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  1. Representative government of a kind started in 1909 with the establishment of provincial assemblies; elections were held, and assemblies met in most of the provinces.

  2. China began establishing representative assemblies in each province, also a National Senate, in preparation for an elective government.

  3. It was one of those mixed assemblies wherein one could discern many states of mind written upon the faces of those present.

  4. Peggy had been her sole companion previous to her marriage with the Governor; and whatever men she had met with were they who composed the gay assemblies at which her friend was the pretty hostess and she the invited guest.

  5. Under the fourth head, Sieyes considers the Provincial Assemblies recently established, and the Assembly of Notables, both of which he considers entirely incapable of doing good, because they are composed of privileged persons.

  6. These assemblies were composed of forty-eight and fifty-two members respectively, one half being taken from among the clergy and nobility, one half from the Third Estate of the towns and the country.

  7. They established provincial assemblies throughout France on a plan of their own.

  8. To the local assemblies of the nobles, all Frenchmen of the order, not less than twenty-five years of age, were summoned.

  9. Provincial assemblies were established in those years by way of experiment in two provinces, Berry and Haute Guyenne.

  10. A good many delegates had been members of provincial assemblies or provincial estates; but these, in most of the provinces, had met but a few times, and their powers had been very limited.

  11. He forbade all associations or assemblies of masters or workmen, holding that the faculty granted to artisans of the same trade to meet and join in one body is a source of evil.

  12. Here a committee was appointed to consider all the local cahiers and consolidate them; those of the intermediate assemblies being again worked over for the general cahier of the Third Estate of each electoral district.

  13. He tried to establish provincial assemblies and to equalize the incidence of the salt-tax.

  14. We have seen that the church possessed certain political rights; that it held assemblies and controlled taxes.

  15. Its ordinary assemblies were held once in ten years.

  16. They have no right to assemblies of their own, nor to a voice in the assemblies of the people.

  17. But the nominated assemblies met twice, once for organization and once for business.

  18. To these local assemblies of the Clergy, all bishops, abbots, and parish priests, holding benefices, were summoned.

  19. In their ignorance of the working of popular assemblies they supposed them to be inspired with wisdom and virtue beyond that of the individuals who compose them.

  20. We mingle with the gay throng at the routs and assemblies which they frequented.

  21. Nor were Lady Harrington's impromptu evening assemblies less celebrated than her perpetual tea-drinkings at Harrington House.

  22. You have neither parliaments, assemblies or governors, simply thirty masters of requests, provincial clerks, on whom depends the happiness or misery, the fruitfulness or sterility of these provinces.

  23. Your first orders for departmental assemblies only awakened suspicion in certain quarters.

  24. At the preliminary meetings of the clubs, and at the assemblies of electors, he is the only one who opposes unreasonable propositions.

  25. He nominates the abbots to two great abbeys, and presides over the provincial assemblies and the permanent bureau, which succeeds them.

  26. The Convention published a Proces-verbal of its sessions, which, although lacking the value of those published by assemblies to-day, is an official document of capital importance.

  27. These assemblies consist of two Houses, an upper and lower.

  28. The term is more usually applied in a restricted sense to assemblies of the clergy or of the graduates of certain universities.

  29. They (the Cyclops) have neither assemblies for consultation nor themistes, but everyone exercises jurisdiction over his wives and his children, and they pay no regard to one another.

  30. Laws of Russia, 10, 11, who refers to the promiscuous intercourse practiced at various festivals, resembling the assemblies on the Roumanian Gainaberg which Kohler has discussed in ZVR.

  31. The word Beguine had come to signify a female heretic, a mysticist, an illuminist, a pantheist, who though cultivating a saintly exterior was credited with holding secret assemblies where the most indecent orgies were indulged in.

  32. I will first advert to the danger of these assemblies and will especially address myself to what Friar Peter and his colleague have advanced.

  33. Both Assemblies were invited to build a fort at the junction of the Alleghany and Monongahela rivers, which formed the key of the position; but both refused.

  34. There were also four cornet bands which favored the assemblies with music, in their proper times, which added very much to the interest of the convocation.

  35. Three assemblies shall be composed of persons chosen from the notables of France, viz.

  36. The members of both assemblies repaired thither early in the morning of the 19th; and those of the opposite party beheld with dismay the military investment of the Chateau.

  37. Buonaparte, shortly after the peace of Tilsit, abolished the Tribunate; and there remained, as the last shadows of assemblies having any political influence, the Legislative Senate and the Council of State.

  38. It is a fatal thing to introduce a young man into assemblies where the Graces hold sway before the Muses have dismissed him and owned his majority.

  39. It is true that, under the emperors, the senate exercised this right more frequently, and that the assemblies of the people had become much more rare, though in law they were still permitted, in the time of Ulpian.

  40. A Lombard was born the soldier of his king and his duke; and the civil assemblies of the nation displayed the banners, and assumed the appellation, of a regular army.

  41. The family had now grown small and poor; formerly at the courts of the magnates or in their troops, at forays, and at the district assemblies the Dobrzynskis used to find an easy living.

  42. The world knows that at the time of the last Polish district assemblies I challenged and wounded the two brothers Buzwik, who—— But enough of this.

  43. The fair ladies who ruled supreme over this little dancing and gossiping world issued a solemn proclamation that no gentleman should appear at the assemblies without being dressed in knee-breeches, white cravat, and chapeau bras.

  44. My father's house was situated midway between Lord Ferrers's lodgings and the Town Hall, where the race assemblies were then held.

  45. Such assemblies take among early peoples almost the place of literature, in obliging men to have a common language and a united national life.

  46. The czar, therefore, introduced those assemblies which the Italians call ridotti.

  47. To these assemblies he invited all the ladies of his court, with their daughters; and they were to appear dressed after the fashions of the southern nations of Europe.

  48. But, Melitus, do those who attend the public assemblies corrupt the younger men?

  49. Perhaps, however, it may appear absurd that I, going about, thus advise you in private and make myself busy, but never venture to present myself in public before your assemblies and give advice to the city.

  50. As faithfulness in frequenting the Church assemblies began to rank among the foremost virtues, unfaithfulness would, by force of contrast, harden into habitual neglect of the house of prayer: "As the custom of some is.

  51. The chief of all reasons for exhorting the readers to habitual attendance on the Church assemblies the writer of the Epistle finds in the expectation of the Lord's speedy return.

  52. These assemblies were carefully held by Charles.

  53. For this purpose he caused many assemblies to be held and addressed the people, moving them to destroy the images.

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