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  1. But these animals were closely confined; and many wild animals, as we shall see in a future chapter, are rendered by confinement in some degree or even utterly sterile.

  2. In an old Chinese work it is said that fish with vermilion scales were first raised in confinement during the Sung dynasty (which commenced A.

  3. Gold-fish (Cyprinus auratus) were introduced into Europe only two or three centuries ago; but they have been kept in confinement from an ancient period in China.

  4. The adventures during the long confinement in the creature's belly are most amusing; but at last they sail out through the chinks between the monster's teeth, and soon find themselves at the "Fortunate Islands.

  5. The sixth article provided "that there shall be no future confiscations made, nor any prosecutions commenced against any person" for having taken part in the war; and that those in confinement on such charges should be liberated.

  6. He was in close confinement it is true, but three rooms had been fitted up for his reception in the Old City Hall of New York, having nothing of the look of a prison excepting that they were secured by bolts and bars.

  7. He was ordered into close confinement in jail, though not put in irons; but subsequently, on account of his health, he was released.

  8. General Howe, if reinforced, would then very probably "endeavor to relieve himself from the disgraceful confinement in which the ministerial troops had been all summer.

  9. Congress adhered to their vindictive policy, merely directing that no other hardships should be inflicted on the captive officers than such confinement as was necessary to carry their resolve into effect.

  10. Lee was reported to be in rigorous confinement in New York, and treated with harshness and indignity.

  11. In consequence of his suggestion, thirteen persons in confinement for traitorous offences, were removed to the jail of Litchfield in Connecticut.

  12. The close confinement in which tank forces, airplane crews and submarine crews must operate would stifle morale and torture nerves otherwise.

  13. General Sherman, who commanded the Army for almost 15 years, was considered by many of his close friends to be a fit subject for confinement as a mental case just prior to the Civil War.

  14. His last days of long confinement and much pain were cheered with the hopeful light and comfort of that Gospel which he so loved to commend to his fellow-men.

  15. He bore the painful operation with manly fortitude, and during the consequent confinement saw many of the pleasing visions of his coming life dispelled.

  16. We answered that we wished to speak to some one near the King's person, in order to our being informed what we were kept in confinement for, as we were unable to assign any reason for it ourselves.

  17. Sawdust had been strewn on the floor, and in the intervals between trials as well as during confinement in wrong boxes, he took to playing with the sawdust.

  18. The punishment consisted of confinement for thirty seconds in each wrong box, and the reward of a small piece of banana, usually not more than a tenth of a medium sized banana for each correct choice.

  19. But he became extremely restless under the longer confinement and tried his best to raise the entrance and exit doors.

  20. At this time he was being punished by thirty seconds confinement in each wrong box, the interval having been held fairly steadily from the first series of experiments.

  21. As a variation in the mode of procedure, confinement for thirty seconds was tried on June 5, but it worked unsatisfactorily and had to be abandoned.

  22. Indeed, the longer confinement worked so unsatisfactorily that on the following day I substituted for it the punishment of forcing him to raise the entrance door of the wrong box in order to escape for a new choice.

  23. For the majority of the wrong choices confinement of not more than ten seconds was used.

  24. No confinement in wrong box; Food only for correct first but instead, return to choices starting point by way of alleys " 22 (2nd series).

  25. Punishment was varied from 0 to confinement of sixty seconds, and many kinds of food in different amounts were tried as rewards, but in spite of everything Sobke failed to improve markedly.

  26. It proved especially interesting to give one series per day with the round trip as punishment and another series with confinement as punishment.

  27. No confinement in wrong box; Food only for correct first but instead, return to choices starting point by way of alleys " 18 to 22 .

  28. Work was continued thus steadily until May 28 when, because of the failure of the animal to improve, it seemed wise to increase the period of confinement as punishment to sixty seconds.

  29. My notes record that he worked quickly though shyly, wasted almost no time, made few errors of choice, and waited quietly during confinement in the boxes.

  30. Again she writes, "I am already half sick from confinement to the house and overwork.

  31. A week of solitary confinement was among the penalties inflicted upon the hapless child who had failed to reach the standard of duty prescribed for her.

  32. Confinement to their separate jurisdictions is the duty of each; but if encroachments take place, which is to judge?

  33. And what a dreary time Monday morning was, with the music and laughter of the night before still ringing in your ears, and the prospect of six long days of close confinement and drudgery before you!

  34. And we cannot doubt that a boy of his lively temper must have preferred passing his days in the open fields, to confinement in the house and listening to the homilies of his teacher.

  35. They had been suffered to remain in confinement during the whole of the campaign; thus serving, in some sort, as hostages for the good behaviour of the people of the Albaicin.

  36. With some difficulty they succeeded in getting the three prisoners down the face of the cliff and aboard the catamaran; and, this done, their transference to the Minerva and their confinement in irons was an easy matter.

  37. Some were irked by confinement and wandered off; three of the fleet of eleven 'copters were stolen by groups of malcontents.

  38. Is that why I hated confinement and conformity so much?

  39. Kingti died seven years after his brother's return, and then, failing a better or nearer prince, Yngtsong was brought from his confinement and restored to the throne.

  40. Of course such confinement was intolerable, and English merchants and others would not be prevented from making boating or shooting excursions in the neighborhood of the settlements.

  41. She placed her son in confinement and wore the robes assigned for an emperor.

  42. A place of solitary confinement for soldiers, and tried in some large ships.

  43. But this was only awarded where the offence deserved a less punishment than death, and is now discontinued, solitary confinement or penal servitude being substituted.

  44. Restraint, durance, confinement under arrest, or in the bilboes.

  45. The following year embarked for France, but on the voyage was taken prisoner by a British vessel and kept in confinement for eight years.

  46. He preached during his confinement here every Sunday, and when he was released he baptized two persons whom he had thus converted.

  47. As Dorette anticipated her confinement in the spring, it was impossible we could remain longer in the limited accommodation of her mother's house, and we were now obliged to furnish a house of our own.

  48. Her confinement passed over as lightly and happily as the former one, and during the first days the health of the invalid was excellent.

  49. Her health and complexion triumphed over the coarse, hard fare; her habits of industry made application easy; but the dulness and monotony were sickening to her, the routine and confinement were hateful yoke and bondage.

  50. Not a wretch groans in any cell of the prisons of our country, who is exposed to a confinement so vigorous and heartbreaking as the law allows theirs to be continually and permanently.

  51. Even in excusable homicide, where an axe slipped from the helve and killed a man, no sum of money availed to release from confinement in the city of refuge, until the death of the High Priest.

  52. Even in excusable homicide, a case of death purely accidental, as where an axe slipped from the helve and killed a man, no sum of money availed to release from confinement in the city of refuge, until the death of the High Priest.

  53. Not a wretch groans in any cell of the prisons of our country, who is exposed to a confinement so rigorous and heart-breaking as the law allows theirs to be continually and permanently.

  54. The punishment for burglary, and other high offences, is solitary confinement in chains, or transportation for life to Botany Bay.

  55. The Lock-up House is a sort of jail, built of stone--about fifteen feet square, and originally designed as a place of confinement for slaves taken up by the patrol.

  56. In confinement he loses little of the power or energy of his song.

  57. Since the war commenced this place has been strongly fortified, and is becoming celebrated as a place of confinement for those incurring military displeasure.

  58. Slave Pens, once used as a rendezvous where slaves were bought and sold, but at the time of my visit used as a place of confinement for deserters, and others who might be found without passes, by the police.

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