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Example sentences for "defended"

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defences; defend; defendant; defendants; defende; defender; defendere; defenders; defendeth; defending
  1. A valiant Roman who defended the bridge with Cocles against the army of Porsenna.

  2. When Rome was taken by the Gauls, he, with a body of his countrymen, fled to the Capitol, which he defended when it was surprised in the night by the enemy.

  3. During the Trojan war Mars interested himself on the side of the Trojans, and defended the favorites of Venus with great determination.

  4. It was defended very bravely by its old commander; but he soon found that he could not hold it, so he and his eighty men marched out and surrendered themselves prisoners of war.

  5. Then came the sad work of burying those who had fallen in the assault on the Redan, as also those who had defended it.

  6. The Swedish conquerors drove our people from their position, which they had defended with such ill luck, and were scattered everywhere in pursuit.

  7. In this wise the pastor left the Governor between hope and fear: and me and my cause he defended in the best way, and gained for me days of happiness and for himself (by the way) access to the Governor.

  8. It defended Cooper from the charge of vilifying his country in order to make his works salable in England, but it defended him in this way.

  9. Nearly three years after in the columns of a weekly newspaper he stoutly defended himself against the imputation.

  10. The Crown need not be defended for it is not assailed.

  11. New phases of the most interesting case Charley had ever defended spread out before him--the case which had given him his friend Jo Portugais, which had turned his own destiny.

  12. She was, however, dimly conscious of the power she had over his chivalrous mind: the power of the weak over the strong--the tyranny of the defended over the defender.

  13. The fortresses must be defended at any price, and to the last man, and I shall cause such commanders to be beheaded as fail to do their duty.

  14. Does your majesty say so because we defended our country when we were attacked?

  15. At dawn, the sun rose over the plain that surrounds the city of Marhala, surprised at night by the Saracens and defended by the Crusaders.

  16. Our priests then preached a holy war; we have defended ourselves, and we shall continue to do so.

  17. The gate of Agra was one of the points most violently attacked by a column of Crusaders under the order of William IX, Duke of Aquitaine, and also most stubbornly defended by the garrison.

  18. In our day, is not the simplest demonstration based on facts more highly esteemed than the most specious system though defended by more or less ingenious inductions?

  19. Lambert and I defended it with incredible courage.

  20. Biddle, Morrow, and Dana were all forced back from the ridge they had defended so long, which bordered Willoughby's Run.

  21. The cavalry who had so ably defended it fell back, in obedience to orders, to the Chancellorsville House, to support the batteries in that vicinity, and I think one regiment was sent to report to Sedgwick.

  22. General Dix, who commanded at Fortress Monroe, received orders to advance on Richmond, which was weakly defended at this time.

  23. Hall, commanding a brigade in Hancock's corps, who rendered this great service, was one of the garrison who defended Fort Sumter at the beginning of the war.

  24. Baird's division at Chickamauga defended itself successfully against an assault of this kind, and Hancock faced his division both ways at Chancellorsville and repelled every attempt to force his position.

  25. By these dispositions the Crusaders left free the sides of the city which were defended on the south by the valley of Gihon or Siloƫ, and towards the east by the valley of Jehoshaphat.

  26. Conrad took part with the Genoese, whilst the king of England as eagerly defended the Pisans, and terminated this civil war by forcing Conrad and the Genoese to retreat to the city of Tyre.

  27. Yes, the living God has charged me to announce to you that he will punish them who shall not have defended him against his enemies.

  28. It is surprising that, notwithstanding Jerusalem was almost always governed and defended by the Franks, no writer of our nation has spoken of it.

  29. The citadel soon surrendered; the soldiers who defended it only asking their lives; but, notwithstanding the capitulation, many were put to the sword.

  30. They had the sea on their right, and on the left rose the steep mountains of Naplouse, defended by the inhabitants of the country and the troops of Saladin.

  31. The fortress of Carac, from which had issued the war so fatal to the Christians, defended itself during a whole year against a Mussulman army.

  32. The Turks defended themselves during several months in Alexandria, against the seditions of the inhabitants and the numerous assaults of the Christians.

  33. The king of France also found his authority increased, from having been defended during his absence by the thunders of the Church and the eloquence of St. Bernard.

  34. This did very little harm to the horsemen, who were defended by their shields and their armour, but it wounded a great many of the horses, which threw the ranks into disorder.

  35. The soldiers of Gotschalk were full of courage, and, at first, defended themselves with advantage.

  36. The Crusaders left open the southern part, defended by the mountain of Orontes, and likewise neglected to invest the western side of the city, which the river protected, and thus gave the besieged liberty to make sorties or receive succours.

  37. Bill Haden was astonished upon his return home that night to find that his wife had all along known that it was Jack who had defended the Vaughan, and was inclined to feel greatly aggrieved at having been kept in the dark.

  38. It was that boy--for he was but seventeen then--who defended your engine-house against the mob of five hundred men!

  39. The thing had been well considered, and would have been a serious obstacle to any body of troops, at that point, for a few sharp-shooters deployed along the sides of the mountain could have then defended it against a large force.

  40. At a distance from the sea, forgotten by the emperors, encompassed on all sides by the Turks, her valiant sons defended their religion and freedom above fourscore years, and at length capitulated with the proudest of the Ottomans.

  41. It was the misfortune of the gallant Admiral on that day to lose one of the ships under his command; but the officers and crew of that ship defended her until they had lost half their numbers.

  42. If not better defended than I have known it to be, the batteries might be destroyed by a few soldiers from General Fox: a position there covers both sides of the island.

  43. Even the then Secretary of State, John Quincy Adams, in his correspondence with Don Onis, the Spanish Minister, defended the invasion with great ability.

  44. The other was the small spaceship which had climbed to it and fought for it and defended it against the bombs from Earth.

  45. The Platform can't be defended against an indefinite number of bombs from Earth.

  46. Hippolytus wrote against them and defended the apostolic authorship of Revelation and the Fourth Gospel in two books now lost.

  47. At any rate his course can be defended as a practical one under the circumstances.

  48. Hanway defended his use of the umbrella by saying he was in delicate health after his return from Persia.

  49. Frisbie, however, was defended by the best counsel that mere money could procure.

  50. There were many healthy-minded women and honest men who took my part and defended me, but I soon realised that it was beyond them to convince my enemies, and still less the sceptics and the cynics.

  51. Then I told her how Vitalis and I had been parted, that he had gone to prison because he had defended me, and how since he had gone I had been unable to make any money.

  52. The mob pushed us and sneered at us and called us the most horrible names, and I do believe that if the officer had not defended us they would have lynched us as though we were criminals of the deepest dye.

  53. After the classical writings of its first founders, the most widely influential production of this school is the "Theology Explained and Defended in a Series of Sermons" of President Dwight.

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