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  1. The world revolves the portion of a circle; yet why that circle of a sun-centre, or that wider circle within which both suns and earths revolve, or what the centre which controls the entire system of immensity may be, he dares not affirm.

  2. Gifted with the Maker's magic, out of nothing they create Crowded earths which rise before them, void, until they animate.

  3. But in the state of oxide many are used which are seldom seen in the metallic state, such are the earths and alkalies; and for colors, and several other purposes, many other preparations are in use.

  4. The next frequent of the earths are Baryta and Strontia; but these may be said to be useless when compared with the three former.

  5. All earths are metals in combination with oxygen: that is to say, they can all be separated into a metal and oxygen.

  6. Most of the precious stones are composed of the earths in a crystalline state and colored by some foreign ingredient, such are the emerald, ruby, garnet, &c.

  7. Stones and earths employed in building, arts, and manufactures 1.

  8. Earths employed in manufactures and arts: Cement, lime, and gypsum, G.

  9. The cisterns are about four feet in diameter and three feet deep, and may have served originally, as the author remarks, for washing auriferous earths in the search for gold.

  10. The colors employed in them were obtained, as may be plainly seen, from the mineral earths which are found about the volcano of Virgenes.

  11. They make their Earths in hard Clay, stony ground, and amongst Roots of Trees; and have but one Hole straight and long.

  12. Some day Zorzi would be no longer a mere paid helper, calling himself a servant when his humour was bitter, tending a fire on his knees and grinding coloured earths and salts in a mortar.

  13. Fuller's earths are in general higher in water content and have less plasticity than most clays, but they vary widely in physical and chemical properties.

  14. The solubility of the mucines in dilute solutions of alkalies and of alkaline earths causes the epidermis to be loosened from the corium, when the skins are treated with such solutions for some time.

  15. Salts of alkalies and alkaline earths do not affect the hair at all.

  16. She took an oath from fire and from water, from iron and from all metals, from earths and stones and great trees, from birds and beasts and creeping things, from poisons and diseases.

  17. The actual geographical distribution of species upon the earths surface tends to suggest the same notion.

  18. Investigations about the succession of species in time, and their actual geographical distribution over the earths surface, were leading up from all sides and in various ways to the question of their origin.

  19. Plants, on the contrary, draw from the soil the salts that are found accidentally mixed in it; and their fibrous texture varies according to the nature of the earths that predominate in the spots which they inhabit.

  20. It is known that great use is still made in the East of the bolar and sigillated earths of Lemnos, which are clay mingled with oxide of iron.

  21. One of the best ways to form an idea of the whole size of the sun is to imagine it to be hollow, like an air-ball, and then see how many earths it would take to fill it.

  22. The fourth and fifth earths are like the Arka; they have trees, but neither wheat nor any other of the seven species.

  23. As Warmth and Moisture blend their magic spells, And brood with mingling wings the slimy dells; Contractile earths in sentient forms arrange, And Life triumphant stays their chemic change.

  24. Ere Time began, from flaming Chaos hurl'd Rose the bright spheres, which form the circling world; Earths from each sun with quick explosions burst, And second planets issued from the first.

  25. Since all earths pleasures are so short and small, The way t'enjoy it is t'abjure it all.

  26. The worst and most accursed of things creeping On earths sad bosome.

  27. The woman had also the same bottle-shaped basket slung over her neck, as before remarked, and containing white and red earths for painting their bodies.

  28. The scenery was painted by Captain Stanley with earths of the country, who also was stage manager and general planner of the whole.

  29. The miser earths his treasure; and the thief, 950 Watching the mole, half beggars him ere morn.

  30. All the substances formerly called earths are, in fact, metallic oxides.

  31. This happy idea enabled him to show, that most of the stony minerals are definite compounds of silica, with certain earths or metallic oxides.

  32. The muriatic acid solution is freed from silica, and afterwards from barytes, and all the earths and oxides which it contains, by means of carbonate of ammonia.

  33. At three trials within these two years the same surface earths produced splenic fever, while, away from the graves, the earth exhibited nothing of the kind.

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