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Example sentences for "faultless"

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faultes; faultful; faultie; faultiness; faulting; faultlessly; faults; faulty; faun; fauna
  1. Nor is there among these any poem or passage of equal length so faultless and so noble as his "Voice out of the Sea," or as his dirge over President Lincoln--the most sweet and sonorous nocturn ever chanted in the church of the world.

  2. Every light slight touch of mere arrangement has the mark of a great art consummate in great things--the imprint of a sure and strong hand, in which the thing to be done lies safe and gathers faultless form.

  3. The two songs "To Memory," and "To the Muses" are perhaps nearer being faultless than any others in the book.

  4. Verse more nearly faultless and of a more difficult perfection was never accomplished.

  5. But, in addition to her faultless beauty there is about her an air of virgin freshness that indicates a mind pure and untainted; though, at the same time, it is easy to perceive that Laura Mortimer is no inexperienced girl.

  6. Rembrandt effect, delineating the faultless profile against the obscurity that had already begun to occupy the end of the room most remote from the windows.

  7. Opium and Burgundy are not faultless substitutes for the true lotos after all, but--they do very well--for the time.

  8. Upon that flower I shall some day rest my wings as thou foldest thine on a faultless rose.

  9. So that from the day on which she arose from her illness and began to go about the convent, she was singled out as a target for those small arrows which the feminine eye directs with such faultless skill at one of its own sex.

  10. I shall henceforth, O king, dwell in that faultless and foremost of Brahmanas who had become thy devoted disciple.

  11. Narada then, that foremost of Brahmanas, obtained according to due rites the hand of Srinjaya's daughter, the faultless Sukumari.

  12. Abandoning, by her Yoga powers, her former form and features, Sulabha assumed the most faultless features and unrivalled beauty.

  13. Men of knowledge attain to births that are very superior, and their place is faultless and undecaying, transcending the ken of the senses, free from ignorance, above birth and death, and full of light that dispels all kinds of darkness.

  14. Bright as the filaments of the lotus, she is beautiful and of faultless limbs, accomplished and of sweet manners, and is called Sukumari by name.

  15. By doing diverse kinds of good acts, he attains to such felicity as is faultless and as is incapable of being attained to by undergoing even thousands of births.

  16. O sinless one, O lady of faultless limbs, do thou accomplish the behest I have uttered.

  17. One that sees faults in faultless persons never succeeds in winning prosperity and fame.

  18. Often, in assemblages of the fair, we have seen noses faultless in form, but tinged with the abhorred hue, to which washes and cosmetics have been applied in wild despair; but in vain!

  19. It is better to play the simplest airs in a finished, faultless manner, than to play imperfectly the most brilliant variations.

  20. The more copious his thoughts, the more embarrassing their selection; the more exquisite his perception of excellence in others, the more timidly frigid his efforts at faultless style.

  21. It is the ideal of a woman's form--a faultless standard by which all beauty may be measured, but without striking expression, except in the modest and graceful position of the limbs.

  22. The predominant feeling, if I may so express it, was satisfaction; the eye dwells on its faultless outline with a gratified sense, that nothing is wanting to render it perfect.

  23. With what divine inspiration has he wrought its faultless lines!

  24. A faultless being from the marble sprung, She stands in beauty there!

  25. The cabinet pictures of Andrea del Sarto, "the faultless painter," are well known to all visitors in the great galleries of Europe.

  26. Magicians with violins drew melodies in a faultless manner from smooth strings and a bow which seemed to be playing on butter.

  27. One could only imagine Adelaide Maud with a faultless deportment.

  28. Death's little rift hath rent the faultless lute: The singer of undying songs is dead.

  29. In faultless rhythm the ocean rolls, A rapturous silence thrills the skies; And on this earth are lovely souls, That softly look with aidful eyes.

  30. His scope is not large, and he is rather wearisome in his faultless poems.

  31. There's no such thing in nature, and you'll draw A faultless monster, which the world ne'er saw.

  32. Throckmorton could not have desired a better foil than the young clergyman, with his faultless red and white skin, his curling dark hair, his mouth full of perfect teeth, and his character as a clerical dandy written all over him.

  33. Sweeney, who could make quite a dashing figure as a waiter, now appeared, dressed in faultless evening costume of much newer fashion than Throckmorton's, and announced dinner.

  34. I love your faulty, and fear your faultless women.

  35. When you see what is termed a faultless woman, dread her as you would a beautiful snake.

  36. Her rounded arms and bare shoulders, faultless throat and swelling bosom, radiant enough in their own fair perfection, she had embellished with such jewels as subtly served to accentuate even that perfection.

  37. There, sure enough, lay a beautiful white schooner, her paint dazzling to the eye, her decks flashing with metal, her canvas faultless in fit and set and whiteness.

  38. And Prue smiled, radiant in her beauty with the breeze dappling her faultless face with the shadows of the branches.

  39. It was the most beautiful, faultless day one could imagine," said Hester.

  40. As faultless in diction as a Hellene, in philosophical speculation almost a copy of Plato, he was in capacity for reaching the heights and depths of spiritual possession the equal of any Hebrew.

  41. The effect was much like that produced in striking a discordant note in a hitherto faultless piece of music.

  42. Always clear, faultless in taste, capable of great elevation but never too high for the occasion, Newman's prose is as likely to be permanently satisfying as any of this century.

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