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Example sentences for "gusts"

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gusta; gustatory; gustibus; gustily; gusto; gusty; gut; gute; guten; guter
  1. Gusts of wind came sweeping over the sea from time to time, and signs of coming storm became so evident that the Captain gave orders to make all snug and prepare for dirty weather.

  2. Gusts of wind swept over the frozen waste now and then, as if a squall which had recently passed, were sighing at the thought of leaving anything undestroyed behind it.

  3. The thunder could already be heard rumbling in the distance, whilst gusts of wind swept along the roads.

  4. Richard," sighed the stray gusts of wind on the staircase; "Richard" chimed the patient clock.

  5. Through the half-opened door came loud gusts of unceremonious laughter as the portly innkeeper, curveting on tiptoe, swung his garland of Easter green over the sign-board.

  6. From without came the soughing of a bitter east wind that blew in biting gusts across the Clyde.

  7. As Kenric's ships crossed the Clyde a drizzling rain came on, and the wind began to blow in fitful gusts from the southwest.

  8. The gusts of wind grow fainter and fainter.

  9. At night the darkness is complete; no light or fire burns in the tents, which are hardly able to resist the gusts of the simoon.

  10. But still the wind increased until, in a series of terrific gusts and squalls, the house rocked and trembled as the register marked ninety miles an hour.

  11. Then the wind came, at first in fitful gusts but later growing into a steady blow, the opening squalls lifting the dry surface snow and whirling it up in the air.

  12. And the fancy, in the flower, While the flesh was in the bud, Childhood's dawning sex did dower With warm gusts of womanhood.

  13. I was caught hold of several times by one of the elder girls and held when the gusts came.

  14. It was the sweeping sea and the wind coming in gusts that made it so dangerous.

  15. We have had high winds the last day or two and last night had quite a gale, the wind coming in strong gusts all night long.

  16. The gale was terrific, and when the gusts came the only thing to do was to crouch down.

  17. There is a sense of frost here, And gusts that sigh away.

  18. Very often, this summer growth is so brittle and heavy with foliage, that thunder- gusts break them off from the parent stem just beneath the ground, and the bearing cane of the coming year is lost.

  19. Toward night, Mature grew breathless and exhausted; there were sobbing gusts of wind and sudden gushes of rain, that grew less and less frequent.

  20. Fitful gusts of wind were still blowing over the marsh, driving the snow in little swirling clouds.

  21. As they ate they could hear the wind howling around the tilt, and dashing snow in spiteful gusts against the door.

  22. Perhaps it was eleven o'clock on Tuesday morning when the rumble of artillery came in gusts from the valley to the west of Lookout.

  23. She had begun to shiver and shed tears and emit little gusts of quaking sobs.

  24. He remained there, his ear in the cowl of the ventilator, his eyes fastened on those menacing sidelights dancing on the gusts of wind which swept the angry darkness of the sea.

  25. In fact, his baleful effluvia are of two kinds: one characterized by the stench of sulphurous waters and drains; the other by a false odour of sanctity, delicious gusts of sweetness and temptation.

  26. They had settled themselves in the dining-room, as dismal a room as the rest, but warmer, for an earthenware stove was roaring and puffing hot gusts from its open ventilators.

  27. Jack's question remained unanswered, and the child's thoughts ran on as he lay in his bed, listening to occasional gusts of music that rang through the house from the lungs of Labassandre, and to the perpetual sound of the pumps in the stable.

  28. Exhausted by this effort, Jack let his head fall back on the pillow, and the sister bent over him in gentle pity, while the brief winter's day ended in a yellow twilight and occasional gusts of snow.

  29. The great wind had passed; now it only blew in little gusts heavy with driving rain.

  30. The gale drove the rain in gusts across the country, the broad park and the great city.

  31. The next night was dark and chilly with gusts of rain.

  32. The strong gusts were now fusing into a steady wind.

  33. The sound of foaming waters filled the wind, and the wind itself was blowing fairly strong, in gusts that screamed in the frozen rigging or in blasts that had the deep echo of the thunder-claps of the splitting ice.

  34. The wind swept in gusts through the trees, and seemed by its dismal yellings, to utter warnings of the dreadful retributions he was about to inflict.

  35. Thus he sat musing, and listening, with many a sigh, to the yelling gusts of wind, and louder roaring of the water.

  36. The day was wet and dark, with an easterly wind blowing in great gusts from the bay, exceeding cold for the season.

  37. As we stood cross the bay to the westward, one of the boats put off from the shore, and rowed towards us; but perceiving that the gusts or flaws made us lie at a considerable distance from the land, she went in again.

  38. The night was tempestuous, with much thunder and lightning, but about two in the morning the weather cleared; the gusts settled into a little breeze, and the moon shone very bright.

  39. At midnight the gusts returned, though not with equal violence, with hail, sleet, and snow.

  40. The next morning, we had gusts so violent, that it was impossible to stand the deck; they brought whole sheets of water all the way from Cape Notch, which was a league distant, quite over the deck.

  41. Like stormy gusts of passion these wild, rebellious thoughts swept across his mind, wrecking and devastating the training of a lifetime as they went, and leaving him faint and breathless with their fury.

  42. The air within the cars was deadly; if a window was raised, a storm of dust and cinders blew in and quick gusts caught away the breath.

  43. Little gusts of sick, warm wind blew across the great avenue at the corners of the intersecting streets.

  44. And ever the fitful gusts between A sound came from the land; It was the sound of the trampling surf, On the rocks and the hard sea-sand.

  45. Great gusts of wind swirl the snow past the windows.

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