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Example sentences for "depredation"

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  1. The taste for depredation had become so general and contagious, that privateers were now allowed to be fitted out, which equipments quickly degenerated to the most cruel of pirates.

  2. By the universal law of nations, robbery or forcible depredation upon the "high seas," animo furandi, is piracy.

  3. A species of depredation very prevalent in London and its vicinity, and which is but too much encouraged by the readiness with which it can be disposed of to the plumbers in general.

  4. The first depredation committed by young Haggart was that of stealing a neighbour's bantam cock, and from this small beginning he was guilty of nearly every crime referred to in the Statute book.

  5. This extensive depredation was committed in the office of Mr. Frederick Thomas Walsh, the receiver of fines and forfeitures.

  6. The rumor of the Indian depredation proved to have originated with some settlers who, in the disguise of Indians, had tried to scare away a Norwegian from a claim which he had taken from another man.

  7. But, gentlemen, supposing the word depredation could not be otherwise explained, where is the evidence that the crime in question was the last of which these abandoned ruffians were guilty?

  8. What can savages think when they are subjected to depredation and bloodshed by those who, with these measures, have come to them to proclaim the principles of respect for other people's property and the inviolability of human life?

  9. By this course of depredation I acquired on the average about ten pounds a week, though I sometimes neglected shopping for several days together.

  10. His depredation involved him in no suspicion; his changing features rendered recognition impossible.

  11. Not that he loved her; his heart was long since given to Moll Cutpurse; but he knew that his career of depredation was at an end, and it became him to provide for his declining years.

  12. While he never took a shilling without sweetening his depredation with a joke, he was, like all humorists, an acute philosopher.

  13. Footnote: All the feathers require to be touched with the solution, in order that they may be preserved from the depredation of the moth.

  14. When to these are added the Indian depredation claims and the French spoliation claims, an aggregate is reached that is indeed startling.

  15. Brigandage has involved a great deal of depredation upon foreign interests.

  16. A general disposition seemed to be manifested among them to abandon their habits of depredation and secure for themselves and their families that peace to which they, as well as their white neighbors, had long been strangers.

  17. This is perhaps owing to the fact that so great a proportion of its duties have of late been connected with the investigation of cases of depredation upon the mails.

  18. From this circumstance it is believed, that not one depredation in a hundred, of those actually committed, comes to the knowledge of Magistrates.

  19. The young female part of such families too often become prostitutes, while the males pursue acts of depredation upon the Public, by availing themselves of the various resources, which the defects in the Police System allow.

  20. This System of petty thievery and general depredation is, however, by no means confined to the precincts of the Metropolis: it is extended in a peculiar manner through the different Counties in its Vicinity.

  21. The consul, after he had repeatedly carried depredation through the entire country of the enemy, returned to Rome with great glory and booty.

  22. A marvelous feature of this journey across the territory which the whites claimed had been ceded to them, is the fact that not the slightest depredation was committed at any farm or house on the march.

  23. Its inhabitants had fled the day before to their mountains, from the depredation of the Courds.

  24. Their general characteristics are those common to all wandering nations; great hospitality within their own boundaries, and universal depredation abroad.

  25. It therefore appeared absurd to him to say that Great Britain was in a state of depredation and war towards the United States, and the United States in a state of neutrality towards Great Britain.

  26. Yet again, in 1852, a fresh wave of depredation passed over the district, and again the same families were responsible for the crimes.

  27. The police authorities were privately informed by these other employees that Vidocq abused his position disgracefully, and carried on widespread depredation on his own account.

  28. The Indians, thrown completely on the defensive, did not commit another depredation after the Cascades disaster on all that long line of exposed and scattered settlements.

  29. Thus a depredation which might have led to disastrous results was made the means of demonstrating the sincerity and strengthening the friendship of the Indians.

  30. This court, too, is already burdened with business since the reference to it of the Indian depredation claims, the French spoliation claims, etc.

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