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Example sentences for "barrier"

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  1. A mighty barrier crossed the road on the southeast.

  2. The bullets of the natives on the lower ramparts of the pah might intercept them, and form a barrier that no one could safely cross.

  3. But towards the east the view was limited by a barrier of peaks and ridges.

  4. So long as their supplies lasted, so long as the barrier of fire stood at the entrance to the ramada, invasion was not to be feared.

  5. The fiery barrier that Thalcave had just opposed to them had redoubled their fury.

  6. The Fronde was like our Rebellion, insomuch that it was a struggle of the parliament against the crown; an attempt to secure liberty, and raise up a barrier against the despotism of government.

  7. The Alpine barrier in the north of Italy was indispensable to the building-up and maintenance of the dominion of ancient Rome.

  8. A barrier was placed in the way of the advance of the Germans, which availed for this end during several centuries.

  9. The great barrier in Charles's way was the freedom-loving spirit of the inhabitants of the Swiss mountains.

  10. By the continued application of the creature's spinneret this barrier is made gradually thicker and higher, till at last the overhanging sides meet and the caterpillar is inclosed in its self-constructed prison.

  11. It seems now to become a little more reconciled to its unnatural surroundings; and, making the best of bad matters, keeps its body in one place, and starts the construction of a ridge or barrier all round itself.

  12. In the month of December the mountaineers crossed the great dividing ridge of the Rocky Mountains, making their way through the snowy barrier with the utmost difficulty, and losing many mules and horses in the attempt.

  13. But this time their migration was far beyond the reach of their enemies, and their intention was to place between them the impassable barrier of the Rocky Mountains, and to seek a home and resting-place in the remote regions of the Far West.

  14. Passion and party-feeling overthrew every barrier of decency and dignity; and from this moment may be traced that insurmountable aversion which Louis XIII subsequently exhibited alike towards the Queen his wife and the Prince his brother.

  15. The occasion of quarrel between Israel and the world was destroyed; the barrier disappeared that had for so long fenced off the privileged ground of the sons of Abraham (vv.

  16. We wanted to get out, but everywhere around us was a barrier of mountainous icebergs.

  17. They here find a climate which is slightly more mild, and never fail to choose ice which is low and flat, and usually protected from the south-east swell by a barrier of larger bergs.

  18. Uncounted centuries ago they had come bounding, crashing down from the heights, shaken loose by the convulsions of Mother Earth, tearing their way through the feeble barrier of trees to a henceforth place of security.

  19. Other men, of course, had been in love with her; other men no doubt had dashed their hopes upon the barrier in their haste to seize the treasure.

  20. A barrier of stark terror, subjective and unfounded on fact?

  21. Then was there a barrier which Garr Symm, along with all humanoids, had somehow inherited?

  22. The surf was broken, of course, upon the reef, and although the waves passed completely over it, their force was expended upon it, so that inside the barrier the boys found the water disturbed by nothing more than a swell.

  23. We must have a barrier around the camp to-night.

  24. Now tell me, Edith, that henceforth there shall be no barrier between us--tell me that you love me.

  25. Was it because you loved me and could not trust yourself to meet me day after day without betraying the fact when you feared that the knowledge of your birth might become a barrier between us?

  26. But we both believe in the Bible ritual, and those words, 'until death doth part,' have been a barrier which neither of us was willing to overleap.

  27. Again and again the heights enclosed us, so that there was no outlet; but they opened as if purposely to make way for us, until our keel grated the pebbly barrier of a narrow valley, where the land road was resumed.

  28. He was off in another moment, crossed Witham, who had found fresh beasts, in his furrow, and had turned and doubled it before the fire that had passed the other barrier came close upon them.

  29. For a moment he wondered vaguely how far a man with what fate had thrust upon him might dare to go, and then with a little shiver saw once more the barrier of deceit and imposture.

  30. Then she shivered a little, remembering that there was a barrier whose extent he alone realized between them, and wondered vaguely what the future would bring.

  31. Then there was silence for a while, until, as they swept across the rise, Maud Barrington laughed as she pointed to the lights that blinked in the hollow, and Witham realized that the barrier between them stood firm again.

  32. But John Bull knows not the unimaginable fact, or knew it not, for the barrier is now widely broken down.

  33. He joined in it, and, for an instant they stood looking at one another as if the last barrier were down, and they were friends indeed.

  34. Do not be kind; it destroys the only barrier now left between us.

  35. She has talked strangely about this barrier between us, and how that marriage is not permitted to her.

  36. Twas not long before the door came down; but then they had to pass the barrier I had put up in the passage.

  37. At last one slippery rogue scrambled over the barrier and dodged past me.

  38. While Pierre was looking about him trying to plan something in his mind, my cousin had the barrier closed and fastened with four or five short lengths of logs.

  39. Soon that proclamation was to erect a positive barrier of public opinion against any future efforts to secure British intervention.

  40. Stoeckl in conference with Seward, expressed regret that the emancipation proclamation had been issued, since it set up a further barrier to the reconciliation of North and South--always the hope of Russia.

  41. Thus British policy, after Texan annexation, offered no barrier to American expansion, and much to British relief the fear of the extension of the American plans to Mexico and Central America was not realized.

  42. The renewal by the South of that trade might be a barrier to British goodwill, but the action of the North was viewed as but a weak attempt to secure British sympathy, and to mark the limits of Northern anti-slavery efforts.

  43. This caused her bewilderment, and like a barrier to the flowing of her mind it resisted and resisted.

  44. I could perceive that the figure of the Prince Albrecht, in its stiff condition, was debarred from vaulting, or striding, or stooping, so that the ropes were a barrier between us.

  45. But now that they were alone, she became conscious of a barrier between her lover and herself, and alarm sprang up in her heart.

  46. I will not deny that I was piqued, and perhaps the feeling strengthened my desire to go, for I was confident that I could break down that barrier if I desired.

  47. He next subjected the whole of Persia, while the westward march of the armies under his lieutenants was arrested only at the mountain barrier of Central Europe, all Russia falling subject to his rule.

  48. The Great Wall, which had so often proved useless as a barrier of defence, failed to check the march of the great Mongol host, the chief who should have defended it being bribed to desert his charge.

  49. His only remaining hope lay in the desert barrier which lay between him and his great enemy, and this vanished when the Chinese army made its appearance in his territories, though its success had been gained at a frightful loss of life.

  50. There came to his mind the idea of crossing this seeming great barrier to his victorious career.

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