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Example sentences for "amass"

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amare; amari; amas; amased; amaso; amassed; amasses; amassing; amat; amata
  1. At that time also honey becomes abundant; and when fine days succeed each other, the working bees amass an astonishing quantity.

  2. It is not, as a rule, by means of useful inventions, or of any other action which increases the general wealth of the community, that men amass fortunes; it is much more often by skill in exploiting or circumventing others.

  3. Love of power actuates the great millionaires, who have far more money than they can spend, but continue to amass wealth merely in order to control more and more of the world's finance.

  4. But now, after supineness had allowed it to amass supreme and despotic power, and fortify itself by every means of defence, the antagonism of the people began to be energetically manifested.

  5. The mendicant orders, which assumed the vow of perpetual and absolute poverty, artfully labored to amass fortunes; and soon betrayed a secret design of acquiring hierachal importance and supremacy.

  6. In Cadiz, they monopolize the trade of butchering, and frequently amass wealth.

  7. Their quarters may always be traced by the ring of the hammer and anvil, and many amass considerable wealth.

  8. In spite of my desire to amass riches, there are some suits against the Northeastern which I have --somewhat quixotically--refused.

  9. Shock their practical sense as it might, Christianity looked forward with steadfast faith to a time when the incentive to amass property would be done away with, since it was a source of evil and a curse to mankind.

  10. I have missed too much of real enjoyment in the effort to amass riches," he said slowly.

  11. Some, it is true, amass wealth by lucky speculation before they are fitted by experience to earn the price of a suit of clothes.

  12. The value of every person, in short, should be computed from his labour; and that of labour itself, from its tendency to procure and amass the means of subsistence.

  13. How, then, came he to amass so much money?

  14. At length, Weymouth resumed:-- "Waldegrave was a fortunate man to amass so considerable a sum in so short a time.

  15. Nor do we wait for an indulgence in this luxury until we have consciously set to work to amass a vocabulary.

  16. Mastery through Translation> If you read a foreign language, whether laboriously or with ease, you should make this power assist you to amass a good English vocabulary.

  17. To amass great wealth," he answered, "and then to spend it liberally so as to gratify my own desires and the desires of my friends.

  18. Fortunately Spaniards understand nothing of that, they look upon the paisanos as barbarians by whose labour they can amass wealth.

  19. The Spaniards who come here, come with but one object, to amass wealth by any means in their power, and then to go back.

  20. I have known men amass great learning in that way," said Mr. Norreys.

  21. If he could have seen the number of dainty shawls the thin white fingers had knitted and the trembling hands had sold in order to amass the fortune of that ten pounds, he would not have talked of hurry.

  22. A "protection" that taxes three-fourths or four fifths of the whole people, in order that the remaining fraction may amass riches, is an oppression that ought not to be tolerated.

  23. Almost at the beginning of each investigation he tried to get hold of some definite generalization, and then he proceeded to amass special facts.

  24. A Sudra should never amass wealth, lest, by his wealth, he makes the members of the three superior classes obedient to him.

  25. The king should administer justice like Yama and amass wealth like Kuvera.

  26. Good deeds are very rare in those that amass riches.

  27. That king who desires to amass wealth should act like religious hypocrites in the matter of keeping a coronal lock.

  28. When they join a company of dancing girls, they are uniformly successful in their vocation, and have been known to amass large sums of money.

  29. A chief of high rank is not ashamed to be seen with one of these women, who figure at most large entertainments, and frequently amass enough money to induce some petty chief to marry them.

  30. Over them the Moors have established their empire by force, but being a military race, incapable of business, they commit the details of their government to certain of the Gentoos, who collect their revenues, and amass great fortunes.

  31. Do you think I am a fool to believe that the English come all the way from your country here to amass a paltry sum of fifty thousand rupees?

  32. Nevertheless, many amass considerable fortunes in the course of a few years; for they scruple not to take the most unjust advantage of the Indians, whose laborious toil is rewarded by little gain.

  33. And, still basing our reasonings on what already exists, we are going to show how an Anarchist society could satisfy the most artistic tastes of its citizens without allowing them to amass the fortunes of millionaires.

  34. They are, in fact, the principal labourers of the country, for the poor Germans who come out prefer being employed in any other way than in agriculture, until they amass sufficient to obtain farms of their own.

  35. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "amass" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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