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Example sentences for "defenders"

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defendants; defende; defended; defender; defendere; defendeth; defending; defendit; defendre; defends
  1. Defn: A work constructed within another, to prolong the defense of the position when the enemy has gained possession of the outer work; or to protect the defenders till they can retreat or obtain terms for a capitulation.

  2. Defn: An intercepting mound, erected in any part of a fortification to protect the defenders from a rear or ricochet fire; a traverse.

  3. The address to the King which the defenders had prepared was here read to them.

  4. Finally but one sword remained in her bleeding heart, and then she asked me, 'Hast thou not sought the death of that Suliote brother and sister who were the most faithful defenders of my altars?

  5. During the early hours of the 18th, the defenders of the fort had "four distinct alarms" as small boats approached within hailing distance; "all hands out each time and expecting a fight.

  6. A marker on the left flank near the sally port honors the Confederate defenders of Fort Sumter.

  7. And--the safety of this town depends on the cool heads of the defenders who man the trenches.

  8. The defenders of the Kremlin were in despair.

  9. The defenders were demoralised, "they cried out like feeble women and tore their hair, making no attempt even to save themselves.

  10. The few defenders of the castle were overpowered and slain, for the gross treachery practised upon the "merrie men" a few days earlier had hardened their hearts and rendered them deaf to the call for pity or mercy.

  11. The camp was stoutly defended, but after a while the defenders were forced to fly by superior force.

  12. Our stormers had carried it and swept the defenders back into the true breach beside the tower.

  13. The attack of the Third Division on our right had begun, and the noise of it was taken up by the 95th riflemen, spread wide in three companies to scour the fausse braye between the two breaches, and keep the defenders busy along it.

  14. Under cover of the darkness the defenders reached again the big rocks.

  15. The attackers scattered and from behind clumps of brush grass and bushes poured in a fire that kept the defenders busy.

  16. But no first fire came, and Rushing River rolled his great black eyes upward in astonishment, perhaps thinking that his whoop had thrilled the defenders off the face of the earth altogether!

  17. Reaching it in gasping haste, he and his braves crouched for one moment at the foot of it, presumably to recover wind and allow the first fire of the defenders to pass over their heads.

  18. Of course one glance sufficed to show that the defenders had flown, and it needed not the practised wit of a savage to perceive that they had retreated through the back door.

  19. Having ruined the defences of the town, the enemy attacked several large houses in which they endeavoured to establish themselves, but were repulsed from some of these with considerable loss, while the defenders lost but one man.

  20. The Moors made a brave resistance at each attack, but the works being high, their shot flew over the heads of the assailants, who were more obstructed by the dead bodies than by the defenders or their works.

  21. The small but gallant party of defenders immediately met them with two fire-horns, and the cannon from the castle played against the assailants so furiously, that the Turks soon fled.

  22. Footnote 112: The author here very improperly calls the Nayres, or Malabar soldiers of the zamorin, Moors; though in all probability there might be some Mahometans among the defenders of Calicut.

  23. This tremendous cannonade did much damage to the houses of the town, in which many of the brave defenders were slain.

  24. At first the defenders of this post were only forty in number, but twenty more came to their assistance immediately, and several others afterwards.

  25. The town was now carried by storm, and all its defenders put to the sword, after which all the ships in the port were burnt.

  26. When morning broke and the assailants had retired, the monastery was all stuck full of arrows, and the dead bodies of 300 Moors were seen around its walls, while the defenders had not lost a single man.

  27. Proceeding to Curiate, ten leagues farther on, he was very ill received, in revenge for which he took the place by storm, losing only three of his own men, while eighty of the defenders were slain.

  28. The first attack was made on the bulwark or bastion of Ceram by De Cunna and De Sousa, who were bravely resisted by 600 men, till on the coming up of Albuquerque, the defenders fled and the Portuguese got possession of the bulwark.

  29. Even her defenders are ceasing now to urge that she can possibly derive any real benefit from this colossal ineptitude.

  30. Some of its defenders professed to see in it a safeguard for the colonies, which would somehow fly off into space in the event of a revolution.

  31. The first man leapt gallantly down among the defenders and fell on the flags of the courtlage, breaking his ankle.

  32. Having rested them at Nansclowan for the night, he led them forth at dawn and along the high-road to within fifty yards of the barricade which the defenders had drawn across it.

  33. The defenders dropped flat to the deck, outside of the cabin.

  34. The first shots the defenders had fired over the heads of the Esquimaux, not wishing to kill them if they could help it.

  35. No defenders on this occasion barred the gates of the temple to the Christian hosts.

  36. For me, friends are murdered, defenders are distant, possessions are lost.

  37. The number of defenders in the Mexican capital can not with accuracy be ascertained.

  38. The starving and dying defenders were shut up in a small section of less than one fourth of the capital.

  39. It bespoke the terrible vengeance that was about to be dealt out to the defenders of a detestable flag.

  40. The two lads hurried off together through the darkness, leaving the hacienda and its defenders behind as they began to retrace their steps along the rough track leading to the corduroy road.

  41. We must remember that these brave defenders of ours sometimes pad themselves a little; it will be nothing amiss if you allow for forty.

  42. It has been the habit of defenders of the sturdy, old virtues from time immemorial to be careless of others' reputations.

  43. Now the inhabitants and defenders of Belle-Isle know nothing of this arrest.

  44. The defenders of the castle hadn't prevented it.

  45. Yet nothing is done by the natural defenders of the rights of Englishmen.

  46. And among the most remarkable and most menacing adjuncts of the crisis, is the singular sense of inadequacy to resist its career, which seems to paralyse the habitual defenders of the right cause.

  47. Their shot, however, did little damage to the defenders upon the lofty bluffs, while the shot from the batteries so injured the gunboats that the attempt to force the passage was abandoned.

  48. After a few shots had been fired from the house the fire of the defenders ceased, the men within not daring to protrude the rifles through the loopholes, as every such appearance was instantly followed by a couple of shots from the corn patch.

  49. There were, as the sheriff had said, many stumps still standing, and each ensconced himself behind one of those, and began to reply to the fire that the defenders had kept up whenever they saw a movement among the corn stalks.

  50. At such a distance the shutters were but of slight advantage to the defenders of the house; for the assailants were all good shots, and the loopholes afforded excellent targets at such a distance.

  51. At a quarter to five in the morning of the 30th of July the great mine was exploded, blowing two guns, a battery, and its defenders into the air, and forming a huge pit two hundred feet long and sixty feet wide.

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