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Example sentences for "disagreements"

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disagreeables; disagreeably; disagreed; disagreeing; disagreement; disagrees; disaient; disais; disait; disallow
  1. Those who sincerely wished to treat with us, found themselves so embarrassed between the rival factions, that they did not know what to do; and others made our disagreements a plausible pretext for not listening to our propositions.

  2. The latter being a purely relative term, disagreements followed the dance’s appearance in Paris--Argentinian synonym for Paradise.

  3. Of course I remembered it, as well as the many disagreements which the contention had occasioned.

  4. So that now we dwell in peace, and live our lives in quiet and content, save for some disagreements with the king about our taxes, which Lord Grenville has made most irksome.

  5. But even before his return home, fresh disagreements had broken out between Russia and Yakoob Beg.

  6. To see a broken latch, foretells disagreements with your dearest friend.

  7. To dream that you are swearing before your family, denotes that disagreements will soon be brought about by your unloyal conduct.

  8. If married, disagreements and frequent quarrels are implied.

  9. Beware, if you are married, of disagreements in the precincts of the home.

  10. To dream of looking at a thermometer, denotes unsatisfactory business, and disagreements in the home.

  11. For some one to spit on you, foretells disagreements and alienation of affections.

  12. To servants, sweeping is a sign of disagreements and suspicion of the intentions of others.

  13. To see worn blotting paper, denotes continued disagreements in the home or among friends.

  14. For lovers to dream of embracing, foretells quarrels and disagreements arising from infidelity.

  15. To dream of seeing young people, is a prognostication of reconciliation of family disagreements and favorable times for planning new enterprises.

  16. To dream of a razor, portends disagreements and contentions over troubles.

  17. To hear newly-born triplets crying, signifies disagreements which will be hastily reconciled to your pleasure.

  18. Brick in a dream, indicates unsettled business and disagreements in love affairs.

  19. To see a dog chasing one, foretells disagreements and unpleasantness among friends.

  20. That he disliked his commission is at least probable in the light of his past opposition to a Burgundian alliance, and we may well find here the seeds of that strong personal hostility which embittered the later disagreements of the two dukes.

  21. This divided opinion was a renewal of the disagreements which had arisen in the court of Henry IV.

  22. From 1767 to the commencement of the Revolution, the disagreements between him and the revolutionists were frequent.

  23. The disagreements of bibliographers concerning this book have not been restricted to controversies about its date and printer.

  24. It is not necessary to protract this review of the different versions of the legend, nor yet to point out the fatal disagreements and inaccuracies of these versions.

  25. It may be inferred that there had been disagreements among the eminent men who erected this work of patriotism, and that they could not [p361] heartily accept the date of any version of the legend.

  26. Do you have no disagreements from envy or jealousy among you," I asked Dr.

  27. Then followed the inevitable splitting up of Japanese Buddhism, as of all other religious systems, through disagreements and divisions; and in the thirteenth century various sects were developed.

  28. As time goes on disagreements among the followers of any great leader seem to be inevitable, and always lead to sectarian divisions and subdivisions.

  29. Construction Retelling the disagreements and describing the conflicts that arose over the everchanging needs of the Army, Navy, and Air Forces would be involved, tedious, and unprofitable.

  30. Between the two dates strong disagreements developed between the War and Interior Departments as to who should administer civil affairs in the Islands.

  31. Incongruities, contradictions and disagreements from the History of Tacitus.

  32. It cannot be denied that there have been disagreements between the legislative and executive branches--as there have been disagreements during the past century and a half.

  33. Partisan differences, however, did not cause material disagreements as to the conduct of the war.

  34. I think we all realize too that there are some people in this Capital City whose task is in large part to stir up dissension, and to magnify normal healthy disagreements so that they appear to be irreconcilable conflicts.

  35. The Government can, however, help to develop machinery which, with the backing of public opinion, will assist labor and management to resolve their disagreements in a peaceful manner and reduce the number and duration of strikes.

  36. It is a matter of congratulation that our Government has been afforded the opportunity of successfully exerting its good influence for the prevention of disagreements between these Republics of the American continent.

  37. We shall be risking the Nation's safety and destroying our opportunities for progress if we do not settle any disagreements in this spirit, without thought of partisan advantage.

  38. Cases where such disagreements and estrangements have led to crime, rare.

  39. The archaic instruction in Santo Tomas soon disgusted him and led to disagreements with the instructors, and he turned to Spain.

  40. On the theory of serious disagreements with Edmund, whose accession to the throne seemed imminent, Eadric's treason becomes perfectly intelligible.

  41. The conjecture of Norse historians that he left Norway because of disagreements with his brother Sweyn has little in its favour.

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