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  1. No; I did not know whether Lee knew or ever contacted the Governor personally, and I don't know whether Lee knew that the Governor would be in the motorcade.

  2. I had first contacted a law firm he was associated with previously, and they gave me his office number in lower Manhattan.

  3. All that is suggested here is that he was in the Embassy and he contacted the Soviet Embassy about a telegram which had been sent.

  4. The Agency never contacted him, interviewed him, talked with him, or received or solicited any reports or information from him, or communicated with him directly or in any other manner.

  5. And he contacted an informant, and with the local police, who are members of a special squad that are involved in this kind of activity, they went and identified through pictures, which they saw in the newsreel, the principal members.

  6. We ask them because we want to know, and the purpose of our interview with him was to determine whether he had been recruited by the Soviet intelligence, and we asked him whether he would tell us if he was contacted here in this country.

  7. I had no idea the college was here in Mars City until your men contacted me; I just assumed it was at Solis Lacus.

  8. But I've already contacted Cheng telepathically and told him to move in.

  9. She had contacted the managers of all the resort chateaus and all had agreed to let her know of the arrival of any new guests.

  10. If I had been able to talk to her, the mother, I probably wouldn't have contacted Robert.

  11. I contacted him on August 14, but that was for the purpose of locating his brother for interview.

  12. I contacted the White House Communications Agency to see if they were sending a communications representative along to help out as they usually did, and was given his name.

  13. I was contacted by some of the special sergeants who asked me to stand by in my car and get another car and take the President, then Vice President Johnson to Love Field.

  14. I was contacted by Mr. Ed Dalrymple, special agent of the FBI, and he explained to me that he would like to talk to me about this matter.

  15. I contacted these on several occasions, on two occasions that I remember, and, I felt, if this man was a member of the Communist Party they would know about it.

  16. Well, in these espionage cases we wanted to be sure that they hadn't been contacted by the Soviet intelligence agencies for any purpose or any reason at all.

  17. They had contacted me for comment, and I have had no comment other than the first person who called me, I denied the story.

  18. I explained to him the jurisdiction of the FBI, that the FBI had jurisdiction in internal security matters in the United States, and Robert told me that he would immediately contact the FBI in the event he was contacted by Soviet officials.

  19. First of all, General Lovett has personally contacted relatives and told them we're all physically and mentally sound.

  20. Near the end of the third day Captain Robb contacted his far flung crew members over helmet intercom.

  21. I suppose he contacted Murchison as soon as he landed.

  22. This man was the master traffic-control officer who had first contacted Tom on his approach to the station.

  23. The last time they had tried to use a light beam signal was when they first contacted the Nigrans.

  24. He contacted Morey and told him that the radio would be cut off for a short while.

  25. If a person is contacted more than once, either by phone or in person, only the initial date for that month is shown.

  26. We started to follow Oswald to his house just out of curiosity, and I recollect that Oswald said he would give us his Marine manual if we ever came back, if we contacted him.

  27. Within a day or two after being contacted by the Federal agents.

  28. The policy in our office is that each month an individual should be contacted either by phone or in person.

  29. Yes; and I contacted the FBI the next day.

  30. And I contacted him three or four times trying to get him to pay a dollar and get in the turkey shoot.

  31. The two I am sure that contacted me was Mr. Malcolm Price or Howard Price and Garland Slack, and the FBI in turn came out and talked to us.

  32. Originally--wait--originally I was contacted by the U.

  33. It is my understanding that you were contacted by the Secret Service and requested to come here and give testimony.

  34. But I do think that the FBI contacted this doctor.

  35. We have a fish hatchery and we contacted maybe five or six people we don't know every day, and I didn't sleep at night for 3 nights until I pinned down where we saw him.

  36. Mr. Jimison, have you received a letter of notification from the President's Commission advising you that you would be contacted to have your deposition taken?

  37. I was conducting the student health service in the hours of 12 to 1 and was contacted there by the supervisor of the emergency room, who told me that the President was on the way to the emergency room, having been shot.

  38. The Saturday Evening Post contacted the department of surgery here, and talked with Dr.

  39. He was a representative of either Post or Life, and they said, "Don't sell that picture until our representatives have contacted you or a lawyer or something.

  40. Let me say that since yesterday I have contacted Mr. J.

  41. I was contacted at approximately 12:40 that the President was on the way to the Emergency Room, having been shot.

  42. All right, now, were either you or he contacted at any time during that day by any law enforcement agency?

  43. Shires, have you ever been contacted by any representative of the Federal Government prior to today?

  44. In the statement you made to the FBI agent, he reports you said you walked to the Texas School Book Depository where you contacted Deputy Sheriff Allen Swett and advised him of the movement you had seen in the sixth floor window?

