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Example sentences for "confining"

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confine; confined; confinement; confinements; confines; confirm; confirmation; confirmations; confirmative; confirmatory
  1. By permitting himself to smoke again he was breaking the habit of confining himself to one cigar after breakfast.

  2. Examiner Starr, confining himself to his announced policy of grabbing in on the running operations of the bank at the moment of his entry, studied the petty-cash accounts and checked up the daybook with thoroughness.

  3. Confining our brief study of fashion to fashion in dress, let us observe why it is that women wear these fine clothes at all; and why they change them as they do.

  4. Confining women wholly to their feminine functions, he has required of them only what he called feminine virtues, and the one virtue he has demanded, to the complete overshadowing of all others, is measured by wholly masculine requirements.

  5. The boycott we have thus far had in view is a direct confining of union laborers' patronage to union-made goods.

  6. The reason for confining attention to the central zone is partly, as we have stated, because here only do we get a quick response to an economic influence.

  7. It departs somewhat from the plan of confining the action to the family, since it introduces some other parties as arbitrators and thus invites some recognition of outside interests.

  8. One can overtax a mill site by confining larger and larger amounts of capital within a given area.

  9. But above all, its most important effect will be found in its influence upon the character of the Government by confining its action to those objects which will be sure to secure to it the attachment and support of our fellow citizens.

  10. With the view to the sale and settlement of these inferior lands, I recommend that the price be graduated and reduced below the present minimum rate, confining the sales at the reduced prices to settlers and cultivators, in limited quantities.

  11. The mode may be so regulated as to preserve to each State its present relative weight in the election, and a failure in the first attempt may be provided for by confining the second to a choice between the two highest candidates.

  12. The successful operation of the federal system can only be preserved by confining it to the few and simple, but yet important, objects for which it was designed.

  13. Confining myself here to his domestic character, I shall not touch on the many admirable public projects of this monarch, which have extorted the praise, and even the admiration, of some who have not spared their pens in his disparagement.

  14. This priest thought his fortune would be made if he could put Moses into the hands of Pharaoh of Egypt, and began by confining him in a low cell and allowing him only bread and water.

  15. In interior Asia it has probably existed for centuries, the non-emigrating character of the people limiting and confining its devastations.

  16. The dragon is on its guard against this, and tries to prevent it, by first of all confining the legs of the elephant with the folds of its tail; while the elephant, on the other hand, tries to disengage itself with its trunk.

  17. The author has succeeded in presenting the facts in a clear and satisfactory manner, using simple language and copious illustration in the presentation of facts and principles, confining himself, however, to the physical aspect of the subject.

  18. Leaving the smaller groups, and confining ourselves to the Dematiei and the Mucedines, we shall obtain some notion of the prevalent structure.

  19. We are not to proceed as do they who undertake one thing today, and tomorrow another, confining themselves to nothing and soon growing weary and indolent.

  20. It is their fortune to miss every opportunity in consequence of confining their endeavors to certain times.

  21. After marriage, his income being cut off by his mother, he for a time wrote for his bread; and the work, close and confining as it was, told very much upon his health.

  22. The struggle results in an Unfoldment, causing sheath after sheath of the confining material bonds to be thrown off and discarded, as the Spirit presses upon the Mind, and the Mind moulds and shapes the Matter.

  23. Here, as elsewhere, he exercised the liberty of a creative mind to heighten the probability of his pictures without confining himself to a literal description of something he had seen.

  24. The chalk line has been wiped away to-day, but the confining ring is still there.

  25. He also read Macbeth to me, first explaining the text in Bengali, and then confining me to the school room till I had rendered the day's reading into Bengali verse.

  26. I believe in confining ourselves to woman suffrage.

  27. The power of the people so far limited as to restrain the popular assemblies from making alterations in the resolutions proposed to them by the senate or the kings, and confining them merely to a vote of approval or rejection.

  28. In the latter, they adopted the policy of their ancestors, the Phoenicians, making the settlements so small, and confining them within such narrow bounds, that the mother country might always ensure their dependence.

  29. By confining his cruelty chiefly to the capital, and by a strict superintendence over the governors of provinces, Domitian prevented any such general disorganization of the empire as took place under Nero.

  30. Historians, indeed, lighten this labour by confining themselves merely to Athens and Sparta; but by so doing they give us a very imperfect knowledge of the subject.

  31. We have now--confining ourselves to points as to which there can be no question--examined Mr Freeman's account of the Battle of Hastings.

  32. He was obeying the divine will in confining His ministry to the Jewish people, as we know that He did.

  33. Thus we see that Virgil abstains from applying the name to any of his Italian characters, confining it to such as are mentioned in Homer, or are connected with the Homeric legends.

  34. We see a desire to emancipate both thought and expression from the exquisite but confining proportions within which they had as yet moved.

  35. Nisard's second volume of the Poètes de la Décadence, and confining ourselves principally to such points as he has not dwelt upon.

  36. LEE then moved an amendment confining the ground on which the mausoleum should be erected to public property.

  37. Confining himself to that, he pointed out the mistake the minister had made, for he had brought "not one-seventh of his fleet in point of numbers.

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