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Example sentences for "bashful"

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bases; basest; bash; bashaws; bashed; bashfull; bashfully; bashfulness; bashing; basi
  1. The answer was a bashful drawl--"I reckon she like him tol'able, seh.

  2. Yass, seh," he knew the bashful lie was part of her complicity in a matter she did not understand, but only hoped it was some rascality.

  3. But while the leaders paid court to her, the bashful trappers contented themselves with promenading before her tent.

  4. But our friend Joe Meek did not belong by nature to the bashful brigade.

  5. Her eye seemed continually on the alert for those of Mr. Crewe's guests who were too bashful to come forward, and discerning them she would send one of her lieutenants forward with supplies.

  6. Around the corner of the house they found them,--Mr. Crewe urging the departing guests to remain, and not to be bashful in the future about calling.

  7. Another guest, in the regimentals of a colonel, seemed rather bashful when I spoke to him.

  8. This was so unusual in the bashful Alfred that Miss Caldwell roused and slipped lightly to the ground.

  9. Shall I sit gazing as a bashful guest, While others touch the damsel I love best?

  10. We should be glad to help the bashful lover in his hours of perplexity, embarrassment and hesitation, but unfortunately we cannot pop the question for him, nor give him a formula by which he may do it.

  11. Woman naturally despises a coward, and she has little or no respect for a bashful man.

  12. In nothing did she show herself master of her craft, more than in the adroitness with which she could soothe the bashful pangs of new votaries, and place them on an easy footing with her.

  13. She kissed the lips of kith and kin, She laid her hand in mine: What more could ask the bashful boy Who fed her father's kine?

  14. He seems a very silent, awkward, bashful lad," said Miss Crawley to Mr. Pitt.

  15. Given once, the pure bashful maiden was too modest, too tender, too trustful, too weak, too much woman to recall it.

  16. I never tempted her with word too large; But, as a brother to his sister, showed Bashful sincerity, and comely love.

  17. I was sittin' there starin' across the table, tryin' to size up this leather-faced old party with the bashful ways and the simple look in his steady eyes.

  18. Once in awhile I'd pass him on the stairs, and he'd nod bashful but friendly and then scuttle by like a rabbit.

  19. Silent as Groves when only Whispering Gales, Sigh through the Rushing Leaves, As softly as a Bashful Shepherd Breaths, To his Lov'd Nymph his Amorous Tales.

  20. My Wealth, like bashful Virgins, I Yielded with some Reluctancy; For which my vallue should be more, Not giving easily my store.

  21. Tis that betrays the Tenderness, Which the too bashful Tongue denies: 'Tis that which does the Heart confess, And spares the Language of the Eyes.

  22. Why has a clock always a bashful appearance?

  23. The girl looked perfectly trustful, as much so as when the Countess was pouring in her ears the tales of Evan's growing but bashful affection for her.

  24. Our wives were innocent of crime; they were virtuous, honest, bashful girls, unused to public life.

  25. This, as a rule, has thrown me among the middle classes; and to this day I am bashful and awkward among the upper circles of society; but feel at home among farmers and trades-people.

  26. With the lunacy upon him, he flung to the star a bashful kiss.

  27. He hobbled down the pebbly bank on his tender feet, his bashful grin breaking into a dozen contortions of pain as he went.

  28. Every woman present could look me in the face, so bashful was I.

  29. She looked at me with a bashful kind of contempt.

  30. Rosalind hesitated, and looked at her companion in uncertain bashful fashion.

  31. And seated near, with no demur Of bashful doubt she silence broke, Though I alone could answer her When first she spoke.

  32. I'm used to it," he added, with a half bashful half admiring glance at her face.

  33. He takes fits of being bashful once in a while,--they don't last long.

  34. In the dining-room Sam was at last visible, but the bashful fit had not gone off, and Faith's black silk was even more distracting than her white muslin.

  35. The modest spinster and the bashful bachelor seemed to have sloughed off their former natures.

  36. To tell the truth, Mr. Stagg always felt bashful in Aunty Rose's presence; and he tried to hide his affliction by conversation.

  37. It is plain from the above description, that the sheep sloth is the same as that we have spoken of under the name of the unau, and that this bashful sloth of our ai.

  38. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "bashful" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    aloof; autistic; backward; bashful; blank; chilly; close; cold; confused; conscious; constrained; cool; cowardly; demure; detached; diffident; discreet; distant; expressionless; faltering; fearful; fearsome; forbidding; frigid; frosty; guarded; hesitant; hesitating; icy; impassive; impersonal; inaccessible; inarticulate; incompatible; introverted; jumpy; modest; morose; nervous; offish; remote; removed; repressed; reserved; restrained; reticent; retiring; scary; scrupulous; shaky; shamefaced; shivery; shrinking; shy; skittish; snug; squeamish; stammering; subdued; sullen; suppressed; timid; timorous; trembling; tremulous; unapproachable; uncommunicative; uncongenial; undemonstrative; unfriendly; unsociable; unsocial; withdrawn