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Example sentences for "capitulation"

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  1. Moltke and the French generals about the capitulation to be concluded, I was awakened by General Reille, with whom I am acquainted, to tell me that Napoleon wished to speak with me.

  2. It was really Russia's capitulation to her greatest musician, in whose universal acclaim there was to be not one dissentient voice.

  3. In short, five years after the capitulation of Algiers, the French dominion extended as yet over only six coast towns.

  4. Johnston asserted that he would not be justified in such a capitulation as Sherman proposed, but suggested that together they might arrange the terms of a permanent peace.

  5. Finally, the flag, insulted on the Star of the West, trailed in capitulation at Sumter and then came the humiliation of the Baltimore riot, and the President practically for a few days a prisoner in the capital of the nation.

  6. They consider the cargo as unprotected by the capitulation of Dominique.

  7. I have sent the seventh and seventeenth Articles of the capitulation for the information of Congress.

  8. The agreement and capitulation above-mentioned was made and agreed to in the buildings of Riobamba, concerning which I am now treating.

  9. The first item in the terms of capitulation was that the leaders of the people should be given up to be dealt with according to law.

  10. All the officers who had been in favor of capitulation were afterward dismissed from service in disgrace.

  11. The capitulation of our splendid regiment was one of the most deplorable events of its kind during the whole war.

  12. While there was yet time, they pleaded, honourable terms of capitulation should be demanded.

  13. And when His Majesty knew of it, he ordered that a certain arrangement and capitulation should be made with Alvar Nuñez Cabeza de Vaca, in order that he might go to their relief.

  14. No sooner had the news of the capitulation been bruited about the streets, than it was received with a sorrow and indignation almost past description.

  15. But Mr. Radcliffe, young and ardent, opposed the capitulation with the vehemence natural to his character.

  16. Still there were obstacles to the capitulation raised by the Scottish party, who were represented by Brigadier Mackintosh.

  17. In alluding thus to the capitulation of Detroit, we beg not to be understood as either reflecting on the American character, or unduly exalting our own.

  18. When the capitulation at Paris and the exile of Napoleon to Elba occurred within a few brief months, repeated excuses for the delay of negotiations by the British envoys were made.

  19. Footnote 447: General Henry Withers commanded at the capitulation of Tournay.

  20. Vaudreuil yielded, as perforce he must, and on the 8th of September signed the capitulation by which Canada passed into the possession of England.

  21. Some of the terms of capitulation proposed by him were rejected by Amherst, who demanded that "the whole garrison of Montreal and all the French troops in Canada must lay down their arms, and shall not serve again during the war.

  22. It took a few days to draw up the articles of capitulation and clear the town of General Cos and the Mexican troops.

  23. Then we accepted the terms of capitulation offered by Urrea, and were marched back to Goliad as prisoners of war.

  24. The suggestion of a capitulation was listened to by Colonel Boerstler as a dictate of humanity.

  25. He therefore consented to the terms of capitulation demanded of him.

  26. Let any one examine Sir Sidney's conduct before the capitulation of El- Arish, and after its rupture, and then they can judge of his character.

  27. We were now cut off from all communication with France, and all hope of returning thither, except by a degrading capitulation with an implacable and hated enemy.

  28. The exportation is very clearly permitted by the capitulation, because the capitulation does not prohibit it, nor indeed say anything about it.

  29. But in a day or two after the capitulation an agreement was made for the purchase of goods payable in tobacco, which is now sanctioned by the Delegates in the last of their resolutions.

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