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Example sentences for "impediments"

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impede; impeded; impedes; impediment; impedimenta; impeding; impel; impelled; impelling; impels
  1. These orders were obeyed with alacrity, but the impediments on the flanks of the British were so considerable, that before they could be overcome it was nearly dark.

  2. The subject next adverted to in the speech was the impediments which, in some places, continued to embarrass the collection of the duties on spirits distilled within the United States.

  3. Those streams were to be accurately surveyed, the impediments to their navigation ascertained, and their relative advantages examined.

  4. It was not until the middle of October that the impediments were so far removed as to afford a narrow and intricate passage through them.

  5. What impediments and perils remained to be encountered I could not judge.

  6. It was easy to find my way out of this wilderness by going forward in one direction, regardless of impediments and cross-paths.

  7. I wonder much, Being men of such great leading as you are, That you foresee not what impediments Drag back our expedition.

  8. But for my tears, The moist impediments unto my speech, I had forestall'd this dear and deep rebuke Ere you with grief had spoke and I had heard The course of it so far.

  9. I have seen the day That with this little arm and this good sword I have made my way through more impediments Than twenty times your stop.

  10. Your wives, your daughters, Your matrons, and your maids could not fill up The cestern of my lust, and my desire All continent impediments would o'erbear That did oppose my will.

  11. He is solemnly interrogated before the assembly on the several defects and impediments which incapacitate an individual for admission into the order.

  12. With the assistance of the landing-master, the writer made his way holding on step by step, among the numerous impediments which lay in the way.

  13. We had passed over several fallen trees and other impediments in the path; and I dreaded lest, coming against such, our horses might stumble.

  14. Sand and callitris covered the intermediate ground, and augmented the impediments the horses had to contend with.

  15. I got through it, only after contending with these impediments for three miles.

  16. He obstructed its navigation by sinking numerous impediments in its course, broke up the bridges, and rendered the roads impassable.

  17. The divisions and brigades separated at Chew's house could not be reunited; and, even among those parts which remained entire, a considerable degree of disorder was soon introduced by the impediments to their advance.

  18. God removes impediments by His assisting power, as He promised to do before Cyrus.

  19. He reproves them for this fault, that they cared more for their own houses than for the house of God; partly, because of the great impediments and difficulties they apprehended in the work.

  20. As for impediments He promises to remove them all, and assures them of this by Haggai and Zechariah; yea, He shews to Zerubbabel and the people, that although impediments were as mountains, yet they should be removed.

  21. I find also, that the strong enemies of the church are called mountains, because of the great impediments to the kirk's building that are made by them, as ye may see in Psalm cxliv.

  22. The close containeth their resolution against all impediments that may either stop the taking, or disable the keeping of this league, their own sins.

  23. God will have His work going on, and all impediments removed.

  24. All the viceroys have recognized these impediments to justice, for these people only seek exemption from the secular courts in order to be free to commit crimes.

  25. Impediments that arise in the theoretic sphere might perhaps be avoided if the stream of mental action should leave that sphere betimes and pass into the practical.

  26. While if it be not such a moral universe, and I mistakenly assume that it is, the course of experience will throw ever new impediments in the way of my belief, and become more and more difficult to express in its language.

  27. On and on he ran; toiling up hill, and rushing down dale; overturning all impediments that lay in his way; startling all the foot-passengers with the fear of an escaped maniac!

  28. She was blinded by the darkness and smothered by the thickly-falling snow, and torn by the thorns and briars of the brushwood; but not for these impediments would the frantic girl abate her speed.

  29. Geographical isolation and a poorly developed infrastructure are major impediments to long-term growth.

  30. If a man have done injustice to his neighbour, and have also placed impediments in the way of remedying that injustice, he is as much under obligations to remove the impediments in the way of justice as he is to do justice.

  31. Corn is not separated but by threshing, nor men from worldly impediments but by tribulation.

  32. To resign, or to put impediments in the way of his own chief, did not belong to his character.

  33. How am I to free myself from the impediments which you make for me?

  34. You are as capable of remedying anything wrong, or supplying anything wanting within the Church, as you were many years ago, to overcome impediments to her usefulness without.

  35. The 'Advance' was most extraordinarily fortified to resist any pressure of the ice, and to enable her to force her way against such impediments as those she encountered this evening.

  36. For human happiness marriage must be relieved of the impediments on its one side, no less than of the hindrances on its other side.

  37. The general grievance being the difficulty of escape from uncongenial wedlock, the Radical writers dealt with this grievance, and usually forbore to criticise the impediments to marriage, of which no large number of people complained.

  38. These impediments however I surmounted; I crept up stairs at midnight, and entered my father's chamber.

  39. Each day multiplied the impediments to confidence.

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