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Example sentences for "concomitantly"

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concoctions; concocts; concolorous; concomitance; concomitant; concomitants; concord; concordance; concordances; concordant
  1. To resort to an approximation after the manner of Malthus, if the supply of goods be supposed to increase by arithmetical progression, their final utility may be said concomitantly to decrease by geometrical progression.

  2. As the utility of subsequent units of product progressively declines, so will the producer's intensity of irksome application concomitantly decline, maintaining a nice balance between utility and disutility throughout.

  3. For since the Godhead never set aside the assumed body, wherever the body of Christ is, there, of necessity, must the Godhead be; and therefore it is necessary for the Godhead to be in this sacrament concomitantly with His body.

  4. The temporal thing is annexed concomitantly if it is simultaneous with the spiritual thing as being the action or labor that produces it.

  5. Very frequently this secondary condition is set down as the primary cause; the insanity is referred to derangements of the stomach or bowels, when in fact these are, concomitantly with the mental disturbance, results of the cerebral mischief.

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