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  1. That was no lymphatic, nerveless temperament, on which consumption fastens as its lawful prey; here there was no hectic pulse, no hurried waste of the vital flame.

  2. I had seen many more patients die from being mistreated for consumption than from consumption itself.

  3. What you say confirms my belief that your daughter's constitution is the very opposite to that in which the seeds of consumption lurk.

  4. The more slaves, the more produce to employ the carrying trade; the more consumption also; and the more of this, the more revenue for the common treasury.

  5. With regard to taxes on imposts, he conceived they would be more productive where there were no slaves, than where there were; the consumption being greater.

  6. With regard to taxes on imposts, he conceived they would be more productive when there were no slaves, than where there were; the consumption being greater.

  7. The consumption of the laborers at the South would keep pace with the improvement and elevation of their condition, and would very soon impart a powerful impulse to many branches of Northern industry.

  8. But toil as they might at the accumulation of firewood, Captain Servadac and his companions could not resist the conviction that the consumption of a very short period would exhaust the total stock.

  9. At the present time, its annual consumption by our Staffordshire potters alone represents a very large sum of money.

  10. As for wheat, it is not produced in sufficient quantity to meet one quarter of the consumption of the inhabitants.

  11. Prices fell, and the consumption was diminished.

  12. The daily consumption of iced-water, ices, and so forth, is estimated at about 1000 lbs.

  13. Emma produced a bottle of milk, in the consumption of which she was ably assisted by the Professor, who declared that his natural spirits required no artificial stimulants.

  14. Changing the gate is in effect choking or opening the nozzle supplying the wheel, to cut down or increase its consumption of water.

  15. This gives the average current consumption for one night.

  16. Its rate of current consumption would be over 13 amperes, at 30 volts; which would require a larger battery than needed for light in the average farm home.

  17. For I have heard of the Lord the God of hosts a consumption and a cutting short upon all the earth.

  18. For if thy people, O Israel, shall be as the sand of the sea, a remnant of them shall be converted, the consumption abridged shall overflow with justice.

  19. They report: 'Instead of the gas giving increased light as the rate of consumption is increased, it will be seen that in every case there is a point beyond which the light decreases relatively to the proportion of gas consumed.

  20. The increased use of articles of general consumption has chiefly contributed to this result.

  21. The third reading of the customs' act was at length moved on the 28th of June, on which occasion Mr. John Jervis moved a clause to grant a drawback on coals proved to be exported for the consumption of British steam-vessels.

  22. July, 1827; and by another act passed at the same time, corn from our other colonies was admitted at reduced duties: the stocks of corn in bond were further admitted for consumption at lower duties.

  23. Whatever it arose from it certainly existed; and the fact of its existence was clearly proved by the diminished consumption of those articles which contribute in so large a proportion to the public revenue.

  24. Should he impose a tax on articles of consumption and the necessaries of life?

  25. A month later the feathers were beginning to show through the down, and the daily consumption of meat had doubled.

  26. Notwithstanding these immense difficulties, the Spanish agriculturist produces on fifty-six million hectares of cultivable land an excess over the consumption of sixty-one million hectolitres[50] in cereals alone.

  27. The consumption of salt per head in India varies from 7 lb.

  28. Opium is issued for local consumption in India from the government manufactories at Ghazipur and Patna in the Behar and Benares Agencies, and sold through private retailers at a monopoly price.

  29. The only excisable articles are intoxicants and drugs; and the avowed object of the state is to check consumption not less than to raise revenue.

  30. But the Emperor is much the same everywhere, he has no special reserves of character for domestic consumption only.

  31. Meetings used to be held almost continuously all day on Sunday, and every week-night in the open air on Bonner's Fields, near where the Consumption Hospital now stands.

  32. The consumption of sackcloth for covering every man and beast must have been rather large, and the Nineveh sackcloth manufacturers must have had enormous stocks on hand to supply the sudden demand.

  33. I had the boilers blown down on the 15th, and the consumption of 2 cwt.

  34. Immediately the ship went as accurate an inventory as possible of all stores ashore was made, and the rate of consumption of food-stuffs so regulated that they would last ten men for not less than one hundred weeks.

  35. The bunkers still contained 52 tons of coal, and the daily consumption in the stoves was about 2½ cwt.

  36. Mackintosh estimated that the provisions required for the consumption of the depot parties, and for the depots to be placed southward to the foot of the Beardmore Glacier, would amount to 4000 lbs.

  37. This theory presupposes a consumption of material beyond all conception, and the supply of which has been no small tax upon the scientific imagination.

  38. The consumption of the betel root is incredibly great.

  39. The goods represented by this amount are not, it should be remarked, used in the city and province of Manila alone, but enter also into the consumption of Pampanga, La Laguna, Camarines and other provinces of Luzon.

  40. The consumption of rice is universal, and the superfluity of the harvests is taken to the Chinese markets.

  41. It has stone quarries worked for consumption in Manila, but the stone is soft and brittle.

  42. The statistical returns show that the consumption of the State tobacco varies considerably in the different provinces, being influenced by the greater or less difficulty of obtaining the contraband article.

  43. In 1860 consumption declared itself in Nicolas Tolstoy and he was soon seriously ill; he went in search of health to Soden and afterwards to Hyères.

  44. A comparison of the waste products of the body and of the quantity of materials consumed in the metabolic process indicates a relatively larger consumption of energy by man.

  45. But the habit had become too strong to be controlled, and its consumption increased, despite the severest penalties.

  46. The Arizona climate is a well known specific for pulmonary troubles, and thousands of people come down there in all stages of consumption from the first premonitory cough to the living emaciated skeleton.

  47. If we continue firm and united, and resolutely persist in the non-consumption agreement, this adverse ministry cannot possibly stand another year.

  48. This part of the lecture was important to dyers and printers, the lecturer showing also, in a very interesting way, in what manner manufacturers may very considerably economize their consumption of coal.

  49. Zinc dissolves only while in contact with negative bodies, hence there is no unnecessary consumption of zinc either in the open or closed circuit.

  50. This guide was much addicted to indulgence of a peculiar form of twisted English and at odd moments given to the consumption of a delicacy of strictly Germanic origin, known in the language of the Teutons as a rollmops.

  51. Footnote 298: He died of consumption incited and accelerated by that exposure.

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