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Example sentences for "garner"

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garlicky; garment; garmented; garmentes; garments; garnered; garnering; garners; garnet; garnets
  1. We seek in vain Another Cyrus, or another force Of Scripture fulfillment, with lesser pain, And Time's repleted garner has no riper grain.

  2. They climbed the boughs and shook her heaviest limbs, Too burdened for the garner to be missed.

  3. That day Jabez Sprague asked Ann Garner to marry him, and she refused him point-blank: that made it a very pleasant day to her.

  4. No, you don't know him as well as I do," Garner said, firmly.

  5. Even stolid old Bill Garner has had seven duck fits at the sight of my red handkerchief.

  6. Garner asked, as sharply as if he were cross-examining a non-committal witness of importance.

  7. Garner said he liked to sleep with Bob because Bob never--sleeping or waking--took anything out of him mentally.

  8. Well, here you are at last," Garner cried, throwing down his paper.

  9. Then Garner did what surprised Carson as much as anything he had ever seen from that man of mystery.

  10. An hour later Garner hurried back to the office.

  11. Garner said, in a tone of amused resentment.

  12. He had calculated to garner for himself a fat roll of the Propbridge currency; had counted upon enjoying a continuing source of income for so long as the wife continued to hand over hush money.

  13. Garner knew by far the most of gorilla habits and character by personal observation in the gorilla jungles of equatorial Africa.

  14. And never, in several years of intimate contact with Mr, Garner did he so much as once put forth a statement or an estimate that seemed to me exaggerated or overcolored.

  15. Garner testified as follows: "Not only does the chimpanzee often break the silence of the forest when all other voices are hushed, but he frequently answers the sounds of other animals, as if in mockery or defiance.

  16. And the days are coming when all the earth shall wave as one vast harvest field, waiting for the reapers of God, who shall gather this blessed fruitage into the garner of the skies.

  17. Will ye have this sun of the ocean, and reap the fruitful field, And garner up the harvest that earth therefrom shall yield.

  18. To garner up the fruits of successful revolution by ensuring stable government was the task demanding the loftiest statesmanship.

  19. Ever since, in town and farm-house, Life has had its ebb and flow; Thrice hath passed the human harvest To its garner green and low.

  20. Thy garner is swept and thy grain is sorted, lady," she replied, "and therein I wrought the little my feeble strength could bear.

  21. Over the whole floor of the garner they spread, and each one carried a grain of seed, which it placed upon its own heap and ran quickly back for another.

  22. Once in a while, though, he'd cut loose in a saloon and garner in some fellows that wasn't sheep herders.

  23. Garner would solve the problem--"not by denying him the advantages of education, but by curbing his criminal instincts through a more rigid enforcement of the law.

  24. Professor Garner roundly declares that "Governor Vardaman's contention that education increases the criminality of the negro is nothing but bold assertion and has never been supported by adequate proof.

  25. Our ships now nestle at Her coast, Her corn our garner fills; And all is quiet at Dagost, And on the Blymar Hills.

  26. He was to deal with facts, not with words, which he wisely left to those who came into the field after the laborers had quilted it, to garner up what they could at second hand.

  27. Christ's garner shall be filled; the tares shall not choke the wheat.

  28. The sound of a flail is never heard in heaven, for it is not the threshing-floor of the imperfect but the garner of the completely sanctified.

  29. When the mystic work of growth is done, we are able to garner the saved ones in the church.

  30. All is not grain even in those golden sheaves which have been brought into our garner so joyfully.

  31. Evidently no believing man should be left outside of the garner of holy fellowship; he should be carried into the midst of the church with all the joy which attends the home-bringing of sheaves.

  32. He was hard up and almost starving for a long time after he came to London," explained Paul, "then he got a post in a second-hand bookshop kept by a man called Garner in the Minories.

  33. So your marriage with Lemuel Krill was false, and his second marriage with Lillian Garner is a good one in law.

  34. He wasn't an attractive man with his one eye, so it is hard to say how Miss Garner came to love him.

  35. Then old Garner died, and Lillian inherited a considerable sum of money, together with the stock.

  36. Young Mr. Garner himself spied me, and handing over a customer to a tired clerk, hurried forward to greet me, his manner implying that my entrance was in some sort an event.

  37. While I was gazing into the case, Mr. Garner opened a safe behind him, laying before me a large sapphire set with diamonds in a platinum brooch; a beautiful stone, in the depths of it gleaming a fire like a star in an arctic sky.

  38. It is expected that the illustrations of these articles will be from photographs taken by Professor Garner in Africa.

  39. Professor Garner is noted the world over for the curious and interesting investigations he is making in the speech of monkeys.

  40. We would not rob them of one sheaf which they have gathered in the garner of the Lord.

  41. We would not rob them of one sheaf they have gathered into the garner of the Lord.

  42. If Garner has not a wonderfully cool head he will drop the rein and lift the whip.

  43. Garner with admirable judgment swings the big chestnut toward the dry middle of the track as they round into the stretch.

  44. Garner is proving himself a rider of fine quality.

  45. Garner is still climbing and coaxing, Ornament is still fighting a neck back, and Typhoon II.

  46. Where art thou, storehouse of the mind, garner of facts and fancies,-- In what strange firmament are laid the beams of thine airy chambers?

  47. Will ye have this sun of the ocean, and reap the fruitful field, And garner up the harvest that earth therefrom shall yield?

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