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  1. It is an excellent example of masonry superseding earthwork defences without obliterating their original lines.

  2. It must be borne in mind that the study of the earthwork is the alphabet to that of castellation, and that the evolution of the latter cannot be efficiently comprehended without an intelligent appreciation of the former.

  3. That which occurred at Verulamium happened also in numerous other places, Silchester for example, the Romans thus adapting an efficient earthwork to suit their own requirements.

  4. The configuration of the earthwork suggested the shape of the Shell, being either circular, oval, or, as in the case of York and probably Warwick, that of a quatrefoil.

  5. Maiden Castle, Dorsetshire 9 This gigantic earthwork looms darkly in the distance, with indications upon its broken outline of the enormous mounds and fosses which render it one of the most impressive examples of its class.

  6. Melandra is a Roman earthwork in a good state of preservation near Glossop in Derbyshire.

  7. Hence the earthwork and the parapet of rock, singly or combined, may be regarded as the first of all castellation, with an origin so remote as to be practically coeval with man's first appearance upon earth.

  8. Hence in late years a system of differentiation has been evolved, and the allocation of an earthwork to a definite class is now possible.

  9. Upon the summit of this eminence is a remarkable earthwork enclosing about 16 acres of land, round which the original rampart must have been nearly three-quarters of a mile in length.

  10. And here perhaps we may mention that the defences of an ancient earthwork can hardly be judged adequately at the present time without imagining the subsidiary structures which once crowned the works.

  11. By far the most extraordinary and interesting earthwork discovered in the West is the Great Serpent, situate on Brush Creek at a point known as the "Three Forks," near the north line of Adams county, Ohio.

  12. I went a pace or two up the earthwork and looked over toward the foe.

  13. There were the marks of fire on roof and walls; for once the wild Welsh had tried to burn it, and failed, in a sudden raid before Offa had curbed them with the mighty earthwork that runs from Dee to Severn to keep the border of his realm.

  14. At one part, where a Saxon earthwork makes a long curved hillock at the farther end of the grounds, the wall is only ten feet above the grassy walk, but forty feet down on the other side.

  15. A third of the way down the terrace was an earthwork filled with infantry, whilst at its foot ran the famous stone wall extending southward from the cemetery above the city, and was continued by an earthwork around the whole circle.

  16. Elaborate fortifications are erected on well-chosen hills or bluffs, and strengthened by ditches, mounds, and complicated approaches; but the lines of earthwork are everywhere adapted to the natural features of the site.

  17. No cotton-bales before us-- Some fool that falsehood told; Before us was an earthwork Built from the swampy mould And there we stood in silence, And waited with a frown.

  18. A flag from its summit floated And a circling earthwork grew, As the arms of the swarming soldiers At their toil unwonted flew.

  19. When the mole reached out where the force of the current was felt, however, the earthwork was carried away as rapidly as it was built.

  20. A strong party were then set to work to cut sods, and with these an earthwork was thrown up across the road, four feet high.

  21. Not a rifle cracked, but the cannon from the mud earthwork thundered furiously.

  22. The mud earthwork again belches its sheets of flame, as the backwoods riflemen fire their death-dealing volleys.

  23. A few miles above the entrance into the Sabine River, a small earthwork had been constructed, garrisoned at the time of the action by forty-two men and two lieutenants, with an armament of six guns.

  24. The fort consisted of two water-batteries on the hillside, protected by a bastioned earthwork of irregular outline on the summit, inclosing about one hundred acres.

  25. The success of the single company which garrisoned the earthwork is without parallel in ancient or modern war.

  26. General Lee immediately commenced the construction of an earthwork for a battery on our left flank, and a line of intrenchment to the right, necessarily feeble because of our deficiency in tools.

  27. There an earthwork had been constructed and provided with an armament of four guns.

  28. Smith, with two brigades of some five to six thousand men, landed on the left bank, with orders to take the earthwork opposite Fort Henry, known as Fort Hindman.

  29. The principal defenses were Fort Walker, a strong earthwork on Hilton Head, and Fort Beauregard on Philip's Island.

  30. This was an earthwork on a bluff on the east side of the Mississippi, at the mouth of Coal Creek.

  31. The order comes, the regiment forces its way through the pine thicket, straightens its line as it emerges, and the earthwork bursts into flame.

  32. The earthwork was but part of the defence of the crossing.

  33. The Fifteenth forced their way into that earthwork at the bayonet's point, held their costly capture for a short space, took about a hundred prisoners and a battle-flag.

  34. A little breeze lifts the veil of smoke, through the rift we catch a glimpse of the earthwork beyond the river; it is an inferno of bursting shells and clouds of dust.

  35. Before the boat reached the opposite bank he was out of it, and without waiting for any one, he rushed straight at the enemy's earthwork alone.

  36. At one side of the Bloody Angle was an earthwork as yet untried by assault.

  37. To the right and front, beyond the field, was a high hill or knoll on which an earthwork had been thrown up.

  38. Behind the earthwork a considerable force of confederate infantry was seen in bivouac, evidently taking a rest, with arms stacked.

  39. Others, shaped like an eagle with outstretched wings, having walls of earthwork two feet high, of oblong shape, and enclosed on all sides except at the east and west, where there are entrances of about four feet in width.

  40. Castle Neroche, locally known as Castle Ratch, a remarkable earthwork of problematical origin, 7 m.

  41. Hard by are the British earthwork known as Cenwealh's Castle, and the Norm, moated mound called Orchard Castle.

  42. The walls of the earthwork were enormously thick, three hundred feet Ned reckoned, and upon it at regular intervals stood other small pyramids fourteen in number.

  43. He saw, too, south of the larger pyramids a great earthwork or citadel thirty or forty feet high enclosing a square in which stood a small pyramid.

  44. So I have called this book Earthwork out of Tuscany.

  45. Every gun he saw was marked, every earthwork drawn in with precision.

  46. As for the men stationed in the trench behind, and those in the earthwork for which they were making, they watched the little scene with grins of amusement and delight.

  47. From an ancient earthwork camp or "castle," this Down was known as Berbury Hill, and the level plain was often called Berbury racecourse.

  48. The poor fellow wandered about in the daytime on the Downs, hiding in the fir copses, lying on the ancient earthwork entrenchment, and dreaming of his fair Florence, so many hundreds of miles away.

  49. He peeped carefully over the earthwork and studied the trees, bushes, and hillocks below.

  50. There was light enough for sharpshooting, and more than one soldier who incautiously raised his head above the earthwork was slain.

  51. Others were hard at work with pick and spade, and from a distant point of the earthwork came the sharp report of rifle shots.

  52. That which distinguishes Herat from all other Oriental cities, and at the same time constitutes its main defence, is the stupendous character of the earthwork upon which the city wall is built.

  53. In the 8th century Offa extended the Mercian frontier to the Wye, securing it by the earthwork known as Offa's dike, portions of which are visible at Knighton and Moorhampton in this county.

  54. At that end," said the German, showing Spud a sort of earthwork at their end of the wood, about six hundred yards away.

  55. In early days there had been an earthwork on the site, which might have given rise to the name "Castle.

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