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Example sentences for "impeding"

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impeded; impedes; impediment; impedimenta; impediments; impel; impelled; impelling; impels; impend
  1. Our clothing was very soon wet through, impeding thereby our march; and the fire, which we could only succeed in lighting every evening after repeated failures, was far too feeble to dry them.

  2. The soil was covered with a sand so coarse that the most violent winds were unable to raise it: the soil in future will be composed of a dust so fine that the least breeze will lift it in clouds, impeding the sight and respiration.

  3. Naturally he receives the pollen on his underside - just where it will be rubbed off against the stigma impeding his entrance to the next funnel visited.

  4. He ran furiously against me in the choler that is always inspired by the wicked one; but I overthrew him, by reason of impeding the natural and rapid progress of his unholy feet running to destruction.

  5. They had not played five minutes till Wringhim was stalking in the midst of them, and totally impeding the play.

  6. In that state did he take up his station in the middle of the competitors; and he did not now keep his place, but ran about, impeding everyone who attempted to make at the ball.

  7. Once the idea that the air may thus act as an impeding force was grasped, the investigator of mechanical principles had entered on a new and promising course.

  8. I did some hard thinking before I saw how I could get a pressure on the shoulder without impeding the circulation, as you did.

  9. In the first-class I have mentioned the stiffness of the structures about the joint impeding its movement is the result of purely mechanical causes, is in fact simply due to prolonged disuse.

  10. Unconsciously she was a true modern in that the virtues known as duty and self sacrifice did not appeal to her,--she got from them neither benefit nor satisfaction, she understood instinctively that they were impeding to growth.

  11. There was a rush toward him, a rush that drove Janet against the wall almost at his side, and he held up his hands in mock despair, gently impeding the little bodies that strove to enter.

  12. A broad double trench was likewise made to prevent the sallies of the Judaeans, who contrived nevertheless to come forth, thus bravely impeding the work of the enemy, and obstructing the progress of the siege.

  13. Too weak to venture on meeting the Judaean troops in the open field, the operations were confined to laying waste the country around, in the hope of thus impeding the work of the besiegers.

  14. The most refractory he openly menaced with condign punishment, should they make the slightest attempt at impeding the voyage.

  15. It may, however, be due to abnormal laxity of the mucous membrane, permitting a fold to occupy a position impeding the passage of the bolus.

  16. In some instances the glossitis is so great that the tongue protrudes, thereby impeding respiration and even threatening suffocation.

  17. Meanwhile the higher functionaries of the Government institutions, banks, railroads, post and telegraph, are on strike and impeding the work of the Government in supplying the Front with provisions.

  18. But Gusta, with her wild eyes staring above their little flaxen heads, pressed on in, and the children, hanging on to her and impeding her progress, began to cry peevishly.

  19. Before long we reached a barrier composed of native boats moored right across from bank to bank, with the evident intention of impeding our further progress.

  20. They burnt every village through which they passed, under the pretence of impeding our movements; but, as it did not make the slightest difference in that respect, we could only view it as a wanton piece of cruelty.

  21. For the crowd had already begun to press behind, and, stretching nearly across the roadway, was impeding the traffic.

  22. Possibly the rugged nature of the ice might be due to the junction of two tides, which, from the commotion produced, would create the obstacles that were impeding our progress.

  23. The snow was very deep and of a tenacious consistency, clinging to the sledge runners and thereby seriously impeding our progress.

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