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defends; defens; defensa; defense; defenseless; defensible; defensionem; defensive; defensively; defensores
  1. These batteries formed a chain of defenses running eastward from the Licking River at a distance of two miles and a half south of the city of Newport.

  2. Lieutenant Downs, with a squad consisting of three sergeants and twenty-seven men, were sent to guard that part of the defenses known as the Three-mile Batteries.

  3. During the preliminary instruction, attacks and defenses will he executed from guard until proficiency is attained, after which they may be executed from any position in which the rifle is held.

  4. In the preliminary drills in the defenses the position of guard is resumed, by command, after each parry.

  5. The purpose of combined movements is to develop more vigorous attacks and more effective defenses than are obtained by the single movements; to develop skill in passing from attack to defense and the reverse.

  6. The purpose of fencing at will is to teach the soldier as many forms of simple, effective attacks and defenses as possible.

  7. Nowhere in the world can be found such a perfect picture of the military defenses of the eleventh, twelfth, and thirteenth centuries.

  8. The defenses of Carcassonne show all the systems of military architecture from Roman times to the fourteenth century.

  9. I tried to reach a point whence I could see the course of the Piave to get an idea of the defenses constructed by the Austrians and the difficulties we should have to overcome in crossing.

  10. In the region of the lower Piave, after a violent attack, the enemy has succeeded, in the region of Zenson, in uniting its two bridge defenses and in reaching Meolo and pushing forth some platoons towards Monastir.

  11. It was next to impossible for Boone and the other militia captains to induce men to labor at the common defenses in time of peace.

  12. These "forts" of the American border would have proved slight defenses in the presence of an enemy armed with even the lightest artillery, but were generally sufficient to withstand a foe possessing only muskets and rifles.

  13. As it was impossible to surmount such formidable defenses by assault, Napoleon was compelled to have recourse to the more tedious operations of a siege.

  14. The motive will also be diminished if it knows that our defenses by land are so well planned and executed that an invasion of our coast can not be productive of the evils to which we have heretofore been exposed.

  15. From these views, applicable to the very important subject of our defenses generally as well as to the work at Dauphine Island, I think it my duty to recommend to Congress an appropriation for the latter.

  16. These considerations shew that defenses other than such as are immediately connected with the city are of great importance to its safety.

  17. We also needed strength along the outer edges of the free world, defenses for our allies as well as for ourselves, strength to hold the line against attack as well as to retaliate.

  18. In Turkey, cooperative action resulted in building up a bulwark of military strength for an area vital to the defenses of the entire free world.

  19. But, while this was no doubt the primary purpose in view, the experiment also served the secondary purpose of determining the result of the explosion upon the net defenses of a ship.

  20. The opening experiment on June 9 consisted of an attack directed against a new system of torpedo defenses which are to be carried by ships in action, or when in expectation of an attack, rather than an assault upon the ship herself.

  21. I was told last week in Paris that London has as yet no dream of the marvellous feat her volunteer army achieved--a feat that throws into the shade all the heroic defenses sung in the verse of ancient times.

  22. Goethals down, who appeared before the committee was asked if he considered the defenses recommended as sufficient for the purposes intended, and each replied in the affirmative.

  23. These defenses consist of large forts at each end of the canal, with field works for some 6,000 mobile troops.

  24. At the Pacific end all of the defenses will be on the east side of the channel.

  25. On the other hand, the men of New York strengthened their defenses at Oswego, and increased the garrison.

  26. As soon as the defenses were finished, Champlain departed for France with his family, to press for aid from the government for the distressed colony.

  27. These natural defenses of the country are strengthened by the nature of the vegetation.

  28. During nearly two years' preparation he had spared no pains to render these defenses impregnable.

  29. To-day it would be more correct to say that Aleppo is the key to the outer approaches to India and Egypt, the inner defenses of which are impregnable.

  30. At a later date our troops reached the defenses of Mouquet Farm, northwest of Pozières, and made progress in the enemy's trenches south of Thiepval.

  31. North of the Ancre, where the opposing trenches ran transversely across the main ridge, the enemy's defenses were equally elaborate and formidable.

  32. Three waves of our attacking troops carried the outer defenses of Mouquet Farm, and, pushing on, entered Zollern Redoubt, which they stormed and consolidated.

  33. Defenses of the nature described could only be attacked with any prospect of success after careful artillery preparation.

  34. The Allies have all winter been organizing the defenses of Salonica as a pied-à-terre for such an attack.

  35. By the frontier delimited in 1866, they were left without natural defenses on the north and east.

  36. The victorious Turkish army is then in a position to advance along the Persian Gulf road upon India, and would assail India at her weakest point, outflanking the great defenses at Quetta which have been developed primarily against Russia.

  37. Egypt and the Suez Canal, India, and the great defenses would not be so strongly held.

  38. The failure of their effort was due to the splendid endurance of our troops, who held the line around the salient under a fire which again and again blotted out whole lengths of the defenses and killed the defenders by scores.

  39. Vineae--Defenses made of hurdles or other wood, and often covered with raw hides, to defend the soldiers who worked the battering-ram.

  40. I should find, in your friendship, armies, riches, and all necessary defenses of my realm.

  41. Sallust have said that Metellus put a garrison in the place, to try if its defenses would be open to him?

  42. Thompson slept inside the defenses and passed the greater part of the day at the agency, about one hundred yards beyond the works.

  43. You are at liberty to take such measures either by strengthening these defenses or by re-enforcing these garrisons with troops drawn from any other posts, as you may think prudence and a just precaution require.

  44. The German forward defenses consisted of an elaborate and intricate system of well-wired trenches and strong points forming a defensive belt over a mile in depth.

  45. To Jackson the first necessity seemed to be to make sure of the defenses of Mobile.

  46. Troops which had marched across Moccasin Point from Chattanooga were hurried across the river in the boats, and in a short time the defenses were strong enough to hold the new pontoon bridge, which was speedily completed.

  47. He gained a lateral elevation about eighty yards distant from the enemy's defenses and held it firmly.

  48. To strengthen our continental defenses the United States and Canada, in the closest cooperation, have substantially augmented early warning networks.

  49. Our defenses have been reinforced at sharply reduced costs.

  50. First, the countries receiving this aid become bulwarks against communist encroachment as their military defenses and economies are strengthened.

  51. To build excessively, under the influence of fear, could defeat our purposes and impair or destroy the very freedom and economic system our military defenses are designed to protect.

  52. Lizzie felt herself driven back, panting upon the last defenses of her incredulity.

  53. Such proof as he offered came, therefore, as a kind of crowning luxury, the flower of a profoundly rooted sentiment; andhere again the instinctive reserves and defenses would have seemed to vulgarize what his trust ennobled.

  54. And that's why, earlier today, I signed a new Executive order that will strengthen our cyber defenses by increasing information sharing and developing standards to protect our national security, our jobs, and our privacy.

  55. Here at home, we'll keep strengthening our defenses and combat new threats like cyber attacks.

  56. According to rumor, the duke was lately intrusted with a mission of exceptional peril, involving a flight into hostile territory and the capture of certain photographs of defenses much needed for the plans of the supreme command.

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