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  1. The condition is at once one of collapse and urgent dyspnoea, quite as in one form of so-called diabetic coma; and it is further remarkable in that it may pass off suddenly after having lasted, as I have said, for many hours.

  2. As for the complaints of corpulent and diabetic patients, they prove to be very similar to those of gouty individuals in respect of pain, but neither palpitation, faintness nor irregularity was so often mentioned.

  3. Thus there appears to be more liability to atheroma in the gross corpulent diabetic even than in the gouty man.

  4. Thus, if the great toe is the site of the beginning of a true diabetic gangrene, amputation through the lower third of the thigh is indicated; otherwise the prognosis is very bad.

  5. Diabetic gangrene presents the peculiarity of a slow and steady advance, unless an unusually high amputation be performed.

  6. The following are examples of diabetic urine: No.

  7. The colour of diabetic urine is generally pale.

  8. Diabetic urine has a sweet taste, and often numbers of flies are attracted to it, which fact sometimes leads the patient to suspect that the urine is not healthy.

  9. This substance is found in the juice of grapes and other fruit, in the urine of diabetic patients, and in the liquid formed by acting on starch and woody fibre with dilute sulphuric acid.

  10. In the case of ordinary diabetic urines the best dilution is one in ten.

  11. Diabetic men often were dominated by their mothers while being excessively dependent on them.

  12. Those who become diabetic may be individuals who felt strong resentment toward their parents while growing up or who were "spoiled children.

  13. Numberless so-called diabetic cures have been brought forward and more or less tested for years, but whether they have really accomplished cures has not been satisfactorily proved.

  14. It may be well to mention the danger of putting faith in the so-called diabetic foods so widely advertised.

  15. If not combated and overcome, it will result in the diabetic coma which is fatal in so many cases.

  16. However, it is likewise true that fat must constitute a large part of a diabetic diet and the only way to prevent it poisoning, is to raise the fat in the diet gradually until the tolerance is determined.

  17. There is no necessity for having an elaborately equipped laboratory for making the simple tests of the diabetic urine.

  18. One day in seven should be set aside by the diabetic patient for fasting, when the carbohydrate tolerance is less than 20 grams.

  19. Fresh pork is rarely ever included in the invalid dietary save in diabetic diets.

  20. When acidosis becomes extreme, the diabetic patient is apt at any time to succumb to the dreaded diabetic coma.

  21. In fact care must be exercised in the follow-up treatment to prevent the taking on of weight by the diabetic individual, since, according to Allen, it is often found that even moderately obese patients (180 lb.

  22. Defn: An apparatus for determining the amount of sugar in diabetic urine.

  23. By the employment of other re-agents we may determine the presence of sugar--a characteristic of diabetic urine.

  24. In division A is represented fermentation spores as they appear in diabetic urine.

  25. But the most serious complication of all is known as diabetic coma, which is very commonly the final cause of death.

  26. By simple evaporation crystals of sugar may be obtained from diabetic urine, which also yields the characteristic chemical tests of sugar, while the amount of this substance can be accurately estimated by certain analytical processes.

  27. The treatment may be begun by excluding potatoes, sugar and fruit, and only after several days is the bread to be replaced by some diabetic substitute.

  28. Diabetics commonly are sterile from atrophy of the uterus and ovaries: in a series of 114 diabetic married women, Lacorche found only seven pregnancies.

  29. When labor begins in a diabetic and everything appears to be normal the sacraments should be given, because there is always danger of sudden collapse and death.

  30. The liver in any gestation has more work than it has in the unimpregnated state, but a diabetic liver is unfit for almost any normal function.

  31. Suitable (among other cases) especially in congenital cataracts in infants, and in cases of diabetic cataract.

  32. In diabetic cataract, or indeed in all cases of solution, where the patient is adolescent or adult, or the eye at all weak, only a small portion of the lens should be attacked at one sitting.

  33. Leo found this substance in three specimens of diabetic urine, but it was absent in normal urine, although a great amount was examined for that purpose.

  34. A substance possessing greater reducing power than grape sugar found in diabetic urine.

  35. This coma, known as diabetic coma, is generally ascribed to the accumulation of acetone or acetone-producing substance in the blood.

