disagreed with me, and the disagreement has brought on so much pain in my back that between the two I have had very little power of enjoyment.

  9. In some way or other he had seriously disagreed with his father, and he took this curious means to obtain revenge.

  10. But one day some extra soup had disagreed with him, after which he hardly spoke, not even to his partner with whom he walked in the yard.

  11. Probably ate something that disagreed with them," said I, picking up my hammer and laying it down again.

  12. The wisest men of all ages preached the same," said I, "only they all disagreed as to how happiness was to be gained.

  13. Bobbin would have eaten something that had disagreed with him.

  14. Mrs. Carden was a selfish woman, with a firm belief in her own opinions, and her own importance; anyone who contradicted her or disagreed with her was at once a detestable person.

  15. We have disagreed about settlements,” said the nephew.

  16. We disagreed on various subjects every day, on the marriage question and on—on—” “On what?

  17. You and I used to disagree on the subject--one of the first questions we have ever seriously disagreed upon since we were little children.

  18. This would have made no difference to Dan except that Billy blandly and serenely continued to expound his views upon peace in spite of the fact that every member of Sunrise camp disagreed with him.

  19. The offer is not accepted, the view of duty is disagreed from by the accused persons, the motion for a Select Committee is negatived and the matter drops, the balance of disadvantage remaining with the accused persons.

  20. And in these hard times many Conservatives who disagreed altogether with Lord Randolph Churchill's views felt that his return to a commanding place was a necessary condition, if the waning fortunes of their party were to be retrieved.

  21. A dozen Armenians, including the "elders" who had disagreed with Kagig, stood arguing rather noisily near the door.

  22. To have disagreed would have been like flapping a red cloth at a tiger.

  23. There was no united Germany then, and my pupils disagreed continually about the pronunciation of their own language, which seemed, like that of Babel, intelligible to nobody.

  24. If any officer appointed by the Home Government disagreed with his policy he suspended him from his office, and left him to seek redress from his friends in England--a tedious process, which lasted for years.

  25. The House of Representatives disagreed to the Senate amendment, and a Committee of Conference was ordered, which reported in its favor.

  26. The House of Representatives disagreed to the substitute, and asked a conference.

  27. But this was disagreed to by the House, and at the second conference the Senate receded from the amendment, so that it was lost.

  28. Whether the fairies made any mention of the five thousand pounds, and it disagreed with Baby, is not speculated upon.

  29. Mr. Hendricks disagreed with the Senator from Delaware that the people of the South, at once and without consideration, must turn their backs upon the proposition now made them in order to maintain their honor.

  30. There were some Republicans in Congress who disagreed with Mr. Stevens in his theory of the condition of the late rebel States, yet no one ventured immediately, to use a contemporary expression, "to take the Radical bull by the horns.

  31. Statesmen who have disagreed widely on other points have agreed in the opinion that the only constitutional measures of value are metallic coins, struck as regulated by the authority of congress.

  32. As observed by the chief justice, statesmen who disagreed widely on other points agreed on this.

  33. I see where the honorable court of appeals has disagreed with me agin.

  34. Well, they've still got quite a piece to go yit before they ketch up with the number of times I've disagreed with them.

  35. The jury, upon being requested, if any of them disagreed to the verdict to make it known by a nod, seemed to express their unanimous assent; and no juror expressed his dissent.

  36. The English and American authorities are hopelessly disagreed about the exact numbers engaged, and among the Americans themselves there are very great differences.

  37. He was a blustering man, who became very angry when anyone disagreed with him, and who very soon was known as "William the Testy.

  38. He was the leader of a political party, a party which contended with, fought with, disagreed with at every turn the party of which Alexander Hamilton was one of the chief leaders.

  39. He disagreed with Shann's suggestion for tracking Taggi and Togi when those two emerged from the underbrush obviously well fed and contented after their early morning activity.

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