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Example sentences for "attacking"

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attachments; attack; attacked; attacker; attackers; attacks; attackted; attain; attainable; attainder
  1. The laborers belonging to the different mines go about the streets rioting and attacking each other, and they frequently get involved in dangerous affrays.

  2. They are good skirmishers, and they harass the enemy by their unexpected movements; sometimes attacking in front and sometimes in the rear.

  3. The nature of the military operations on the earth below during these five days, (March 25-29,) favored the allied airmen and permitted them to secure important results in attacking infantry.

  4. Perhaps he has under-estimated the distance, and if it be a bank fish he is attacking his fly may float down some twelve inches from the bank under which the fish is lying.

  5. We none of us felt equal to attacking the fly in its weird position, so we sent Pat down to the village, a mile or more away, to get the local doctor to extract it.

  6. But Alfonso considered himself justified in attacking at the hour of dawn on the Friday morning.

  7. Attacking the Italian craft with impetuosity, he quickly overcame those on board, rescued Oriana, and at once set sail with her for the golden shores of the Firm Island.

  8. But the Cid, with three hundred men, knew well the folly of attacking three thousand, and bided his time.

  9. His giant foster-father accompanied him, and they had travelled but two days when they came to the castle of a felon knight, whom, with his retainers, they saw attacking a single champion.

  10. They are always at war with the tribes around them and make long journeys for the purpose of attacking some other nation.

  11. Then another and another leaped up, until all the fighting men of the tribe signified their intention of attacking the enemy.

  12. Probably no series of battles of the whole war was waged under such persistently adverse conditions, or imposed a greater physical strain on the attacking troops.

  13. A gallant attempt at resistance was put up and rifle and Lewis gun fire were opened as soon as the attacking lines made their appearance.

  14. The two attacking companies were led by a line of scouts followed by one platoon in extended formation.

  15. It was a lesson to us not to let the others loose until we were ready to assist in attacking any similar visitors.

  16. The difficulty began yesterday afternoon by General Mabry attacking Major O'Connor and threatening to kill him.

  17. The attacking party then retreated to a height of ground, to muster their men, and to count the number of missing and slain.

  18. Carlyle said the French Revolution was a thing settled in the eternal councils to be; and therefore (and not because it was right) attacking it was "fighting against God.

  19. He was attacking something which we will call Mr. Gradgrind.

  20. There is a remote possibility that we may take them unawares or find but a few there, but I trust mainly to locating them, then sending for Disbrow and his bluejackets and attacking the rascals' lair with an overwhelming force.

  21. General Longley had organised his attacking columns in three groups.

  22. The bridge rafts for one of the crossings could not be got up to the river bank because the men were continually slipping in the mud under the heavy load, and the attacking battalion at this spot was ferried over in coracles.

  23. The wind was strong and drove walls of water before it, and there was not a man in the attacking force with a dry skin.

  24. Our left, or attacking sector, had gained all their objectives against strong opposition in a most difficult country, and had drawn against them the very troops held in reserve for the main attack on Jerusalem.

  25. The physical powers of some of our attacking troops were tried highly.

  26. The orders were received at four o'clock, and until we had got an absolute hold on Tel el Saba an attack on the town from this direction would have been suicidal, as an attacking force would have been between two fires.

  27. Desert Mounted Corps will move on the night of Z-1=Zero day from the area of concentration about Khalasa and Asluj so as to co-operate with XXth Corps by attacking Beersheba with two divisions and one mounted brigade.

  28. Thornhill was attacking the other gun, and he, with the assistance of Train, accounted for that crew as well.

  29. On the evening of December 8 the position of the attacking force was this.

  30. Stated briefly, these were to hold on to a position and inflict such losses as they could upon the attacking troops, until the final assault became imminent; and then to mount their ponies and gallop away.

  31. Obviously in these circumstances what military science required of the commander directing the attacking force was to find a means of placing his own troops on equal terms with the enemy; and this was what Lord Roberts did.

  32. The position held by the Boers, although it was commanded by rising ground on all sides, was one which afforded admirable cover in repelling an attacking force.

  33. Of several Guards, and the Manner of attacking them.

  34. As the Art of Fencing consists in attacking and defending with the Sword, it is necessary that every Motion and Situation tend to these two principal Points, viz.

  35. Why will his Grace, by attacking me, force me reluctantly to compare my little merit with that which obtained from the crown those prodigies of profuse donation by which he tramples on the mediocrity of humble and laborious individuals?

  36. But by attacking all the combined powers together for their supposed unjust aggression upon France, he bound them by a now common interest not separately to join England for the rescue of Poland.

  37. That night he spent in alternately communicating with Detroit and attacking the stubborn cement, snatching a few hours' sleep towards morning.

  38. Only by his sense of touch could he determine whether he was attacking the cement or merely the hard stone.

  39. I had been dreaming that a surprise party of Germans were attacking the trench, and I was just rallying the men for a final dash when heavy guns began a bombardment which was unexpected.

  40. By eight o'clock he could have had his troops in attacking distance of the enemy, and in their rear.

  41. The enemy, in overpowering numbers, repulsed our attacking force and recaptured the battery with immense slaughter.

  42. General Keene, in command of this second attacking column, was borne from the field badly wounded.

  43. To be effective against an attacking force, the entrenchment and outworks must be extended to cover the entire space.

  44. He was attacking it with all his might, bounding into the air and, blindly fearless in his danger, coming toward her faster than she could step backward.

  45. At last the commander of the attacking force decided that the only way to get into the town would be to blow open the gate with dynamite or nitro-glycerine.

  46. They had to cut their way through a horde of Chinamen as soon as they had gotten inside the town; but they finally beat them off, and threw the bolts of the heavy gates, that were at once shoved in by the attacking force outside.

  47. I still possess his dried specimens of other species of AEcidium attacking various kinds of plants, which he collected for comparison with that of the Barberry.

  48. The angles are protected from attacking parties by machicolated galleries, and three enormous bastions project from each flank.

  49. The attacking force advanced in extended order by a series of small rushes.

  50. Sieges were never of long duration: the attacking army, lacking any kind of commissariat, seldom carried food for more than three days, and were in straits while the besieged were living in comfort on their ample supplies.

  51. The attacking chief would cry in the hearing of both sides, "The men of that fortress are already dead: its present garrison are old women!

  52. Upon the stronger fortresses direct assaults were rare, but when the attacking party felt themselves to be superior, the Vu-ni-valu issued orders for a general advance, specifying the detachment which was to have the honour of leading.

  53. I may say that he has always a hearty manner of attacking his soup.

  54. The circumstance of his blindly attacking the unsauced fish was eloquent indeed.

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