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Example sentences for "consumptions"

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  1. Some, whose Constitutions were worn out by these obstinate Agues, fell into Consumptions and other pulmonic Disorders in the Winter, of which they died.

  2. It purges the lungs of flegm and helps consumptions there.

  3. It strengthens the breast and stomach, eases the pains thereof, helps pleurises and consumptions of the lungs, the breast being anointed with it.

  4. You must distil it in a bath, and not in sand: It comforts and strengthens the heart against faintings and swoonings, and is held to be a preservative against consumptions and apoplexies.

  5. It helps consumptions of the lungs, and difficulty of breathing.

  6. It is very profitable against the heat of the stomach and liver, besides, it wonderfully helps such as have the yellow jaundice, and consumptions of the lungs.

  7. It helps the vices of the breast, coughs, colds, hoarseness, and consumptions of the lungs, as also such as spit matter.

  8. Venous hæmoptoe frequently attends the beginning of the hereditary consumptions of dark-eyed people; and in others, whose lungs have too little irritability.

  9. It is not uncommon that consumptions are brought on by trouble of mind, by guilt, and by melancholy and grief.

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