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Example sentences for "impede"

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impeccable; impeccably; impecuniosity; impecunious; impedance; impeded; impedes; impediment; impedimenta; impediments
  1. These orders were executed promptly, and that which seemed likely to impede their operations, served more than any thing to conceal them.

  2. For four hours neither side had the advantage, nor did any other circumstance more impede the Romans, than that the heads of their enemies were made the price of their liberty.

  3. No outsider should witness the embraces and the kisses; no outsider should be present to impede the tender talks and the outlet of feeling.

  4. What are the difficulties confronting the partners which impede happiness and especially which bring the neurosis of the housewife?

  5. They succour rascals and murderers, that their power may be idolised by the ignorant, and ostentatiously exert itself to impede the course of law and justice; but in vain do the poor and needy virtuous apply to them for help.

  6. This restraint upon their motions might impede them, it was hoped, in tormenting the afflicted.

  7. It is evident that Brandenburg was interested in being freed at once from these negotiations, which only served to impede and embarrass all really important business.

  8. Then therefore, if the dictator should allow his own name to appear they would interpose against the election; but if the names of any other persons besides himself were put up, they should not impede it.

  9. Some, however, envied and sought to impede his growing influence while he was still young; chiefly the kindred and friends of the queen mother, who pretended to have been dealt with injuriously.

  10. He might give information to the cruisers of the United States, but it could not be in his own power to arrest or impede the prosecution of the voyage and the success of the undertaking.

  11. This cardinal invited him to stay some days in his palace, because the severity of the weather and the floods might impede his journey; it was the month of December.

  12. Nothing could, therefore, be effected to impede the progress of wickedness and calamity, but by some temporary measure of severity.

  13. The morning of the second of July, our second day out, dawned clear, and beautiful, the Sumter still steaming in an almost calm sea, with nothing to impede her progress.

  14. How much of worth and excellence may two characters separately possess, where yet there are disuniting particles which impede their harmonizing with each other!

  15. The thronging crowds impede the duke's advance; He scarce can free himself.

  16. In his long and perilous march he did not wish to encumber himself with useless supernumeraries, which would only impede his progress and increase the difficulty of supporting his army.

  17. No impatience e'er can speed him On his course if he delay; No alarm, no doubts impede him If he keep his onward way; No regrets, no magic numbers Wake the tranced one from his slumbers.

  18. The marquis did not feel sufficiently strong to attack Cornwallis, and the tatter was unwilling to impede the progress in fortifying Yorktown, by engaging his troops in other enterprises.

  19. In short, these elements seem to impede the allotropic change of the iron itself.

  20. Much less therefore does local distance impede the speech of one angel to another.

  21. Furthermore, there is something in man which can thwart or impede the movement of his intellective nature; but not in the angels.

  22. Therefore local distance does not impede knowledge in the separated soul.

  23. Now whatever knows certain things cannot have any of them in its own nature; because that which is in it naturally would impede the knowledge of anything else.

  24. Hence it follows that his external occupations in no respect impede his contemplation; because given two actions, one of which is the rule and the reason of the other, one does not hinder but helps the other.

  25. If that were so, it might be that local distance would impede its knowledge; for either the sensible would need to act upon the soul, or the soul upon the sensible, and in either case a determinate distance would be necessary.

  26. God, however, extends His providence over the just in a certain more excellent way than over the wicked; inasmuch as He prevents anything happening which would impede their final salvation.

  27. Her first idea was to send for Mrs Maple; yet that lady was so completely without influence, that any interference on her part, might rather stimulate than impede what it was meant to oppose.

  28. He spread out his arms to impede her passage.

  29. All about the country, pikes had been planted to impede the march of cavalry.

  30. And the fact that the girl with her familiar appearance could not communicate with them on a conversational basis, did not seem to impede their relations in the least.

  31. We have fixed our gaze upon religion in action, and have found that the things which divide us are chiefly matters of theory, which do not impede our working effectively together.

  32. Through this our little party now pursued their way, and without encountering aught to impede their progress.

  33. As they neared the gate, the squaws broke up their several groups, and, forming a line on either hand of the road leading to the drawbridge, appeared to separate solely with a view not to impede the action of the players.

  34. Selecting the most favourable ground, and avoiding plantations or whatever else might impede his progress, Baltasar spurred onwards, stimulating his steed with his voice, occasionally even striking his flanks with his sabre-flat.

  35. He is apprized of your superiority of numbers, and the disposition of your troops to impede his supplies, and render his retreat a scene of carnage on both sides.

  36. The Moors made strenuous efforts to impede these preparations.

  37. The troops also who had been stationed in the mountains by the king to guard the defiles made two paths, one for the convoys going to the camp, and the other for those returning, that they might not meet and impede each other.

  38. Roughly aroused from his meditations by this unexpected halt, the monk looked about for some obstacle that might impede his progress.

  39. Your conduct has been deplorable, well calculated to traverse and impede justice.

  40. Général, I am sure you cannot wish to impede or obstruct us; we represent the law of this country.

  41. The moment that he perceived this love bond would impede his progress toward the lofty goals to which he aspired might easily mark the beginning of its end.

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