  36. Although acknowledged to be a grave complication, and the most frequent cause of death in diabetes,[18] yet it does not follow that a fatal termination is inevitable when diabetic coma sets in.

  37. The depth of color of diabetic urine is inversely as the quantity passed.

  38. At the present time, however, when the tendency at least is to regard all phthisis as tubercular, diabetic phthisis must be consigned to the same category.

  39. The earliest symptom commonly noted by the diabetic is a frequency of micturition and the passage of larger amounts of urine than is natural.

  40. When exposed to the air, diabetic urine becomes rapidly turbid from the growth of fungi, including the yeast fungus and penicilium glaucum.

  41. Gerhardt's reaction has been studied mostly in diabetic urine, but it occurs sometimes in cases of gastric cancer and in a variety of diseases.

  42. Again, it is well known that the later in life diabetes occurs the more amenable it is to treatment, and that if a proper diabetic diet be adhered to by the patient his life need scarcely be shortened.

  43. Considerable interest belongs to coma as a symptom of cancer of the stomach, and more particularly to the occurrence of coma with the peculiar characters which have been described by Kussmaul as distinguishing diabetic coma.

  44. Egg lemonade Flaxseed coffee Gum Arabic water Hot water Hot lemonade Irish moss lemonade Orangeade Plain lemonade Slippery elm tea Toast water Tamarind water Bread Recipes; Diabetic biscuit Diabetic biscuit No.

  45. On the other hand, Stadelmann[137] found a notable quantity of the acid in another diabetic patient who had been taking over four grams daily.

  46. He says a small quantity only of alcohol injected into the portal (liver) circulation of healthy animals will cause diabetic urine.

  47. In seeking for the fountain-head of diabetic sugar, it is found that the liver is the great glycogenic, or sugar-originating factory of the body.

  48. It will detect sugar in any proportion in the presence of albumen, peptone, blood, pus, or bile, and as readily as in ordinary diabetic urine.

  49. But, just as the diabetic was still diabetic, the schizophrene was still himself, plus the drugs.

  50. The ancients had first learned to keep endocrine deviates such as the diabetic alive with drugs.

  51. I'll do so next year," her mother said, with an affectionate smile that kindled life in her diabetic eyes.

  52. Yeast-cells multiply rapidly in diabetic urine, and may reach the bladder and multiply there.

  53. In April, 1919, a physician in Kansas wrote to Edgar at the request of a diabetic patient asking for information about the “serum.

  54. Previously, Spriggs, at the suggestion of Starling, had tried intravenous injections of secretin free from depressor substance in a diabetic patient, and had obtained negative results.

  55. Gradually the newspaper publicity on Edgar’s diabetic “serum” died down.

  56. Bainbridge and Beddard,[71] working on a diabetic cat, likewise found prosecretin to be present in normal quantity.

  57. I also doubt very much whether the statement is true that “under a diet of our diabetic foods the thirst to which diabetics are so often subject is usually very much relieved.

  58. The failure to obtain secretin in some cases they claim is probably due to the rapid postmortem degeneration of diabetic tissue.

  59. As the company claims directly that this is “Not A Diabetic Food,” any criticism of its use for that purpose is disarmed.

  60. As already stated, the main purpose of this investigation was not so much to detect fraud as to secure information which would be of benefit to the diabetic and to the physician who seeks foods suitable for a low carbohydrate diet.

  61. Such statements indicate that the Jireh Diabetic Food Company does not confine its mendacity to the mere advertising of its product, where the necessity for lying is naturally great.

  62. We have, at different times, had to call the attention of the public and the medical profession to the fraudulence and dangers of some of the products of the Jireh Diabetic Food Company.

  63. It is present in very small quantity in normal urine, in the blood, and in larger quantities in diabetic patients.

  64. In the animal kingdom it occurs in the urine of diabetic patients and of persons addicted to alcohol.

  65. Sugar and starch to be avoided in diabetic cases.

  66. Finally, he opened them, regarding Lilly from under swollen, rather diabetic lids.

  67. Nothing mattered, not even the squatty person sitting there with little diabetic puffs beneath his eyes.

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