  45. Had he been contacted at the Pizza Inn later that night, do you know, or not?

  46. This transcript will be reviewed by me in Washington and by my colleagues in Washington and it is possible that you may be contacted again.

  47. You will be contacted then, and you can come down and read it and make any corrections, if you like.

  48. And we were contacted once Sunday morning at the Pizza Inn during November.

  49. I don't think we were contacted the next day.

  50. An emotion like this meant brightness to every life that contacted it.

  51. One of the finest and most effective minds she had ever contacted belonged to this editor.

  52. Have you told us everything you said to the FBI when you called them on the 22d of November before you were contacted by the Dallas office?

  53. I was contacted by Core Lab in Dallas in regard to a job in Yugoslavia.

  54. So we had him go to Ladakh in Eastern Kashmir, where he contacted secret messengers from the Grand Lama.

  55. When you reach the vicinity of Chonsi--wherever it may be--you will be contacted and guided to that lost city.

  56. After Hopkinson had made improvements on the harpsichord, he contacted Thomas Jefferson, beseeching him to acquaint craftsmen with his new, musical instrumental idea.

  57. They contacted Colonel William Campbell whose duty had been to protect the lead mines in Wythe County whose resources were being mined and smelted for equipment for the American soldiers.

  58. Oswald contacted me the next day either by telephone or in person in the Commission offices.

  59. Thus, I have no knowledge of whether Oswald contacted the employers he listed.

  60. Upon noting that Oswald had listed Photographer as one of his skills, I telephonically contacted the George Reppel Studio, 5220 Elysian Fields, to determine if they needed the services of a photographer.

  61. No; I don't have the slightest idea about talking with reporters until this bunch that was going to run the program on Walter Cronkite's program had contacted me, and he called me.

  62. So you never had any opportunity or occasion to ask Ryder whether a reporter or, or whether Ryder contacted a reporter, because he simply denied talking to a reporter?

  63. I had in the meantime contacted the prospective employer and discussed with him the matter of Oswald's qualifications for the position they had in mind.

  64. No; he had never been on my program, but, as a newspaperman, I had contacted him quite frequently for information.

  65. I don't know if they ever contacted her or not, sir.

  66. We do not check to see if the claimant has contacted the places listed in item 14 of the IB-2 form.

  67. Just suppose this ship you've contacted isn't the raider at all!

  68. He knew, of course, that radio contact had been made with the raider, but who else had Freddy contacted over the ether waves?

  69. There was only this motionless, upstanding beam, contacted here with the Earth, streaming like an opalescent sword into the starry sky.

  70. He disconnected one of the room's tube-lights and contacted with the cathode.

  71. Do you recall that you or your husband were contacted at any time in the Soviet Union by Soviet Intelligence people?

  72. Was the subject of the possibility of your being contacted by any Soviet officials discussed?

  73. I had contacted Congressman Jim Wright, that has helped me--helped me to locate Lee through the State Department.

  74. I have contacted the Red Cross, and they will contact you.

  75. And I take it from your previous answer, which was that these names were unfamiliar to you, that they certainly did not contact you--at least you did not know consciously that they contacted you.

  76. We were first contacted on the evening of June 13.

  77. Any Communist Party member or so forth along that line contacted me, I assured him I would certainly, if necessary, take care of myself or if I had time report it to his attention.

  78. And if the Paines have contacted Marina Oswald or if Marina Oswald has contacted the Paines, do you or do you not know of any such contact?

  79. By me, a handwritten list of the publishers, and the news media that I have contacted in Marina's behalf to sell her movie rights, the TV right, book rights and so forth.

  80. Now, up to that moment, having in mind your route, had anybody contacted you, had you spoken with anybody?

  81. Should the creature being Contacted die, the zoologist died with it.

  82. It can't be helped, but some of the staff have been wondering out loud about that native that contacted us.

  83. Even before he contacted the Nyjord fleet he must tell Hys and his rebel army what had happened to Telt and his sandcar.

  84. Rastignac had contacted the harbor-master and made arrangements for workmen to unload his cargo of wine.

  85. He contacted a small number of priests who were willing to work for him.

  86. Hinterleitner already contacted the lawyer Seyss-Inquart, who had connection with Dr.

  87. However I was told to wait until a future date when I would be contacted again with travelling arrangements.

  88. In this way messages could be broadcast to all sites at once; those sites whose lights did not glow were contacted again individually and the message repeated.

  89. Appendix E lists institutions to be contacted in the event of a cetacean stranding or for information.

  90. Six months ago it was contacted by Unit 317 of Extrasol Traders.

  91. The planet was first contacted during the great galactic expansion of 2317, when the sole native language was taped.

  92. If Grassman had contacted Fitz, perhaps George could provide me with some meaningful clue as to why.

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